Since 1948 Arca Etichette has been a solution provider, specialist in the production of labels and self-adhesive solutions, sleeve and technology for labelling, tracking and marking.

We are a Benefit Corporation:

we choose eco-sustainable raw materials, bio-based, biodegradable and compostable, recycle...

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Products from ARCA ETICHETTE S.P.A. (3)

  • Multipage Labels

    Product Multipage Labels

    The original self-adhesive multipage label provides additional space to convey methods and instructions for use, warnings, legislative references, product range and manufacturer’s information.

    Adaptable to any type of package, flat or cylindrical, it is ideal for providing multilingual ...
  • Securebooklet Labels

    Product Securebooklet Labels

    Securebooklet is a self-adhesive label that includes the product’s fact sheet, presented in the form of a convenient easy-to-browse booklet. No more misplaced or lost product fact sheets, and after every reading it can simply be reclosed. 

    Securebooklet’s presents a range of important bene...
  • Peel-off Labels

    Product Peel-off Labels

    The ideal solution for ingredient list, multilingual texts and detailed instructions in small size for cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. From 2 to 6 layers. It’s possible to combine different materials and colors: plastic and paper, white and clear.