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  • Product Child Resistant Canula Tube

    Neopac’s certified systems provide child resistant caps that are also easy for adults and the elderly to use. What is more, the high barrier properties of the Polyfoil® tube ensure that the contents are always well protected. Now available in diameter 10mm.
  • Product SENSOkidCAP®

    SENSOPLAST® combines the advantages of tamper-evident closure with a child safety solution. The cap can only be removed from the bottle by simultaneously pressing and turning the cap. At the same time, tearing off the tamper-evident ring reveals the initial opening.

    This special design has prove...
  • Product Child Lock Cap With Seal

    Our products are manufactured in Class D Clean Rooms without human touch. They can be produced in custom colors. Our advanced production technology ensures great sealing performance. They contain no additives other than raw materials and dye. The protective lubricants used to clean molds, raw materials and...
  • Product Child-resistant caps (CRC)

    Push-and-turn caps prevent unintended opening by children. Can be combined with tamper-evident rings.
  • Product Peel-off labels & Booklet and multi-labels

    Peel-off labels Self-adhesive materials built with two or more layers of filmic laminate, distinctive for a mandrel adhesion performance on small diameter containers (7-15mm). They stand out for the extremely good cohesion adhesives, like AP907 and AP908, with and without luminescent additives (WM) to unde...
  • Product Ethical and OTC

    Ethical and OTC Pharmaceutical Small to medium diameter containers, typically between 10-50 mm, made of plastics like HDPE or LDPE. Our products feature high cohesion adhesives, low migration proporties and hold on tight curvature (mandrel). They are also characterized by multicolour print, high-quality, h...
  • Product Child resistant closures (CRC)

    The topic of child resistant packaging is becoming ever more important. At the same time, the packaging must meet the needs of older persons.
    Sensoplast satisfies both of these two conflicting sets of requirements. We assemble the closure in a cover cap and interlock the two components. The closure ca...
  • Product Child Resistant Packaging

    To protect children from harm and ensure that a child cannot open a packaging to access the pharmaceutical or medical product, we are introducing a range of child-resistant packaging concepts.

  • Product Child-resistant packaging for Healthcare

    With the aim to protect the youngest, child-resistant concepts are individually developed to meet the product and market requirements. With a rising request to reduce plastic usage, there is a rising development in fibre.based solutions to replace plastic - without compromising on patient safety.Get in tou...

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