Lipoid offers all types of lecithin and phospholipids suitable for various applications on an industrial scale. We supply natural, hydrogenated and synthetic phospholipids. However, for various reasons we prefer to use natural resources. All products are developed and manufactured under strict cGMP conditions on an industrial scale.

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    Products from LIPOID, LLC (3)

    • Egg lecithin

      Product Egg lecithin

      Lipoid llc offers a wide range of lecithin which includes egg lecithin. It is a natural constituent of all living cells with essential functions for humans, animals and plants. The term “lecithin“ describes the complex mixture of phospholipids and other natural occurring concomitant components like triglyc...
    • Egg phosphatidylcholine

      Product Egg phosphatidylcholine

      Lipoid llc offers a wide range of phosphatidylcholine which includes egg phosphatidylcholine. It is the most important phosphatidylcholine. Two fatty acids bound in position 1 and 2 of the glycerol form the lipophilic part of the molecule. The polar header category group is built by phosphocholine esterifi...
    • Emulsions

      Product Emulsions

      Lipoid llc offers a wide range of products which includes emulsions. Contact us for more information.