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  • Product Ready pack® system

    The West Ready Pack® system is comprised of high-quality primary and secondary packaging components. The Ready Pack system consists of sterilized NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® seals, vials and vial adapters.
  • Product Folding Cartons

    High functioning folding cartons offer an innovative, sustainable and cost-effective packaging format.
    - Ability to apply Coding and Serialization - printed invisible, black light or IR inks or combinations
    - Embossing including Braille to one or all panels.
    - Tamper-evident and child-pr...
  • Product PolyCine APP114-S Multilayer Infusion Bag film

    PolyCine APP114 Standard

    Multilayer Film for infusion bag production

    Packaging for Antibiotics, Anti-Viral Drugs, Haemodialysis Solutions, CAPD Solutions, Standard Infusion Solutions, Plasma-Volume Expander, Anti-Infective Drugs, Analgesics etc.

    Customized widths, roll lenghts etc. ...
  • Product Semiautomatic Deblistering Machine model Simpaty F130

    The consolidated semiautomatic "universal" deblistering machine model Sympaty F130 is able to deblister all kinds of blisters with different size in plastic material and with raw aluminum covering and ALU-ALU, without buying additional equipments and with the absolute certainty about the integrity of t...
  • Product MediForm MG - PET-G

    Co-extruded PET-G film for medical applications • manufactured specifically for the unique needs of medical device custom thermoformers
  • Product Wide Neck Drums

    Wide neck drums have been designed to provide the ultimate protection for your valuable products. Its signature screw top closure provides protection against moisture and is safe, fast and easy to operate.

    Plastic High Performance Packaging by CurTec is clean, safe, and secure and offers maximum...
  • Product Label Printer Solutions

    Cinta-Plast is one of the most reliable Label Solutions provider in the market,More than 50 years of experience in the world of labelling as a Label Manufacturer.
    Knowledge in Pharma, Electronics, Automotive and others.

    Last years, a new range of Digital label printers are entering into the m...
  • Product Folding Boxes

    Folding Boxes according to customer's specifications with any additional features like Braille Texture, Embossing, Different Varnishes, Lamination etc. 
  • Product AMECO

    AMECO is the first tray 100% stretched, recyclable cardboard capable of feeding an automatic packaging line at industrial process speeds. 

    It is simple, machinable and available in different sizes and shapes, to contain vails, phials, syringes and all products that require special care.

  • Product SASY

    SASYTM is DALI’s proprietary safety syringe for glass prefilled syringes.


    SASY is extremely intuitive to use.

    Thanks to its patented mechanism, the SASY minimizes the potential of user mistakes, and by that:

    Prevents underdose – deli...

    SAFE SEALS: DMF Grade Sizes : 13mm, 20mm, 28mm and 32mm 
    Colours : Can Match any colour per requirement 
    Finishes : Glossy and Matt. Custom Instruction Printing. Custom Logo Embossing. 
  • Product Clean room production for the life science market

    We manufacture both individual components and fully-assembled applications. Using injection molding machines with a clamping force of up to 500 tonnes. From standard plastics or from high-grade technical thermoplastic, conforming to GMP Class C, ISO 7 or ISO 8. We meet clean room requirements as neces-sary...

    Une étiquette-Livret experte avec ou sans charnière, avec ou sans partie détachable qui répond à l’exigence pharmaceutique de précision, de sécurité, de garantie, de traçabilité et qui agrandit la surface d’information et de fiabilité !
  • Product Small embeddable RFID micro tag for Syringe, Vial, Cartridge Serialization

    Product Brief 
    The RFID micro tag can be fit on or embedded into any metal/non-metal objects, such as rigid needle shield, and rubber plunger. 
    This product can be used globally with high performance and reliability. 

    Why is RFID necessary for Pre-f...
  • Product Laser Printing Inspection Machine

    PLANET LPI, UV laser printing and complete vision inspection was developed based on our cumulated technologies and accurate positioning as per shape tracing, which draws the innovative result and eliminating lots of traditional troubles such as distortion of print, out of position, and etc.
  • Product Cleanroom-Master®

    flexible Pharma- & Cleanroom Packaging

    Manufacturing conditions in accordance with DIN ISO 14644-1, ISO Class 5 of GMP-Class B
    -fexible LDPE fillm
    -sterilisable,-lowest particle- & microbiological contamination

    Approvals: ...
  • Product Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Cartoning Machines
    Clocked horizontal cartoning machines for folding boxes, also with 5th flap Solo or inline systems
    Leaflet folding for package inserts, max.: 210 x 600 mm
    Coding, code reader, data matrix code (with / without serial number...
  • Product Labels

    Pharmaceutical labels and adhesive solutions
  • Product Security Label (Anti-Counterfeiting)

    Iwata's unique technology now adds anti-counterfeiting function to its label. The covert solution is invisible to naked eyes and requires an equipment to verify. The overt solution uses human visible security elements. 
    Depending on your needs. We offer variety of  solution...
  • Product Cartoning Machine MA200 - 202

    Continuous motion, high speed, horizontal Cartoning machine, suitable for packing products into three-flaps straight or reverse tuck-in cartons.

    Main features:
    - Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms- Versatility and efficiency in a small footprintBalcony d...

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