Higee Distillation Machine (Rotating Zigzag Bed)

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By cooperating with Zhejiang University of Technology, the company has successfully developed High Gravity Distillation Machine, also named as “Higee distillation machine”, or "Higee Rotating Zigzag Bed", to recover organic solvents for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The Higee Distillation Machine is used for continuous distillation operations such as Methanol-water, Ethanol-water, DMSO systems, and Multi-component material distillation. It is a major breakthrough for traditional plate and packed column, and is a better substitute for conventional distillation column.Higee refers to a centrifugal field generated by high speed revolution in order to replace the regular gravitational field. It is a promising process intensification technology that has been developed over 30 years. Comparing to conventional distillation columns, the Higee distillation machine dramatically reduces the equipment size, simplifies the process operation with less process time, saves energy and reduces the cost. The purity of recovered product can reach to 99.95%, and the contaminant in discharged water can be significantly reduced to 0.5% and below. 

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Higee Distillation Machine (Rotating Zigzag Bed)

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