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  • Product Biopharmaceutical Facility

    Commercial Cell Culture Suite w/Primary capture              Total area 650 m2

    ·        Small scale cultivation grade C, large scale and primary capture grade D

  • Product Roller Bottle Cell Culture Equipment


    • Roller Bottle Supply/Unscrambler system – 2 convyer systems supplying new and capped steril 2L plastic bottles • Roller Bottle Machine consisting of De-Capper, (2) Withdraw Stations, (2) Filler Stations, Gas Overlay, and Bottle Capper • Automated Roller Bottle Storage a...
  • Product Semi-automatic inspection machine

    Körber medipak systems gmbh offers a wide range of products which includes semi-automatic inspection machine. Feature: it is a new generation of high-quality visual inspection. It simultaneous inspection of many different criteria in one machine. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Stickpack machines

    Körber medipak systems gmbh offers a wide range of products which includes stickpack machines. Feature: it is becoming more and more popular with consumers, because they find them convenient. The product is perfectly portioned and can be taken quickly and simply, even on the go. Contact us for more informa...
  • Product Egg Yolk Lecithin PL-100M

    Egg Yolk Lecithin PL-100M : Highly purified egg yolk lecithin produced from egg yolk by Kewpie’s original extraction and refining technology under stringent process and product control.
    Application:  Suitable for use in intravenous fat emulsions as well as a variety of pharmaceutical preparat...
  • Product Commercial Storage and Distribution

    Complementing our commercial manufacturing and packaging services, we provide a range of commercial storage and distribution solutions for solid oral dosage forms and sterile biopharmaceuticals, for both niche / orphan drug products and large scale commercial market volumes.

    Utilising our bespok...
  • Product Turnkey Fractional Distillation Equipment - Batch Mode

    The separation of volatile components (fractionation) can be achieved using Pope’s state-of-the-art line of fractional distillation equipment systems, (Fractional Columns). Fractional distillation is particularly suitable for critical applications that require separation of complex mixtures such as fine ch...
  • Product Granulation equipment

    Cos.Mec offers advanced solutions for pharmaceutical wet granulation processes, during which products are transformed into granules either inside one pot only (High Shear Mixer of Fluid Bed Dryer) or within these two machines used separately to first granulate and then dry the product.

  • Product C80HS - Blister packaging machine with integrated cartoner

    The line’s innovative design, in terms of both structure and functional detail, has been developed keeping in mind the market request. C80HS Series, double-lane blister machine, not only has high production but also has the advantage of being extremely efficient: even if the downstream machine stops the re...
  • Product Plants for jelly products (OTC)

    Our production plants are suitable for active effective OTC-sweets manufactured on the base of pectin, gum arabic, gelatine, agar-agar, carrageenan as well as liquorice, fondant, cream, marshmallow foam and similar items. Furthermore, the equipment is suitable for depositing liqueur. The machines w...
  • Product Implanters

    Implants are fragile and insertion into the body requires caution. Nemera developed a portfolio of devices to deliver implants with integrated needlestick protection.

    There is two types of implanters:

    - Safety depot syringe with telescopic plunger rod
    - Safety retro injector for ...
  • Product ATS SuperTrak – Asynchronous Linear Conveyance Platform

    SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ products include, SuperTrak GEN3™ and SuperTrak MICRO™ conveyors. SuperTrak GEN3™ and SuperTrak MICRO™ are smart enabled technologies that get machines to production faster and more effectively than traditional methods by saving significant engineering and int...
  • Product Zeta - Pharmaceutical freeze drying systems

    For GMP processes in pharmaceutical applications, we offer the Zeta freeze dryer series featuring the dual-chamber principle. The big integrated intermediate valve separates the two parts: product chamber and ice condenser. The large opening provides ideal flow conditions for water vapour. The dual-chamber...
  • Product NEW Hybrid Model 700 Series Blow Fill Seal Machine

    Filling range 0.1mL - 2000mL 

    100 % Stainless SteelHighest quality parts 

    Tooling manufactured in the same facility 
  • Product KUFill System

    Shanghai tofflon science & technology co. Ltd offers a wide range of filling lines which includes ampoule filling line. Features: it is integrated with washing machine, sterilizing tunnel, filling and sealing machine, it reduces any potential contamination risk from human operation. Contcat us for more...
  • Product Syntegon Flexitab XL Tablet Pressing Machine

    The FlexiTab provides tablet development formulators with a very versatile single punch tablet press. The FlexiTab is capable of manufacturing single, two layer and three layer tablets. Adjustable force and dwell time profiles can be created to aid the assessment of powder characteristics at their early st...
  • Product SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone machine

    SoftGroup® SaTT SA is а specially designed machine for serialization in the pharmaceutical secondary packaging line following the latest GMP standards. This model can be an integrated part of an automated packaging line or to operate as a stand-alone machine.

    Key Features: • Few minutes for ...
  • Product Form-Fill-Seal sytems

    The Kiefel Form Fill Seal (FFS) systems unite bag making, bag filling & bag sealing perfectly in a single system.

    Whether PVC or non-PVC, tube or port connection, single-, double-, or multi-chamber bags - depending on the film material used, we combine thermo-contact...
  • Product GMP Production Freeze Dryers

    Telstar has been designing and manufacturing freeze dryers for the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years.

    Improvements in the process of Freeze drying and of the equipment to carry it out have been a continuous challenge since Telstar’s very beginnings. The design of units for e...
  • Product Filling Line Isolator

    Filling lines enclosed in an isolation technology are now widely utilized for the aseptic manufacture of sterile pharmaceuticals in various container formats.

    Esco Pharma’s filing line isolator provides an ISO Class 5 / Grade A environment, ensuring the sterility of the work zone for the most de...
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