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  • Product Machines To Labels Ampoules, Vials, And Syringes

    Rota Verpackungstechnik offers a wide range of products which includes machines to labels ampoules, vials, and syringes. Contact us for more information
  • Product Braille labels

    Cinta-Plast,S.A offers a wide range of products which includes braille labels inscribed (relief). Contact us for more information.We can provide solutions with braille printing

    Une étiquette-Livret experte avec ou sans charnière, avec ou sans partie détachable qui répond à l’exigence pharmaceutique de précision, de sécurité, de garantie, de traçabilité et qui agrandit la surface d’information et de fiabilité !
  • Product Intra mammary and Oral Paste Veterinary syringe

    Union Plastic offers a wide range of veterinary plastic products which includes intra mammary and Oral Paste syringe. Contact us for more information.
  • Product Aseptic Fill and Finish Processing

    Offering table top units for small batches up to customized high speed fully automated robotic production Filling and Capping Lines for Syringes, Cartridges, Vials, Bottles, Ampoules, IV Bags and various other containers. 
    • Cleaning • Depyrogenation • Decontamination • Filling • Lyophi...
  • Product Labelling for Clinical Trials - Booklets | Multi-Layer | Tamper Evident | Braille | Peel-Off-Labels | Vignettes | Coding | Security


    Inovalabel specialises in complex multi-page labels and customised special designs.
    Years of experience and intensive customer exchange have made Inovalabel one of the most competent experts in the field of labelling for Clinical Trials.

  • Product Security Label (Anti-Counterfeiting)

    Iwata's unique technology now adds anti-counterfeiting function to its label. The covert solution is invisible to naked eyes and requires an equipment to verify. The overt solution uses human visible security elements. 
    Depending on your needs. We offer variety of  solution...
  • Product QUAZAR®

    Ideal for businesses requiring the most exclusive secure labels and for brands and products commanding major stakes, QUAZAR® security labels are available in a wide spectrum of colours and can be customised into aestheticly creative labels corresponding to the design specifications and colour precision for...

    The Self Adhesive Hanging Device for infusion bottles is one of the latest Pilot Italia patents. This innovative label provides big saving on the global infusion bottles packaging costs and gives to the product an innovative and hi tech appeal which is well appreciated from marketing division. 
  • Product Labels

    We produce self-adhesive labels in rolls on various surfaces: paper, transparent or compostable material. The production also includes multi-page labels, with Braille text, peel-off and tamper-evident labels, also enriched with anti-counterfeiting systems and other special labels.
  • Product Delta Printing Machine

    This machine is simple to set up and changeover. The secret is the 109 snap-in carrier links. It can easily be installed or removed in 3 minutes without the use of tools. Full set up with design rolls, ink and rubber rolls can be accomplished within 30 minutes. Its features includes : a dual chain, interlo...
  • Product Compliance Guide - labelling materials

    Compliance Guide for Pharmaceutical labelling Materials
  • Product Labels and stickers with film thicknesses

    Neri Labels Srl offers a wide range of products which includes Labels and stickers with film thicknesses. Contact us for more information.
  • Product ASAL-120/250- Automatic Self Adhesive Vertical Labelling Machine

    Nkp Pharma Pvt Ltd provides wide range of sticker labeling machines which includes asal-120/250- automatic self adhesive vertical labelling machine. Features: a total cgmp model; s.s. 304 construction; accurate label placement; micro processor control system; any kind of printing device can be accommodated...

    Une étiquette experte qui répond à l’exigence pharmaceutique de :
    . Précision,
    . Dosage,
    . Graduation,
    . Sécurité,
    . Résistance : passage en autoclave,
    . Performance à la dépose automatique à grande vitesse.
    . Garantie
    . Respect de conformité au normes…
  • Product Inverted Hanger Labels

    The IVHL combines product labeling with a built-in hanging device for intravenous bottles/bags and enables significant cost savings and ease of use. The IVHL label and hanger is made of a very robust material and has been successfully tested in compliance with ISO 15010:1998E. It can be used on glass and p...
  • Product Clinical Labels

    Managing the labeling process for clinical trials is extremely demanding. This can involve hundreds of thousands of patients in several countries with patient guidelines in multiple languages.Documenting the trials needs to be a smooth, precise, and fast process with traceable documentation to ensure patie...
  • Product Multi-ply Labels

    Booklet and Multi-ply labels are the ideal solution when requiring space for large amount of texts, making them perfect for pharmaceutical inserts, multi-lingual information, and clinical trials. The booklet label replaces the traditional solution of standard label, inserts and carton, with a secure and us...
  • Product RFID Labels

    The most common use for RFID tags are used to track and identify pharmaceutical products through the supply chain, enable inventory visibility and replenishment, and provide real-time locations of assets.

    Why use CCL on your next RFID project?   

    CCL works with the i...

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