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  • Product cGMP Protein and Antibody Purification

    KBI Biopharma has extensive experience developing purification processes for a wide variety of biotherapeutics, including: -Monoclonal antibodies-Bispecific antibodies -Enzymes -Fc fusion proteins -PEGylated proteins -Complex glycoproteins KBI supports 40+ annual programs ranging from FIH (First-in-Huma...
  • Product Pharma Separators

    GEA pharma separator skids aseptic and pure are energizing the industry with two comprehensive and sophisticated separator lines and one revolutionary new multi-bowl solution. These plug & produce pharma separator skids are breaking new ground in ensuring maximum safety, maximum yield and perfect adaptatio...
  • Product Core Technologies and Services

    • API / GMP Manufacturing • Rapid Process Development, Flawless Upscaling, and Economy of Scale-Production  • Simulated-Moving Bed (SMB) Chromatography  • Heterocyclic, Hazardous and Malodorous Chemistries • Organometallic and Cryogenic Chemistry • Transition-Metal Catalysis • High-Pressur...
  • Product Hybrid Fractionating Column

    Customized Hybrid Fractionating Column systems combine the multi-plate efficiency of fractional columns with the gentle reboiling effect of Wiped-Film Evaporators. This proven Hybrid technology allows the purification of heat-sensitive materials similar in volatility, which could not otherwise be separated...
  • Product HEPES and HEPES Sodium Salt Buffers

    Our latest investment in new manufacturing capacity significantly expands our portfolio of in-house-produced biological buffers and moves Advancion into a leading global supply position for the HEPES molecule. HEPES Biologics Plus grade buffer products are produced by Advancion in its Sterlington facility ...
  • Product Nano-Scavengers

    SONSAS has develop also Nano-SCAVENGER that will help you to capture in your wasted water, the Heavy metals or the Precious metals; this why your Chemistry become greener and more efficient.   

  • Product CDMO purification services

    Novasep offers a wide range of cGMP CDMO manufacturing services using chromatography, from process development & clinical supply to commercial manufacturing. 
    We offer both batch & continuous chromatography at scales from 10’s of grams to 100’s tons per year.

  • Product Metal scavengers- SiliaMetS

    SiliCycle offers wide range of products which includes metal scavengers- siliamets. It is a functionalized silica gels designed to react and bind excess metal complexes. The process for using scavengers is outlined in the scheme. To be effective, the metal scavengers need the ability and inherent functiona...
  • Product Adenosine (Adenosine)

    Yamasa corporation offers a wide range of biochemicals products which includes adenosine (adenosine). Contact us for more information.
  • Product GEA kytero® pharma Separator

    Discover what a single-use disk stack separator can bring to your clarifying process: Maximum separation efficiency. Significantly reduced filtration area. Easy operation, saving time and labor. Ensured biocontainment. Get to know GEA kytero®, the high-yield cell harvesting solution – ready for the next ba...

    Modern distillation technologies:The CDMO Division of KD Pharma operates different multifunctional distillation facilities from pilot scale to industrial scale volumes. In combination with KD Pharma’s outstanding and highly flexible manufacturing capabilities, we can produce various high purity liquid prod...

    KD Pharma has been performing a number of different cyanation reactions on industrial scale. Among those, cost efficient and selective cyanation of amino-aromatics through diazotization and subsequent Sandmeyer reaction is standard practice.In addition, Copper(II)-promoted direct cyanation of haloaromatics...

    KD Pharma’s professional expertise, state-of-the-art assets and proven track record in regulatory compliance allow us to become your preferred CDMO solutions partner.

    Your Agile Experts
    • Responsive to our customers’ needs in a more dynamic customer-centric way • Adaptive to the most diverse re...

    KD Pharma is a contract manufacturer that develops products in the pharmaceutical space by employing state-of-the-art technology. Since its inception in 1988, KD Pharma has focused on utilizing cutting edge technologies to develop and manufacture exceptional quality APIs. These twin pillars of technology a...

    The CDMO Division of KD Pharma excels in the production of drug intermediates and API drug substances. We offer our customers the full spectrum of drug services: • R&D development material for preclinical studies       • Pilot plant for phase I, II and III supplies • Large scale p...
  • Product Fine Chemicals


    Special Technologies
    • High-pressure reactions up to 64 bar: H2, CO, NH3, Amines, CO2 • Cryogenic: -80°C • Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC), Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography (SMB)  • Ultra low vacuum distillation  • ...
  • Product Turnkey Fractional Distillation Equipment - Batch Mode

    The separation of volatile components (fractionation) can be achieved using Pope’s state-of-the-art line of fractional distillation equipment systems, (Fractional Columns). Fractional distillation is particularly suitable for critical applications that require separation of complex mixtures such as fine ch...
  • Product Wiped-Film Stills & Evaporators

    Pope Scientific designs and fabricates basic to complex systems using the wiped-film short-path distillation process (also called thin-film distillation) for stills, evaporators and hybrid configurations that include fractional columns with wiped-film distillation units, centr...
  • Product Turnkey Fractional Distillation Equipment - Continuous Mode

    The separation of volatile components (fractionation) can be achieved using Pope’s state-of-the-art line of fractional distillation equipment systems, (Fractional Columns). Fractional distillation is particularly suitable for critical applications that require separation of complex mixtures such as fine ch...
  • Product Multicompendial TRIS AMINO and TRIS Amino Ultra Pure reagents

    ANGUS is the world’s only fully integrated manufacturer of globally compliant TRIS AMINO™ reagents foruse in a variety of demanding pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. With more than 50 years ofTRIS manufacturing experience, we continue providing TRIS AMINO grades that meet the dynamic needs –as...

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