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Essentra is a leading producer of cartons for the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, using multiple material substrates, such as conventional and metallised board, to meet customers’ varying requirements. Our range also includes specialist cartons for specific products.

Our innovative engineering and design teams are constantly looking to improve our current product line to meet industry demand for more effective and economical packaging and printing.


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More Products from Essentra

  • Labels

    Product Labels

    Essentra manufactures self-adhesive healthcare label products to specific customer requirements.

    The labels are supplied on a roll for automated high-speed application and can be produced on a wide range of substrates including plastic films, paper and laminate materials for different containers.

    Our technical knowledge ensures the product has the right adhesive for permanence, repositionability and tamper evidence, while our Label Vision Systems check for label print accuracy. Our stringent systems ensure  control from origination to final production.

    We can also provide a total label reconciliation service, removing the need to count labels for specific lines or to return stock.

  • Leaflets & Literatures

    Product Leaflets & Literatures

    Essentra’s healthcare literature come as folded, flat or on-roll, as well as multipage booklets. Our leaflets and literature are printed on both reel and flat sheet offset litho presses for pack insertion on high-speed lines. Our state-of-the-art inspection, defect detection and tracing equipment ensures consistent quality and text matching to customers' requirements. And our range of machinery sizes accommodate larger leaflets, changes in legislative demands as well as multiple languages.

  • Patient Adherence

    Product Patient Adherence

    Patient adherence can best be defined as a patient taking their medications according to the prescribed dosage, time, frequency and direction.

    Essentra’s range of packaging solutions are designed to aid patient adherence, through the clear display of information and the ease of use of.

  • Printed primary packaging

    Product Printed primary packaging

    Essentra’s printed primary packaging capability, which includes features such as child resistance and multicolour print, helps to fulfil the blister pack needs of our customers. In our state-of-the-art class 100,000 standard clean room, we can print on a range of different materials and thicknesses to meet individual customer specifications.

  • Serialisation solutions

    Product Serialisation solutions

    Essentra digitally prints unique item-level serialisation from externally supplied data, negating the need for customers to set up and manage print in-house. Quality control ensures the correct and appropriate data management system serialisations are printed without duplication, with post-print checks to confirm readability. Used serialisations are recorded and a report provided to satisfy the downstream data management requirement of our customers. 
  • Tapes

    Product Tapes

    A range of tapes to ensure easy-opening, tamper-evidence and security.

    Essentra’s tear tape technology is an efficient and cost-effective means of incorporating easy-opening, tamper-evidence and security into product packaging. We produce over 31 million km of tear tape annually.

    Tear tape can be applied to a wide variety of packs, from flexible overwraps and sleeves to cartons, boxes and even hermetically sealed packs. With 10-colour gravure printing and sophisticated slitting lines, we ensure that our tape products meet exacting print and quality standards.

  • Temper Verification

    Product Temper Verification

    Our new range of tamper verification products are designed for enhanced security helping brands to meet regulatory requirements and increase patient safety. Tamper verification features help to show whether packaging has been opened or altered since the product was packed by providing a clear physical indication of tampering. As the final line of defence against counterfeiters, it provides an important layer of protection and allows consumers to make a judgement about the authenticity of their pharmaceutical product. 

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