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CPhI Webinar Series: How to Drive Sustainable Packaging Development in a post-COVID world?

Gareth Carpenter — 3 May 2021

To remain competitive, pharma companies must now collaborate with suppliers on how their packaging processes address sustainability. This recent webinar available on demand provides an overview on the drive for sustainable development and improving the recyclability of healthcare products

For pharma packaging companies who have not yet embedded a sustainable approach into their manufacturing and distribution processes, their hand is now being forced by drug retailers and hospitals who have come to expect more eco-friendly, cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and materials used in healthcare delivery.

Providing an overview of the regulatory landscape on pharma packaging in the French market, Romane Osadnick, Key Accounts Manager at Adelphe said the Extended Producer Responsibility principle – involved by the EU Packaging Directive - was driving regulation in that it requires EU member states to take necessary measures to ensure that systems are set up for the collection and recycling of packaging waste.

Steven Meun, Consultant with Antea Group, Director of HPRC Europe, Antea Group & HPRC Europe gave an introduction to the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council, explaining that the global plastic healthcare market is almost 6 million tonnes per year and is forecasted to grow 5% year on year.

“Most of this material does not come in contact with patients and is free from contamination,” he said.

Juha-Pekka Pöyry, Technical Marketing - Tyvek Product Portfolio, DuPont gave a presentation on HPRC Product Design Guidelines for recyclable products and packaging.

“We acknowledge that there are already guidelines in existence for a broader range of applications. The intention with these design guidelines that we have developed was to bring the voice from the healthcare providers, packaging engineers and medical device engineers,” he said.

To watch the entire webinar on demand, click here.

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