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Biazzi S.A. is the leading global provider of engineering, technologies, services and hardware systems for the manufacture of explosives, for the nitration of aromatics and for catalytic gas-liquid reactions and especially for Hydrogenation. Scale-up and process optimisation for gas-liquid reactions are performed in its in-house test centre and build the basis for the design of the industrial plan...

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  • Scale-up Process Guarantees

    Product Scale-up Process Guarantees

    BIAZZI scales up laboratory hydrogenation results (1 liter)  directly to any size of industrial plants up to 60'000 ltr and gives performance guarantees covering capacity, product yield & quality, and catalyst consumption. Based on the tests results the industrial plant is designed and built in ...
  • Biazzi High Performance Reactor System (BHPRS)

    Product Biazzi High Performance Reactor System (BHPRS)

    The BIAZZI's High Performance Reactor System is characterised by a high heat removal capacity, efficient mixing and a high internal gas recirculation rate. The benefits are higher productivity (smaller units), reduced consumptions, higher product yields and better product quality. Over all the operational ...
  • The Competence circle of Biazzi

    Product The Competence circle of Biazzi

    BIAZZI supplies a complete know-how and engineering package as well as the related process equipment. BIAZZI offers tests in its test centre to upscale processes and make the basis for the design of the industrial plant. Biazzi is offering the delivery of the Key-Equipment/Basic Engineering or full SKID mo...