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Calgon Carbon is an acknowledged leader – nearly 75 years in production - in the activated carbon and reactivation industry for many liquid and vapor phase applications, with complementary expertise in ultraviolet disinfection and oxidation, ion exchange technology, and ballast water treatment.

As the activated carbon industry forerunner and with ultraviolet light disinfection and oxidation expertise, Calgon Carbon has originated cutting-edge purification systems for drinking water, wastewater, odor control, pollution abatement, and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes. We currently offer carbon technologies used in over 700 distinct market applications from purifying air and drinking water, to purifying foods and pharmaceuticals, to separating gas and removing mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants. Calgon Carbon’s cost-effective, environmental remediation/recycle programs combine the proper mix of an effective activated carbon, ingenious adsorption systems and professional field/technical services.

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Products from Calgon Carbon Corporation (3)

  • Acticarbone

    Product Acticarbone

    Ultra-pure powdered activated carbon of vegetal origin. For your batch processes, several grades are proposed:
  • BG-HHM

    Product BG-HHM

    Calgon carbon corporation offers a wide range of granular activated carbon products which includes bg-hhm. It can be used for color removal and purification in various food and beverage applications including alcoholic spirits, fruit juices, wine and other food production processes. Bg-hhm can also be used in...
  • CPG® LF 12x40

    Product CPG® LF 12x40

    Calgon carbon corporation offers a wide range of acid washed granular activated carbon products which includes cpg® lf 12x40. It is an acid-washed granular activated carbon with a low acid soluble iron content that is designed for the purification and decolorization of many aqueous and organic liquids. It can...