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  • Product Oral Solid Dosage Form Contract Manufacturing

    Pfizer CentreOne excels in the manufacture of oral solid dosage forms.

    From hormones to immunosuppressants to sensitizers, we're known for our:
    • Specialized technologies • Containment expertise • Deep technical and commercial know-how You can count on our devotion to you and your drug, bac...
  • Product Contract Manufacturing Services

    The West Contract Manufacturing team is focused on serving the needs of healthcare companies by providing a single-source solution from product conceptualization through manufacturing and final packaging.  
  • Product Flurbiprofen,





    Loxoprofen Sodium,


    (3-Carboxypropyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide,

    (methyl 2-ethoxy-1-((2'-(5-oxo-4,5-dihydro-1,2,4-oxadiazol-3-yl)-[1,1'-biphe...
  • Product Flourination Chemistry

    Aceto has built a portfolio of solutions around Flourination Chemistry to serve custom needs of our clients.  

    First, Aceto's Syntor brand has developed several Flourination solutions for customers, and scales up these solutions with JV partners in India and China.

    Secondly, Ac...
  • Product Clinical Trial Manufacturing

    Quotient offers a clinical trial manufacturing, testing and certification service designed to meet your individual requirements for oral and inhaled dosage forms. Our innovative method of building integrated GMP and GCP programs provides you with a streamlined, flexible approach to drug product supply that re...
  • Product OTC PRODUCTS

  • Product Commercial Manufacturing

    Quotient Sciences is a global player in commercial drug product manufacture of small molecule products for niche therapies including oncology and orphan drugs. Our commercial manufacturing facility located in Philadelphia is designed to handle your high-potency compounds.
    Our commercial batch siz...
  • Product Pre-mixed IV solutions: bags

    Premixed solutions in customized IV bags, sizes: 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 ml (one port, two ports, twist-off, luer valve)Grifols Partnership is specialized in developing and manufacturing high quality sterile solutions in a wide range of containers made from a variety of materials in different sizes to...
  • Product Process Validation Micronization

    Validation of analytical method for particle size distribution, as well as the micronization process according to EU GMP guidelines.
  • Product Muscle Spray

    Muscle Spray or After Sport Spray contains natural ingredients ideal to give relief after sports activity. The blend of essential oils (menthol, rosemary, pine needle, bitter orange leaf) contained refreshes the skin and supports the superficial skin micro- circulation.
  • Product IDT Biologika as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

    IDT Biologika is an international leader in the contract development and manufacturing of biologics. The company focuses on the customized development and manufacturing of viral vaccines (phases I, II, III), gene therapeutics, immunotherapeutics, oncolytic viruses as well as sterile liquid and lyophilized ...
  • Product Protodioscin

    • Name- Protodioscin
    • Specifications- 10% & 20% by HPLC
    • Application- Diuretic, Aphrodisiac & Testosterone Booster
    • Botanical Source- Trigonella foenum-greceum seeds 
    To know more, please visit us at
  • Product Custom Synthesis

    Solvias has all the experience, resources and expertise required to meet your custom synthesis and manufacturing needs.
    Custom synthesis:  lead synthesis up to 20 kg or more / synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks / synthesis/isolation of reference compounds
    Process R&D for: chiral interme...
  • Product KICK THE TICK® expert safe tick removel kit

    KICK THE TICK® is a medical device intended for tick removal from human and animals bodies. It is recommended in the prevention of tick-borne diseases, including:

    Lyme disease,

    Tick - borne encephaliti,


  • Product Verbascon line

    Verbascon is innovative product line developed to effectively compat cold and flu. The complementary range of products is based on natural ingredients including extracts from common mullein and African geranium which have proven antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and antioxidant effe...
  • Product Scale-up and Quality by Design (QbD) processes

    Skyepharma is experienced with the scale-up of complex oral solid dosage forms from laboratory to pilot-scale and full commercial scale manufacturing. We have powerfull compaction simulation tools ( STYL'One evolution) allowing to derisk and fasten scale-up steps. 
    Our capabilities : We...
  • Product Fine Chemicals Manufacturing

    ChemCon manufactures and markets valuable chemicals of high purity on demand, capitalizing on our experience in complex multi-step synthesis chemistry. It synthesizes organic and inorganic small molecules in the scale ranging from milligram to multi kilogram. Its core strengths in this field: Expert synthetic...
  • Product Custom Fine Chemical Manufacturing

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services, integrated manufacturing, and regulatory leadership differentiates us as a leading contract development and manufacturing partner. With a proven ability to deliver solutions to complex challenges, Grace’s FCMS supports the entire small molecule development cycle from t...
  • (Platinum Cured silicon with only Bi product as water)
  • Temp : -40°C +200°C approx
  • Food grade EU Regulation n.10/2011
  • FDA Regulation and European Pharmacopoeia produced in class 10000 clean room conditions tensile strength 8 MPa (approx), Suitable for Peristaltic Pump.
VV Earth Sil Oxygen (Silicon Tube)  platinium cured silicon tube

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