Helping to shape more comfortable society, together with customers – that is where our value lies.

For more than 100 years, Zacros has continued to create unique “New Value” together with customers as a manufacturer of packaging and materials. 
We seek to be a company that creates and delivers value that is unique to Zacros for customers, society, and the Earth.

Zacros has three main business divisions: life sciences, Information technologies, and construction.
We are a packaging material manufacturer and converter, and our core competency is our ability to select from a large number of high quality materials and laminate/extrude them together in an optimal container solution for your product.

Focusing  on our life sciences division, Zacros offers primary drug packaging for injection drugs, release liners for transdermal medicines, and other functional packaging suited to each drug's dosage form.

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Products from ZACROS (2)

  • MediTect™ Solution Bags

    Product MediTect™ Solution Bags

    Designed to prevent extractables and leachables (E&L) from packaging material, these soft bags are the ideal option for more sensitive drug solutions.
    The most important thing to consider in primary packaging is "interaction factor." By using Cyclic Olefin Polymer, an extremely inert material,...
  • Release film: FILMBYNA®

    Product Release film: FILMBYNA®

    Transdermal medicines have been popular in Asian countries for decades for their controlled, constant release of active substances, and advantages for the well-being of the patients (safe, pain-free, user-friendly, with very low side-effects).
    Now, they are gaining traction in the EU as transdermal drug ...