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Serialisation — looking for value-added opportunities

Recipharm's Staffan Widengren, Director Corporate Projects, discusses why CMOs should be focusing on the value-added opportunities presented by serialisation.

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Investing in blistering capabilities to boost flexibility

Postponement printing is presenting interesting benefits for the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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WuXi STA Changzhou site passes first FDA inspection

The integrated R&D and manufacturing facility is expecting more products to go into commercial production post approval.

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Latest news

Characterisation technologies for pharma manufacturers

Characterisation technologies for pharma manufacturers 

25 May 2018
Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations 

25 May 2018
The shortest way from the lab to continuous production

The shortest way from the lab to continuous production 

24 May 2018

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Latest products

Acticolina LV

Sinerga SpA

Acticolina LV is the new Sinerga active ingredient with high efficacy in reducing localized fat and counteracting the blemishes of cellulite. It’s composed of powerful cellular metabolism enhancers (Lysine and Valine) and Glycerophosphocholine, a source of choline, able to work in synergy to improve lipolysis...

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17-Beta-Trenbolone D3


(8S,13S,14S,17S)-17-hydroxy-13-methyl-6,7,8,13,14,15,16,17-octahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3(2H)-one D3 

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Livosil 22,5 mg/140 Mg Hard Capsules

Aconitum UAB

Livosil  - a herbal remedy that protects the liver and restores its cells after chemical drugs, fatty foods, alcohol and viral infections. The active ingredient - silymarin inhibits the effect of liver hepatotoxic substances, promotes regeneration of damaged liver cells, acts as antioxidant by increasing...

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Custom Fine Chemical Manufacturing

W. R. Grace & Co

Grace partners with customers to solve complex challenges in custom chemical synthesis and the scale up of fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and beverage, chemical processing, and other industries. High quality, made-to-order compounds can be manufactured in quantities ranging from ki...

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Fortamind 100 mg/ml Oral Solution

Global Napi Pharmaceuticals

indicated for the:

1- Treatment of neurological and cognitive disorders associated to stroke.

2- Treatment of associated neurological and cognitive disorders due to head injuries.

Fortamind is FDA approved for the support of memory and the delay of cognitive decline asso...

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Herbal Formulations(Capsules, Tablets, Syrup, Gel, Oil,Powder).

Essenzaa Lifescience Ltd

We can bulk pack,private label or contract manufacture in our WHO-GMP compliant manufacturing facility,all sorts of herbal & natural formulations in the following dosage form on fully automatic machines:a) Capsulesb)Tabletsc) Powderd) Syrupe) Oilf) Gel/Ointment/Cream.

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OXYBUTYNIN HCl OROS S.R. TABLETS 5 mg - 10 mg – 15 mg - (Product under development - OROS)

Valpharma International SpA

Valpharma Group provides a wide range of products which includes Oxybutynin HCl OROS sustained release tablets 5 mg - 10 mg - 15 mg. Oxybutynin is an anticholinergic medication used to relieve urinary and bladder difficulties, including frequent urination and inability to control urination (urge incontinence)...

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6-hydroxypyridine-3-boronic acid pinacol ester

SINO High Goal Chemical Technology Co Ltd

6-hydroxypyridine-3-boronic acid pinacol ester  CAS:1054483-78-1

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Chiral ligands

Vio Chemicals

VIO Chemicals offers advanced chiral ligands for assymetric synthesis, e.g.  (R)-1-[(S)-2-(Diphenylphosphino)ferrocenyl]- ethyldicyclohexylphosphine

CAS No:155806-35-2

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Sterile Injectables Contract Manufacturing

Pfizer CentreOne

Pfizer CentreOne is a global leader in sterile injectables fill-finish.Count on us to carefully guide your compound from development through launch. We’re known for our expertise in:

  • Complex biologics
  • Controlled substances
  • Sterile suspensions
  • Lyophilization

  • You’ll be supported n...

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    Contract Manufacturing

    Blue Circle Organics Private Limited

    Blue Circle is the leading manufacturer of high quality X-Ray Contrast Media Intermediates, API Intermediates and Sweeteners/Excipients. With more than 48 years of manufacturing history, Blue Circle has evolved as the Strategic Partner for Collaboration, Development and Manufacturing to global healthcare and ...

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    FLUKOL 100 mg/50 ml

    Polifarma Ilac San. ve Tic. A.S.

    Active Ingredient: FLUCONAZOLE
    Therapeutic Area: ANTI-FUNGAL

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    Technology transfer of nano and microparticle formulations

    Mjr Pharmjet GmbH

    Understanding your needs through experience. MJR PharmJet provides technology transfer services for your established nanoparticle and microparticle formulations to increase the GMP compliance and efficiency of the production process.

    Our technology transfer services include:

  • Prod...
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    Chlorphenamine Maleate

    Auro Laboratories Ltd.

    Auro Laboratories Ltd offers wide range of api which includes chlorpheniramine maleate. It belongs to antihistamine category.. Shelf life: 5 years when stored at room temperature in original packing. Packaging: 25kgs or 50kgs in hdpe drums, fiber board drums or corrugated boxes. Contact us for more informatio...

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    Xalostplus Ophthalmic Solution

    Taejoon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

    Active ingredient: Latanoprost 50mcg/mL, Timolol maleate 6.83 as timololIndications: For the reduction of IOP in patients with the following diseases: open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension who are in sufficiently reponsive to the topical beta blocker.Storage: Tight container, away from light, kept i...

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    Vitamins & OTC products

    Lodaat Pharma

    LODAAT produces the best quality USA made Vitamins, Herbal supplements, Minerals and OTC products.  Our finished formulations are available in Tablets and Capsules.  We have 3 US facilities producing Private Label and Branded goods in Bottles and Blister packaging.  Best selling products includ...

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    FitoHYALO Nasal Spray for Common cold and Sinusitis


    Packaging: 50 ML Classification: Medical Device Class I
    With Seawater in hypertonic solution• Gluten free• Delicate Spray with Controlled pH• Free of preservatives, propellants, PEG and Alcohol• Non-burning

    INDICATIONS:- Additive in the treatment of common cold and sinusitis...

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    Laurus Synthesis

    Laurus Labs Private Limited

    The core-strength of Laurus is its innovative, robust & scalable chemistry - making use of which, multiple developmental candidates of client organizations have been handled at all stages of drug lifecycle right from route identification through tocustom synthesis and from early clinical th...

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    Silicone Sleeves for Corona Treater

    Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd

    APPL’s di-electric silicone sleeve manufactured from a very specific silicone rubber compound, providing excellent electrical, thermal and chemical resistance, making it ideally suited to the harsh environment that is the corona treatment process. APPL's silicone sleeves are produced specifically as ...

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    Topical Dosage Form

    Kolmar Korea Co., Ltd.

    - Topical Liquid Preparataion

    - Saline Solution

    - Ointment

    - Cream

    - Gel

    - Lotion

    - Toothpaste

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    Contract Manufacturing Services

    West Pharmaceutical Services Inc

    The West Contract Manufacturing team is focused on serving the needs of healthcare companies by providing a single-source solution from product conceptualization through manufacturing and final packaging.  

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    Bluepharma S.A.

    Bluepharma, S.A. offers a wide range of pharmaceutical tablets which includes valganciclovir. It belongs to anti-infectives category. Dosage strength: 450mg. Dosage form: f.c.tablets. Contact us for more information.

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    Custom Manufacturing / Exclusive Synthesis of Fine Chemicals


    Custom Manufacturing

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    Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate

    ZPD A/S

    ZPD is a highly specialized developer and manufacturer of ScanDroitin™, a fully traceable and solvent-free Chondroitin Sulfate API, aimed at the pharmaceutical and food supplement industries for human and animal health product applications.

    Based in Denmark, ZPD operates in full compliance ...

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    Yohimbine HCl

    Chereso Lifesciences

    Chereso Lifesciences is  manufacturer of APIs/Standardized Herbal Extracts as per pharmacopoeial standards.  To know more, please visit us at

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    Pyrilamine Maleate

    Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd


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    Resveratrol / Polygonum cuspidatum Extract

    Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co Ltd

    Changsha Huir Biological-Tech Co., Ltd. is a Pre-listed professional herbal extracts and APIs manufacturer with Five Plants in China, Three Warehouses in USA(CA,NY,FL), One warehouse in Europe

    Changsha Huir Biological-Tech C...

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    Custom Synthesis


    Solvias has all the experience, resources and expertise required to meet your custom synthesis and manufacturing needs.

    Custom synthesis

  • lead synthesis up to 20 kg or more
  • synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks
  • synthesis/isolation of reference compounds
  • Process R&D f...

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    MUNIT provides a wide range of services performed in our affiliates JETPHARMA and MICROCHEM, such as sieving.  We offer to customers as standalone process, or in conjunction with the micronization process to obtain a characteristic particle size profile.
    Contact us for more information.


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    Nitolic® head lice treatment

    ICB Pharma

    NITOLIC® is a new generation of medical devices intended for the complete treatment of head lice infestations (Pediculus humanus capitis).

    Single application – 100% efficacy

    kills all active developmental stages of head lice

    kills lice eggs (nits)


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