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SEA Vision is a software house that develops vision and product-control systems, track & trace solutions, and Data Analytics software for Industry 4.0 in the pharmaceutical industry. The quality of the technologies developed - combined with 25 years of expertise in pharmaceuticals - and its in-house software development that responds to any customer requirements, have led SEA Vision to be recognized globally among the top 5 industry leaders. Thanks to the flexibility of the software algorithm, SEA Vision had the opportunity to add new functional...

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Products from SEA Vision S.R.L. (5)

  • Blister serialization

    Product Blister serialization

    Although primary pack serialization is not yet a mandatory requirement, it is important to consider the benefits of adopting this technology in view of current healthcare industry production scenarios. Firstly, today the technological evolution of the digital printing industry and the development of new ha...
  • yudoo

    Product yudoo

    yudoo – the new pharma software suite has been designed  to reshape the concept of line management, incorporating extra 4.0 innovative applications.
    yudoo is an irreplaceable tool to revolution the manufacturing environment, driving it toward the future where machines, devices, computer sys...
  • HarleNIR

    Product HarleNIR

    SEA Vision brand new Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) solution HarleNIR is based on Harlequin blister control system. The new revolutionary system is able to perform a chemical composition inspection on pharmaceutical products during the production process. Thanks to integrated imaging technology HarleNIR...
  • SEA Vision business units

    Product SEA Vision business units

    SEA Vision is a leading supplier of vision systems for the pharmaceuticals industry for 26 years, building its success on the excellence of its technology solutions for PRODUCTS QUALITY INSPECTION, TRACK&TRACE and PHARMA INDUSTRY 4.0
  • smart line clearance

    Product smart line clearance

    From paper based to automated line clearance? It’s possible, with Smart clearance technology. Nowadays the pharmaceutical market requires more frequent changeovers on the packaging line with a high number of small productions. This increases the risk of a costly product recall for wrong products, labe...

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  • Video SEA Vision Corporate Video

    We are proud to show you the new SEA Vision Italian Corporate Headquarters with a video that tells more about who we are, where we are, what we do, and shows all the products that led us to become a world leading machine #vision, #traceability and #4.0 Software provider. Watch it, follow us and stay updated. A lot of exciting things are still to come!