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  • News Industry on the brink of a new age of smart pharma manufacturing

    Report predicts tomorrow’s biggest industry winners will need to invest now ahead of the curve.
  • News Future Proof your Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

    Today’s Pharmaceutical Manufacturing landscape is seeing a change with companies moving away from having large-scale plants producing a small number of products. The increasing number of Generic alternatives to Patented products means facilities ar...
  • News Increase performance and production

    In order to ensure a new manufacturing contract with Merck SA, Grupo Azevedos, an international pharmaceutical group, has invested 2M euros approx. in their own plant unit  Sofarimex with a new Groninger high-speed liquid filling line.

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  • Product BIN / DRUM LINE

    Our line of Stainless Steel BIN and DRUM are suitable for all handling / manipulation of API and OSD, powders, liquids and viscous in pharmaceutical processes.

    Made on standard models and / or according to customer / plant construction spefications, they are durable, solid ans reliable. q...
  • Product GEA Pharma & Healthcare

    Why GEA?

    We supply the added value and the deep-rooted knowledge that counts.

    We can support your process or provide the inspiration you need to meet your objectives.

    GEA has developed a deep and thorough understanding of the challenges you face, the hurdles you need to ove...
  • Product Kitting/Labeling Services

    Singota Solutions offers wide range of services which includes kitting, and labeling. We customize kitting for preclinical and clinical trials, can design kitting for single and double blind studies, and any customized solutions needed. Once completed, we can ship directly to the clinical trial site or oth...
  • Product Baby Phill Small Batch Vial Filling System

    Do you need to produce batches for clinical trials or for development of sterile, cytotoxic, liquid or lyophilized drugs, in a sterile, contained, grade A environment? Imagine a small aseptic filling machine integrated inside an isolator or RABS as part of a complete production line! The Baby Phill can...
  • Product Circle feeder

    Lci corporation offers a wide range of products which includes circle feeder. Features: it can be custom designed with multiple discharge ports with manual or auto slide gates, high temperature capability etc. Contact us for more information.
  • Product vessels

    Finish and material to meet your needs

    Apart from popular grades of stain less steel, including 316L, we also use the most diverse special alloys, such as HC22: with a milled finish and with a surface roughness of up to Ra< 0.2 μm by mechanical or electrolytic polishing, during the man...
  • Product Formulation lines

    We don’t just adapt to your needs and develop tailor-made solutions for you – we also produce individual equipment in-house, including containers or isolators, enabling us to provide you with an ideal overall concept. The Waldner Process Systems’ product range is broad-based, meeting all your individual ap...
  • Product Carton

    MM Packaging is a prominent manufacturer of cartons tailored for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We employ a diverse range of material substrates, including conventional and metallised board, to cater to the diverse needs of our customers. Our product line extends to encompass specialized car...
  • Product Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)

    A Fluid Bed Dryer is a type of drying equipment which uses fluidization technique for drying the moist material. In the fluidization process, hot air is passed through the moist material which is present in a fluid bed dryer. The hot air will cause the moist material to get converted into a fluid like stat...
  • Product BATCH ARCHITECT Process Control Software

    Operate virtually any batch-type equipment using a flexible, intuitive control system. The Batch Architect platform leverages advanced Rockwell Automation HMI technology and ControlLogix® processors.
    Batch Architect™
    Choose a simple interface for monitoring and manually adjusting process parameter...
  • Product Analytical and Phy-Chem Department

    • Setup and development of analytical methods • Analytical support to formulation and process studies • QC testing of batches involved in in-vivo studies and supervision of bioanalysis • QC Testing of GMP batches • Microbiology (monitoring of GMP Pilot Plant) • Non-G...
  • Product TrackSense® LyoPro - Wireless Data Logger for Freeze Drying

    The LyoPro is a specially designed data logger for complete batch control and validation of the freeze drying processes. The tiny data logger fits perfectly within any lyophilization setup, as the various LoggerNests allow the device to match the size of any vial.

    LyoPro comes fitted with an 0.5...

    ManualTronik is a manual station for printing and verifcation of pharma boxes, allowing a manual serialization and aggregation.Ultra-compact, fully-automatic unit designed to handle a wide range of formats. 
  • Product FIBC Discharging Station

    In principle, discharging stations consist of 4 main components:Connection Systems: Connection systems are the core component for a safe FIBC discharging process. Depending on the product, operating location and Containment requirement, HECHT has developed different systems.Supporting Tables: Minimize...
  • Product Blistering-Cartoning line

    The Bistering- Cartoning line, model B-300 & TC-120, is used for to pack tablet, capsule, vial, ampoule,... into blister (PVC/Alu, PVDC/Alu, Alu/Alu,...) and then packing blister into carton box automatically (1-10 blister/box).  The machines are CE approval.
  • Product Conical Paddle Dryer

    Hosokawa Micron BV offers wide range of products which includes conical paddle dryer. It is newest drying technology. The unique paddle design of the vertical, centrally-driven dryer combines extremely fast drying rates with a compact design. It is a universal vacuum dryer that has been developed to enable...
  • Product Active Freeze Drying System

    Hosokawa Micron BV offers wide range of products which includes active freeze drying system. It has been used industrially for decades to preserve foodstuffs and organic materials. However, traditional tray-type freeze dryers are labour intensive. Its drying system eliminates this drawback and is a big ste...
  • Product Conical Paddle Mixer

    Hosokawa Micron BV offers wide range of products which includes conical paddle mixer. It is the newest generation of powder mixers, developed for low and medium shear batch mixing. It has been designed for mixing powders, granules and solids with liquids. The conical paddle mixer is a multi-purpose mixer f...

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