3. TP R - Perforated Pan Coating

3. TP R - Perforated Pan Coating
Product Description

The perforated pan coating is an equipment based on a film coating for tablets and production of pellets. Its high technology allows an automatic flow control, avoiding the damp, saving coating and optimizing the process time.

TP R COATER | Main features: 

  • Standard capacity: 5Kg to 600Kg.
  • "In wall" design to be completely integrated in the clean room.
  • Equipped with PLC Siemens and operator interface by PC Panel.
  • Mobile coating arm to get a very easy adjustment and perform maintenance operations.
  • Schlik nozzles to guarantee a perfect spraying.
  • Automatic devices for the loading and unloading of tablets or pellets.
TP R - OPTIMA COATING SYSTEM | Main features: 
  • Increases the batch size range from 10% to 100%, adjusting the parameter fully automatically. 
  • Standard capacity: 200 Kg to 600Kg.
  • Maximum flexibility batch range.
  • Automatic adjustment depending on the level of change.
  • "In wall" design.
  • Automatic flaps to regulate exhaust air 


  • ES
  • 2016
    On CPHI since


  • ES
  • 2016
    On CPHI since

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