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  • Product Customized High Speed Indexing Assembly and Test Platform

    Cam or servo driven fully automated machine for one or multiple variants with 100% in line control.

    Neyret Group designs and manufactures indexed assembly machines for following products:
    - disposable and reusable insulin injection pens
    - metered dose inhalers
    - dry powd...
  • Product Multi-inspection Platforms

    With an increasing product portfolio and a variety of package types, sizes and formulations the requirements for processing and inspecting those products becomes more challenging. There is no test method that can do it all so that is why the combination of several methods is required. The VARIO MTX is a modul...
  • Product yudoo

    yudoo – the new pharma software suite has been designed  to reshape the concept of line management, incorporating extra 4.0 innovative applications.
    yudoo is an irreplaceable tool to revolution the manufacturing environment, driving it toward the future where machines, devices, computer system...
  • Product PATVIS APA

    Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for Automated Particle Analysis. Sensum PATVIS APA is process analytical technology visualization system for monitoring, understanding and optimization of fluid bed pharmaceutical production processes. It enables real-time monitoring and fully automated ...
  • Product AUTOCOATER

    •All the product contact parts are made from Stainless Steel corresponding to 316 •Pan speed 1 to 15 RPM, The pan speed is variable and can be changed from the control panel.  •Perforated pan with more than 55% opening for better quality  finish The pan is cylindrical in shape and is made...
  • Product Prime Clean Reset

    Air Tight Self-Repairing Clean room doors (Prime Clean Reset) are designed for inside applications requiring limitation of leak flow. The perfect sealing properties of Prime Clean Reset provide environmental control and protect the inside environment against draughts, dust and dirt. Clean room doors provided...
  • Product Airline Equipment

    SMC's airline equipment provides unsurpassed sensing, pressure regulators and air filtration performance for your pneumatic system. With our large range of pneumatic preparation products, we can provide the clean dry air necessary to achieve the peak performance required by your fluid power system. Ou...
  • Product OPTIMA BCT-200 Assembly of blood collection tubes

    • Fully automated entire solution
    • Modular construction
    • Additional proccesses can be added
    Please get in touch for more information
  • Product Centralized Vacuum Systems

    R.G.S. offers a wide range of components for centralized vacuum systems: suction units, storage silos, accessories for pipe lines, control systems. All the products can be realized in painted steel, stainless steel or in ATEX version, according to customer needs and sector of application.

    Radix Instruments are considered reliable by our customers in the pharmaceutical industry which is governed by the most stringent regulations and sets the standard for instrumentation quality. Our products will meet and exceed your expectations for process instrumentation.

    Radix Instrument...
  • Product Process Automation

    Polmon has two decades of experience in designing complete process automation systems - from field to ERP - for the Life Sciences industry to meet the unique Regulatory, Safety and Productivity requirements of their manufacturing units. 
    Polmon has a 15 years association with Schneider Electric and wo...

    HI-TECH Manufactures various PTFE Lined Valves from smallest 1/2" (DN15) to biggest 30" (DN750). All valves are designed and manufactured in-house with proprietory technology. Our unique maintenance free design gives long service life to the valves and gives most reliable performance in the plant.
    We manuf...
  • Product Customized High Speed Continuous Motion Assembly and Test Platform

    Fully automated continuous motion assembly line with 100% in line control.

    Neyret Group designs and manufactures continuous motion assembly machines for following products:
    - Luer-Lock and needle protection systems
    - injection site transfer valves
    - needle free injectio...
  • Product High Speed Insulin Injection Pen Assembly Line

    Customized High speed indexed assembly machine with 100% in line control
  • Product Linear Magnetic Track for Assembly and/or DOD Printing

    Magnetic Track System allows to programme individually pallets' speed and direction
  • Product Continuous Motion Rotary Ultrasonic Welding Station

    Ultrasonic Welding Station should be integrated into a continuous motion assembly platform
  • Product Automated Visual Inspection

    The automated visual inspection platform VISION CAV is designed for a customized, fully-automated inspection of particles and cosmetic defects of vials with liquid or lyophilized products. 

    Cosmetic and particle inspectionFor the inspection of cosmetic defects, the test samples are r...
  • Product Automated NIR Spectroscopy

    The SPECTRA NIV is a high speed inspection platform for the non-destructive acquisition and analysis of NIR spectra of lyophilized products. NIR spectroscopy allows the determination of multiple parameters simultaneously such as moisture concentration, defects of the lyophilizate and the identification o...
  • Product Directional Control Pneumatic Valves

    SMC Directional Control Solenoid valves and manifolds feature low power consumption, high flow rates, fast response times and a clean aesthetic design. Solenoid valves are widely used in the Pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, automotive, packaging, medical device, specialized machinery and machine tools industr...
  • Product Electric Actuators

    Electric actuators offer distinct advantages over their pneumatic counterparts. Acceleration and speed are controlled and predictable. Multiple positions are possible with high precision and repeatability.  Pushing forces can be programmed. With no need for compressed air, infrastructure and ener...

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