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The Wave Innovation Group is an Italian company founded by Dr. Salvatore Terrani in 2016. Although the company was founded recently, it boasts great experience in the field of injectable medical devices (class III) and in the pharmaceutical sector."Our mission is being able to develop and create increasingly cutting-edge products, maintaining the highest quality standards

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Products from The Wave Innovation Group (5)


    Product ARTOCOMB

    ARTOCOMB is THE COMBINATION of two pharmacological grade hyaluronic acids from a natural strain of Streptococcus Equi bacteria, selected for their high and very high molecular weight. Is a new application concept of HYPERVISCOSUPLEMENTATION infiltrative therapy with a BIPHASIC INFILTRATION TECHNIQUE with ...

    Product GUMBLAST GEN

    Tooth or molar extraction is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in dental clinics. When a hopeless dental condition is diagnosed due to periodontitis, dental caries, trauma, etc., tooth extraction is performed. The subsequent healing process of the socket has become an important topic of ...

    Product PROAGE

    PROAGE It is the latest generation of hyaluronic acid made to repair the extra cellular matrix ECM by aging and restore the physiological function of the skin. Reactive in addition the fundamental structure of the matrix in order that the cells involved in regeneration phase of new fibers can find the phys...

    Product PRODUKTIL

    PRODUKTIL is the Bio-regenerating of precursors of collagen, thus facilitates fibroblast to quickly produce tropocollagen that polymerizes in extracellular matrix forming collagen real. Restores elasticity and firmness to skin tissue thanks to the very high concentration and synergy of its components. PR...

    Product SINOVIDOL

    SINOVIDOL is a Bio-regenerant based on collagen precursors, which facilitate chondrocytes to produce tropocollagen rapidity that polymerizes in the extracellular matrix of the cartilage forming real collagen. Indicated for the treatment of restructuring of the cartilage and its annexes. Is a potent eutrop...