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7 Apr 2021

Pope Scientific expands scope of offerings for Nutsche Filter-Dryer sizes, designs and systems

Increased range of sizes and available features, plus new options in ANFD systems and the popular Benchtop Nutsche Filter for scaleup and kilogram level production

The Pope Benchtop Nutsche Filter-Dryer (BNFD) series is regarded as a classic tool for separations work in processes development, a bridge for moving from discovery and kg scale into production processing.

For chemists charged with process scaleup projects and currently working with Buchner funnels, they are ideal.

The BNFD mimics larger scale production Nutsches, including the pressure/vacuum/heating/agitating/isolation features not possible with Buchner funnels.

Standard units in 6” diameter, in 3, 4, or 5-L volumes are stocked and ready for fast delivery; rentals of the BNFD series are also available.

All Pope Nutsches are designed for pressurized liquid filtrate removal, collecting solids and crystals as a filter cake on top of a filter screen of optimized pore size, followed by cake washing and drying by aid of vacuum, heat, and optional cake agitation.

Customers can choose from various means of harvesting product solids, including mid-vessel flanges or access ports for manual transfer, removable baskets, support structures enabling tilting and rotation of the Nutsche vessel, agitated side discharge and single-use polypropylene isolation shrouds.

Optional mixers include conventional stirrers, homogenizers, or full diameter cake agitators.  Innovations include the ability by the user to choose utilization of either multilayer stainless steel filter screens or else non-metallic filter cloths or membranes - in the same Nutsche Filter unit.

Filters are interchangeable and available in a wide range of micron pore sizes. Special instrumentation and controls, plus integrated multivessel skids or portable turnkey systems with reactors, utilities, etc. are all available.

316-L stainless steel is the default material of construction, though higher alloys such as Hastelloy and internal coatings including PFA and ECTFE are available.  Typical finish is mechanical plus passivation and electropolish to 25 Ra or better, additional polishing to 8 Ra or better is optional.  ASME pressure ratings are standard, CE/PED, CRN and other certifications also available.  Sizes range from 0.2 to 500 liters.

About Pope Scientific:

Pope Scientific, founded in 1963, maintains an established record of excellence in service to science and industry for separation and processing equipment and technology.  Recognized worldwide originally for distillation equipment, the company has likewise established itself for decades in supply of highest quality reactors, mixers, turnkey skid mounted processing modules and Nutsche Filter-dryer systems.  Pope’s history as an innovator and requirement-specific custom system provider continues to apply the same expertise into the Nutsche line.  Special designs to meet challenging requirements have led to new applications including nuclear medicine and new types of lipids, cannabinoids, electronics materials, and others.  While pharmaceuticals and fine specialty chemicals continue to be classic applications for Nutsche Filters, Pope has a customer base reaching into a wide variety of additional industries. The company is well known for its applications orientation and solution driven approach.

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