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Printing House "Wiking Graf" sj. T. Jakubowski, founded in 1986 is a forward thinking company offering high-quality products, especially self-adhesive labels and pharmaceutical leaflets.

We use all of our experience to print self-adhesive labels using the latest technology and machinery.

We specialize in the production of:

  • booklets (a combination of self-adhesive labels and leaflets)
  • multi-layer self-adhesive labels: peel & read (peel-off)
  • standard labels on paper and transparencies
  • information leaflets for medicines and cosmetics
  • braille texts on labels
  • shrink sleeves

  • A long history of cooperation within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries has allowed us to meet their specific needs.

    We have implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001, supplemented by GMP standards to meet the requirements concerning the organization of production, product safety and proper sanitation of the workplace according to the requirements of our customers ...

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    Products from Wiking Graf (3)

    • Booklet

      Product Booklet

      Wiking graf offers wide range of products which includes booklet. It is a multi-layer label which gives the possibility to place the maximum amount of text, using the minimum surface area. It can be as large as 48 pages. It allows to increase label efficiency and is more economical. It can be either: advertis...
    • Leaflet

      Product Leaflet

      Wiking graf offers wide range of products which includes leaflet. It has fully computerized, two-colour offset printing machines allowing printing to b2 format. The size of leaflets can be prepared to within an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Folding machines are designed to perform a wide variety of complex folding tech...
    • Peel & Read

      Product Peel & Read

      Wiking graf offers wide range of products which includes peel & read. It is a multi-page label, offering increased display space for up to 5 pages. It increases readability and aesthetics of text, enhances the description of the product, and increases the attractiveness of the packaging. After the printing pr...