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The mission of the Marchesini Group is to design and build stand-alone machines and customised lines for packaging pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Since Massimo Marchesini assembled his first cartoning machine in a garage back in 1974, from a local business, the Group has turned into a “compact” multinational enterprise, thanks to mergers and take-overs of complementary companies.

Today, the Marchesini Group caters for the whole packaging process of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, from start to finish. It creates stand-alone machines and complete lines to package products such as vials, s...

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Products from Marchesini Group S.p.A. (5)

  • Ampoules Filling and Sealing - RSF Series

    Product Ampoules Filling and Sealing - RSF Series

    The filling and sealing machines RSF are suitable for aseptic dosing of liquid products and sealing of open or closed ampoules.
    As an option, RSF machines can be used for filling and rubber stoppering of vials.

    Main features:

    - Perfect operational repeatability;- Comp...
  • Nested Syringe Filling and Stoppering - Extrafill 10

    Product Nested Syringe Filling and Stoppering - Extrafill 10

    The EXTRAFILL 10 is an Automatic High-speed Filling Machine for nested syringes, capable of processing Ready To Use (RTU) Vials supplied into Nest/Tub or Nested-Trays, and RTU cartridges supplied into Tub/Nest.

    For further information and technical data:
  • Cartoning Machine MA200 - 202

    Product Cartoning Machine MA200 - 202

    Continuous motion, high speed, horizontal Cartoning machine, suitable for packing products into three-flaps straight or reverse tuck-in cartons.

    Main features:
    - Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms- Versatility and efficiency in a small footprintBalcony d...
  • Cartoning Machine MA252 - 302

    Product Cartoning Machine MA252 - 302

    Continuous motion, high-speed, horizontal cartoning machines designed in accordance with cGMP norms.The balcony style improves accessibility, maintenance and cleaning operations, while the rear housing encloses two oil bath drive units.

    Main features:
    - Versatility and efficiency in a s...
  • Cartoning Machine MA260 - 500

    Product Cartoning Machine MA260 - 500

    Top quality continuous motion high speed horizontal cartoners.Thanks to decades of experience in the field, these machines outline cutting-edge technologies in a compact layout with the highest safety features.

    Main features:
    - Versatility and efficiency in a small footprint- Balcony de...

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