16 Nov 2022

Manufacturing Machinery. Building Secure Solutions.

Equipped with a wealth of product, customer and market knowledge, you can rely on GEA to deliver end-to-end support for your pharmaceutical manufacturing project. Whether it’s a flexible continuous processing line for an over-the-counter pill, a fully contained installation for an oncology drug or a high-volume batch system, we have a best-in-class solution to meet your needs.

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  • News Uniting innovation and sustainability in pharma

    GEA directs its focus toward the juncture of sustainability and innovation, igniting positive transformation across our organization and the expansive pharmaceutical sector. 

    Sustainability in pharmaceuticals encompasses layers of significance. Central to this is drug manufacturing, which carries substantial environmental implications, spanning resource usage, waste generation, and emissions entailed in production, packaging, and distribution. The collective adoption of eco-conscious practices within the life sciences sector serves as a collaborative effort to confront challenges such as pollution, climate change, and the depletion of vital resources.

    Embedded in this landscape is the critical challenge of resource conservation. Given the extensive raw materials, energy, and water consumed by pharmaceutical processes, the adoption of sustainable practices to curtail the use of invaluable natural resources ...
  • Video MOBILE MINOR™ spray dryer with highly efficient powder separation

    At CPHI 2018, we met with Søren Terp Madsen and talked about the MOBILE MINOR™ spray dryer. Offering an improved design but maintaining the same compact footprint, the MM-100 spray dryer from GEA, equipped with the new and highly efficient cyclone CEE (Cyclone Extra Efficiency), and is the newest addition to the MOBILE MINOR™ range. In the MOBILE MINOR™, solutions, suspensions or emulsions can be dried into representative powder samples, facilitating the retrieval of the process data required for scaling-up to industrial production. It is a flexible and easy-to-handle spray dryer which has become standard equipment in the R&D departments of many leading manufacturers, independent research institutes and universities worldwide. By nature, spray drying is a continuous process and is designed to offer both high productivity and uniform product quality during sustained periods.