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  • Product Nutsche Filter Dryer

    Pope nutsche filter-dryers are known and used worldwide for critical high purity separations of liquids and solids. Products include pharmaceuticals, bio-materials, electronics grade materials, fine specialty chemicals, and many others. Our nutsche filters are preferred for this separation, a critical operati...
  • Product Nutsche filter

    Nutsche filters 10 - 300 liter
    Buchi nutsch filters can easily be combined with our reactors for solid / liquid separation after the synthesis. The inert materials allow safe processing in a inert atmosphere of a wide range of solvents and acids in a completely sealed (buchiflex) glass system under ful...
  • Product Safe Change Filter Housing

    USCH can provide a filter change free of contamination. Each housing is equipped with a fully sealed bag (BIBO) system to protect of people, process and environment. Wide range of particule and chemical filters can be used in the in the unit .Special design is available depending on filtration stage and air v...
  • Product Continuous Crystallization Technology

    Production equipment for a controlled crystallization process.

    Through the use of small diameter capillaries, the crystallization tool of Secoya is able to master supersaturation conditions and control the nucleation process. By precisely selecting parameters, the nucleation rate can be adjusted to obt...
  • Product Fluid Bed Dryer

    Sefar Filter Solutions for Fluid Bed DryerFluidized bed technology is used in many applications such as the formulation process in the pharmaceutical industry or the production of fine chemical powders by mixing, agglomeration, granulation, sizing, drying, coating or micronizing.

    Over the last 25&n...

    The DELTA range of HEPA H14 and ULPA U15 mini-pleat filters for unidirectional flows are suitable for use in all systems that require high air purity levels: Laminar flow fume hoods, isolators, down cross and LAF;In terminal filters (DIF-P/A, DIF-K/S, Pharmasafe) to maintain clean zones for pharmaceut...
  • Product SiliaMetS E-PAK Flow Cartridges & Housings

    An Innovative Solution for Fixed-Bed Large-Scale Purification E-PAK products are radial flow adsorption cartridges developed specifically for pharmaceutical processing. Created with proprietary technology E-PAK cartridge products provide rapid adsorption kinetics at flow rates and processing cap...
  • Product Fuji home gel

    Fuji Silysia Chemical Ltd offers chemical products which includes fuji home gel. It belongs to humidity control silica gel products category. It controls the moisture at the bottom of a floor and prevents from mold, which grows in an environment when the relative humidity is over 90%. It keeps the humidity we...
  • Product PGZ Scraper bottom discharge centrifuge

     1.PLC control, automatic operation.
    2.Frequency control, stable start, separation factors are adjustable.
    3.Dynamic braking, non-contact brake mode.
    4.Sealing elements adopt silicone rubber or fluororubber.
    5.Reasonable structural design, online cleaning system, in compli...
  • Product Weldable Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Tubing

    Sentinel process systems, inc. Offers a wide range of tubing which includes weldable thermoplastic elastomer (tpe) tubing. It is flexible, translucent, sterilizable, heat sealable, and weldable tubing for the biopharmaceutical market. It is able to be gamma irradiated or autoclaved, will resist kinking, and r...
  • Product Sanitary Super Lab Vap

    The LCI Sanitary SUper LabVap provides a means for you to evaluate thin-film evaporation technology using small quantities of your products in your own facilities
  • Product Chromatography papers

    Axiva sichem biotech offers a wide range of lab filtration products which includes chromatography papers. Features: It is used in chromatography, electrophoresis, separation of heavily loaded solubes. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Hydrophilic filter

    Merck Millipore (India) offers a wide range of products which includes Hydrophilic filter. It belong to filter category. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Liquid filtration machinery

    Bright pharma engineering private limited offers a wide range of machineries which includes liquid filtration machinery. Feature: it is used to filter final product in pharmaceuticals. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Mavazwag® agitated nutsche filters & filter dryers

    Gmm Pfaudler Ltd provides wide range of filtration & drying equipments which includes mavazwag® agitated nutsche filters & filter dryers. They are performed in an enclosed system, ensuring product quality, product consistency and operational safety. Features: high pharma finish confirming to cgmp norm special...
  • Product Filter Pad

    Kitten Enterprises Pvt Ltd conducting business of marketing filtration, clean room and medical packaging products which includes filter pad. It belongs to filtration category. It is widely used in the filtration of products where they give outstanding clarity and stability combined with long sheet life and in...
  • Product Manual Top Discharge Type Centrifuge

    Shiv Shakti Process Equipment P. Ltd. offers a wide range of centrifuge machines which includes manual top discharge type centrifuge. Features: it is widely used in many industries like pharmaceutical, chemical, r & d – pilot plant, cosmetic, food etc. Manual top discharge centrifuge has a vertical baske...
  • Product Pharmasep pharmaceutical aseptic separator

    M-i enterprises (i) pvt. Ltd. Div: sweco india offers a wide range of products which includes pharmasep pharmaceutical aseptic separator. Features: It is capable of processing up to 0.65 kg of product in an aseptic environment, are a lab friendly design capable of the complete flexibility that today's r&d lab...
  • Product Russell compact sieve

    Russell finex sieves and filters pvt ltd offers a wide range of products which includes russell compact sieve. Feature: it gives high capacity screening of powders and liquid slurries, fitting neatly into production lines without compromising screening capacity. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Multicolumn Distillation Plant

    Gem pharma machineries offers a wide range of distillation plant which includes multicolumn distillation plant. Features: it is based on the principal of interstage heat exchange to produce pure pyrogen free sterile distilled water. Pure sterile, pyrogen-free sterile distilled water conforming to i.p./b.p. St...

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