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  • Product Characterization and Consulting, Including Process Characterization and Process Validation

    Scale-down process characterization studies performed using a qualified scale-down model are a critical part of licensure applications for biologics. KBI has significant expertise in the design and execution of these studies to enable clients to define their process control strategy to take forward into ma...
  • Product Life Science: Computer System Validation

    Validation of computerized systems (CSV) according to GxP Guidelines has been a basic requirement in the life science industry for many years now. However, as the complexity of the IT landscape and the degree of automation has increased, the effort required to keep compliance has risen as well. Of cour...
  • Product Deblistering F140 ( industrial Deblistering machine)

    Industrial Deblistering machine model F140 PVC ALU blisters ALU ALU blisters from 50 up to 75 blisters/minute
    dosent' need additional tools set
  • Product MyBox®

    AM Instruments has applied the most innovative technologies to develop a new pass-box model. 

    - fluxed pass-box and pass-boxes, stand-alone or integrated into existing ventilation systems 
    - material transfer chambers within adaptable shapes that can be adjusted to suit every need&nbs...
  • Product Customized High Speed Indexing Assembly and Test Platform

    Cam or servo driven fully automated machine for one or multiple variants with 100% in line control.

    Neyret Group designs and manufactures indexed assembly machines for following products:
    - disposable and reusable insulin injection pens
    - metered dose inhalers
    - dry p...
  • Product Multi-inspection Platforms

    With an increasing product portfolio and a variety of package types, sizes and formulations the requirements for processing and inspecting those products becomes more challenging. There is no test method that can do it all so that is why the combination of several methods is required. The VARIO MTX is a mo...
  • Product PATVIS APA

    Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for Automated Particle Analysis. Sensum PATVIS APA is process analytical technology visualization system for monitoring, understanding and optimization of fluid bed pharmaceutical production processes. It enables real-time monitoring and fully automat...
  • Product Fluid Bed Dryers ESSICA

    Essicca fluid bed dryer introducestwo very important practicalconcepts:1- Optimization of the dryingprocess: Defines theoptimum air flow for a granulatebased on the determination of theVMF (minimum fluidization speed).2- Automation of the dryingprocess: It makes the drying processof the operator independen...
  • Product GENiSYS Lab

    AST’s GENiSYS Lab bench top systems are ideal for drug product development, process development, and small batch cGMP production applications. Each system is designed to automate the critical aseptic operations for vial, syringe and cartridge processing to reduce contamination risk and product variability....
  • Product High Speed Insulin Injection Pen Assembly Line

    Customized High speed indexed assembly machine with 100% in line control
  • Product Customized High Speed Continuous Motion Assembly and Test Platform

    Fully automated continuous motion assembly line with 100% in line control.

    Neyret Group designs and manufactures continuous motion assembly machines for following products:
    - Luer-Lock and needle protection systems
    - injection site transfer valves
    - needle free injec...
  • Product Continuous Motion Rotary Ultrasonic Welding Station

    Ultrasonic Welding Station should be integrated into a continuous motion assembly platform
  • Product Linear Magnetic Track for Assembly and/or DOD Printing

    Magnetic Track System allows to programme individually pallets' speed and direction
  • Product Automated Visual Inspection

    The automated visual inspection platform VISION CAV is designed for a customized, fully-automated inspection of particles and cosmetic defects of vials with liquid or lyophilized products. 

    Cosmetic and particle inspectionFor the inspection of cosmetic defects, the test samples ar...
  • Product Automated NIR Spectroscopy

    The SPECTRA NIV is a high speed inspection platform for the non-destructive acquisition and analysis of NIR spectra of lyophilized products. NIR spectroscopy allows the determination of multiple parameters simultaneously such as moisture concentration, defects of the lyophilizate and the identificatio...
  • Product ASEPTiCell

    ASEPTiCell is an aseptic fill-finish system specifically designed for cGMP filling of sterile injectable products. The ASEPTiCell integrates industry proven technologies such as robotics and isolator-barrier systems to provide the most technologically advanced system for filling pre-sterilized vials, syrin...
  • Product GENiSYS R

    GENiSYS R is an aseptic filling and closing system that solves small-batch production challenges. GENiSYS R uses flexible robotic automation to process ready-to-fill vials, syringes and cartridges. GENiSYS R offers standard modular configurations that allow the system to be tailored with isolator systems, ...
  • Product GENiSYS C

    GENiSYS C is a highly flexible aseptic filling and closing machine used for processing vials, syringes and cartridges on a single compact machine. The system is integrated with advanced features to ensure each container is handled with care and consistently produces high quality products. The system is ide...
  • Product IBC-Bin Blender

    Matcon's IBC Blender eliminates the time-consuming and costly cleaning associated with traditional stationary mixers such as V-blenders, double cone or other fixed shell blenders as the IBC itself is the blending vessel. The bins are filled, discharged and washed ‛off-line’ (in parallel) so the Blender...
  • Product Hot Water Generator

    Metal Plants Hot Water Generator (HWG) System is versatile and compact, it provides highly efficient solution for instantaneous generation of hot water using energy efficient Heat Exchangers (viz. Shell & Tube or Plate Type) or Electrical Heater (in cases wherein utility at site is not available). ...

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