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  • Product DM1

    A GMP quality payload for your drug-conjugateprogram• Samples available free of charge• Validated analytical methods• Free licensing and no royalty payments
  • Product Exatecan

    A GMP quality payload for your drug-conjugateprogram• Samples available free of charge• Validated analytical methods• Free licensing and no royalty payments
  • Product Biologic drug product CMO services - Fill and Finish

    GC Biopharma is one of the top-tier biopharmaceutical companies in South Korea with over 55 years of history and advanced technology. GC Biopharma provides premium Fill & Finish service to clinical and commercial customers for vaccines, recombinant and biosimilar pharmaceutical products. We have state-...
  • Product Launch With Lonza™ application lab services

    At Lonza, we’re driven by our purpose to enable a healthier world. It’s the ‘why’ behind everything we do and it’s the driving force behind our Launch with Lonza™ application lab services. From innovation to commercialization, our multi-disciplinary team brings more than 100 years of combined knowledge to ...
  • Product BIN / DRUM LINE

    Our line of Stainless Steel BIN and DRUM are suitable for all handling / manipulation of API and OSD, powders, liquids and viscous in pharmaceutical processes.

    Made on standard models and / or according to customer / plant construction spefications, they are durable, solid ans reliable. q...

    The CDMO Division of KD Pharma excels in the production of drug intermediates and API drug substances. We offer our customers the full spectrum of drug services: • R&D development material for preclinical studies       • Pilot plant for phase I, II and III supplies • Large scale p...
  • Product CordenPharma Small Molecule APIs

    CordenPharma combines considerable R&D development resources with a wide range of manufacturing capacity to assist with your project at any stage of clinical development and projected commercial scale of supply.

    Our extensive reactor capacity of over 1,200,000 L total volumetric capacity spr...
  • Product Sterile General Form Fill Seal

    Sterile General injectables in Form Fill Seal
  • Product IDT Biologika as a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization

    IDT Biologika is an international leader in the contract development and manufacturing of biologics. The company focuses on the customized development and manufacturing of viral vaccines (phases I, II, III), gene therapeutics, immunotherapeutics, oncolytic viruses as well as sterile liquid and lyophiliz...
  • Product Custom Synthesis

    Solvias has all the experience, resources and expertise required to meet your custom synthesis and manufacturing needs.
    Custom synthesis:  lead synthesis up to 20 kg or more / synthesis of scaffolds and building blocks / synthesis/isolation of reference compounds
    Process R&D for: chiral inte...
  • Product Pulp-injection trays and components

    Pulp-injection products have similar features and functions as injection molded plastic parts.
  • Product mRNA Manufacturing

    Aldevron produces high-quality mRNA to your specifications using scalable processes capable of delivering milligram to multi-gram quantities. Aldevron can also provide high-quality enzymes and linearized plasmid DNA for your in-house mRNA synthesis requirements.

    Learn more on our website: ...
  • Product Contract Manufacturing

    EVER Pharma is a specialist in the manufacture of complex injectable products such as low oxygen formulations, crystal suspensions and oily solutions. This includes many highly active substances such as narcotics, hormones and cytotoxics.
    Our state-of-the-art facility utilizes the latest innovations i...
  • Product Azithromycin Range

    Azithromycin Tablets 250mg / 500mg Azithromycin Capsules 500mg Azithromycin Suspension 200mg Per 5ml API is CEP Grade and from our own group company which is USFDA accredited
  • Product HEPES and HEPES Sodium Salt Buffers

    Our latest investment in new manufacturing capacity significantly expands our portfolio of in-house-produced biological buffers and moves Advancion into a leading global supply position for the HEPES molecule. HEPES Biologics Plus grade buffer products are produced by Advancion in its Sterlington facility ...
  • Product FLUOLEAD

    Innovative nucleophilic fluorination agentBest alternative to DAST, Deoxo-fluor,...
    Ketone (non-enol form) and carboxylic acid can be fluorinated
    HIgh thermal stability
    Easy to handle (solid product)
    Only 1 step needed for deoxo-fluorination
  • Product Leniroid proctologic gel

    Treatment for anus rectal disorders causing swelling, inflammation and discomfort. It performs a protective, soothing and antibacterial action in the anus rectal area, reducing and alleviating pain, itching and burning sensations, while also fostering the riephitelization of the anal mucosa.
  • Product Small Molecule API

    Pfizer CentreOne specializes in small-molecule API synthesis. We can perform almost any kind of chemistry you need.
    Our custom API sites have been manufacturing Pfizer’s broad array of innovative small molecules for decades. As your CDMO partner, we harness that experience – and care – for you.
  • Product GMP or non-GMP Contract Manufacturing

    Actylis continues to expand its manufacturing capabilities by serving customers on a contract basis for exclusive manufacture of fine chemical compounds. We can provide a comprehensive tailor-made service to our clients, ensuring process development, optimization and commercial scale-up of processes are ca...
  • Product Noblyst® P

    Noblyst® P products are precious metal powder catalysts on various support materials mostly used in batch and slurry processes. This brand also comprises a range designed for flow chemistry processes. Evonik provides a full service package, including precious metals management. With production sites in all...

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