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Making Science Work at CPhI/P-MEC India 2019 - GEA will be presenting a selection of equipment for the batch and continuous granulation, tableting and coating of pharmaceutical products, as well as containment solutions, and equipment for materials handling, mechanical separation, homogenization, lyophilization and spray drying. Visit GEA at booth 11.C07 to

  • Create new opportunities to get your product to market faster with our efficient and reliable process solutions
  • Experience the virtual world of continuous manufacturing
  • Discuss the developments and technological breakthroughs that will help to define the future of the industry
  • NEW product launch: The PERFORMA D rotary tablet press

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Products from GEA Group

  • ConsiGma® Continuous Processing

    Product ConsiGma® Continuous Processing

    Continuous processing technologies have the potential to transform the future of pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, and deliver customized quantities of drugs to patients in need in a quick and efficient way. GEA’s ConsiGma® is a multipurpose platform that has been designed to transfer powder into coated tablets in development, pilot, clinical and production volumes in a single compact unit. The system can perform dosing and mixing of raw materials, wet or dry granulation, drying, tableting and quality control, all in one line.
  • Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Processing Solutions Today

    Product Tomorrow’s Pharmaceutical Processing Solutions Today

    GEA’s comprehensive portfolio of standard and custom-designed equipment, machinery and entire production lines includes benchtop R&D solutions, completely integrated industrial-scale plant and both batch-based and continuous processing technology.

    Solid dosage: From powder handling to granulating, drying, compression and coating, no other supplier offers such a wide range of tableting technologies, including the first ever continuous high shear granulation, drying and tableting platform.

    Liquid dosage: Experts in aseptic process management, closed product handling, GMP requirements and scale-up, we supply modules, components and complete lines.

    Biopharma: For the production of insulin, oncology drugs, inhalables, mAbs, vaccines or therapeutic proteins, our modular plant and equipment meets any specific conditions or requirements.

    Blood products: GEA uses its experience and expertise to provide complete plant for blood and plasma processing.

    A single-source supplier of manufacturing solutions for the life science industries, GEA stands for maximum reliability and productivity.
  • Liquid Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Expertise

    Product Liquid Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Expertise

    Drug production and the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) demands the very highest product quality and purity standards, as well as validated manufacturing processes. As a supplier of sterile process plant with many years of experience, GEA can draw upon the comprehensive theoretical knowledge and expertise of its engineers to provide modern, bespoke and cost effective process technology to manufacture new medicines according to cGMP guidelines and US FDA, SFDA and EMA requirements. The process lines provided by GEA have a proven track record in API production, including fermentation, clarification, separation, homogenization, crystallization, concentration, lyophilization and fractionation. Our standalone machines or package units guarantee a high yield of valuable substances and operate trouble-free, efficiently, reliably and economically throughout a long service life.

GEA Group Resources

  • News Going Conti in the Virtual World

    Based on positive user feedback and their ongoing mission toexpedite the implementation of continuous pharmaceutical processing, GEA will offer its virtual conti experience at both Pharmtech Moscow and P-MEC India.
  • News Immerse Yourself in the Real and Virtual Worlds of Continuous Manufacturing

    Taking center stage at this year’s CPhI Worldwide 2019 will be ConsiGma®, a multipurpose platform that has been designed to transfer powder into coated tablets in development, pilot, clinical and production volumes in a single compact unit.
  • News Going Conti - taking the next steps

    Following the success of the inaugural Reality of Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing event, GEA is taking another positive step towards the industry wide adoption of continuous manufacturing by hosting an experience-led continuous processing day in Wommelgem (Belgium) on 4 November.
  • News Continuous Manufacturing: The Facts and the Future

    Gaining momentum in the pharmaceutical industry, continuous manufacturing (CM) presents a new approach to oral solid dosage (OSD) form production and meets the industry’s demands for faster product development, reduced costs, and increased manufacturing flexibility.
  • News Collaboration facilitates continuous manufacturing

    Companies working together to help the pharmaceutical industry overcome the different challenges involved in adopting continuous manufacturing.
  • News GEA and RCPE to support Pharma’s adoption of continuous manufacturing

    Düsseldorf (Germany) – GEA and the Research Center for Pharmaceutical EngineeringGmbH (RCPE) are working together to facilitate the industrial implementation of continuous manufacturing technologies.
  • News Siemens and GEA partner in delivering continuous manufacturing to Pharmaceutical Industry

    GEA and Siemens AG announce a partnership to bring continuous manufacturing to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry by offering an integrated continuous tablet manufacturing line.