ReliSorbTM Chromatographic media product line

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Resindion s.r.l. offers a wide range of highly porous polymeric functionalized resins that, thanks to the better interaction between the matrix and a given solute, permits the development of almost every conceivable chromatographic process. Specific products are designed for Ion exchange chromatography, Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic interaction chromatography, Adsorption and Affinity chromatography. Special products can be designed on purpose. All our chromatographic resin features:
  • Rigid methacrylic polymer matrix 
  • High physical and chemical stability; 
  • Low swelling tendency in high molar solution and in common solvents; •Outstanding mechano-osmotic resistance given by intense crosslinking 
Our chromatographic resins are currently used in pharma manufacturing process, also for small-molecules intermediates and APIs separation and purification.
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ReliSorbTM Chromatographic media product line

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