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  • Product Tramadol HCl

    Grünenthal GmbH offers a selected range of products which includes Tramadol HCl, as API, bulk and/ or finished dosage form. Please contact us for more information.

  • Product SoftGroup® SaTT Stand-alone machine

    SoftGroup® SaTT SA is а specially designed machine for serialization in the pharmaceutical secondary packaging line following the latest GMP standards. This model can be an integrated part of an automated packaging line or to operate as a stand-alone machine.

    Key Features: • Few minutes for ...
  • Product Security

    Defending products and customers/patients from counterfeiting is a priority. Each product has unique characteristics and for this reason we have studied multiple solutions that can be combined with each other to achieve the desired degree of security.
    • Security materials and die cuts.  • Sec...
  • Product REVEO®

    REVEO® is an interactive brand protection solution for smart packaging that uses a real-time smartphone verification solution to help brands stay ahead of the pack by connecting physical products with digital experiences.
  • Product Folding cartons for pharmaceutical industry

    Working for  pharmaceutical industry we have developed a comprehensive offer that is tailored to the requirements of our Customers. We offer various products and solutions. We advise on the selection of paper, cardboard, production and refining processes. 

    The Self Adhesive Hanging Device for infusion bottles is one of the latest Pilot Italia patents. This innovative label provides big saving on the global infusion bottles packaging costs and gives to the product an innovative and hi tech appeal which is well appreciated from marketing division. 
  • Product Seal Vector

    Come to our booth and check out the ultimate sustainable authenticator fully compatible with all printing or engraving process on any substrate. Give your patient the ability to trust your product !
  • Product Cardboard Boxes

    Folding Boxes
    Every year Eurpack produce more than 500million of folding boxes, in a wide range of formats and technical solutions. Specialised in complex products, tamper evident closures child proof systems andanti-counterfeiting systems.
  • Product Betahistine diHCl

    Grünenthal GmbH offers a selected range of products which includes Betahistine diHCl, as API, bulk tablets and/ or finished dosage form. Please contact us for more information.

  • Product PLASTIWARD®

    PLASTIWARD® brings counterfeiting protection of plastic articles as close as possible to the end consumers by integrating taggants into your products’ polymer masterbatch, complying with required regulations and minimising any impact on production.
  • Product SICPAGUARD®

    SICPAGUARD® is a vertically integrated machine-readable security system for document and product authentication that can be customised for different detection situations, project sizes and cost structures.
  • Product QUAZAR®

    Ideal for businesses requiring the most exclusive secure labels and for brands and products commanding major stakes, QUAZAR® security labels are available in a wide spectrum of colours and can be customised into aestheticly creative labels corresponding to the design specifications and colour precision for...
  • Product SoftGroup® SaTT Uzbek Hub Gateway

    SoftGroup® SaTT Uzbek Hub Gateway provides a connection and data exchange between Uzbek National Track & Trace System – Asl belgisi and all supply-chain participants (MAHs, Manufacturers, Importers, Wholesale trade enterprises etc.). The solution allows requesting and receiving the crypt...
  • Product End to End Traceability

    Message Management Improve data accuracy and line efficiency with automation Marking and Coding Streamline all printing needs from one supplier Verification Ensure high-quality packaging and accurate codes Unique Digital Identity Connect the physical to the digital with serialization and/or e-Fingerprint L...
  • Product TTR VEROSPEC® – Tamper-Proof Labels for Your Product

    • TTR VEROSPEC® is a thermal transfer ribbon that makes your labels forgery-proof • TTR Unique VEROSPEC® tags labels with an exclusive and invisible security feature • Only devices with special software can read the feature • You can check the authenticity of your products whenever and wherever you des...
  • Product TRUSTSEAL® Protect – a new standard in diffractive security elements

    • Diffractive TRUSTSEAL® Protect Security OVD for visual authentication withovert, covert and forensic security features • Your own design with a smart combination of multiple security features • Proprietary technology for true brand protection • Diffractive Serialization or encrypted QR-Codes possible...
  • Product KURZ - new product protection and traceability solution for COVID pharmaceuticals

    As one of the world's leading providers of comprehensive security concepts, KURZ has developed a product protection solution for Covid-19 pharmaceuticals. It makes it possible to securely authenticate test kits and vaccines, and to track the flow of goods. The Covid counterfeit protection solution consists...
  • Product It's Paper - PaperVOID

    IT'S PAPER - the first PAPER-based security seal with VOID technology is now available.

    Recyclable packaging based on renewable resources is in demand worldwide. To meet this demand, Securikett has created a revolutionary paper-based security seal technology, offering sustainable and secure sealing ...
  • Product Labels for primary and secondary packaging applications

    Labels for product identification and decoration printed according to the most advanced printing techniques. 
    The factory produces labels with technologies such as flexo, letterpress, silkscreen and offset in addition to the less conventional thermal transfer, digital ink-jet and laser printing. ...
  • Product Tamper-evident labels and seals

    Counterfeiting, tampering and theft practices have encouraged and increased demand from almost all market segments seeking security solutions.
    Tamper-evident labels, in response to this need, protect both the reputation of the brand and the safety of consumers.

    Carlucci, leader in secu...

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