ZACROS is an 110 year-old, innovative manufacturer with core competencies in polymer and material science. Our Wellness division focuses on highly functional packaging materials for pharmaceuticals of all formats.

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  • Bunkyo Garden Gate Tower 22F, 1 Chome-1-1 Koishikawa, Bunkyo City, 1120002, Tokyo, Japan

Products from ZACROS (3)

  • MediTect™ IV Bags

    Product MediTect™ IV Bags

    Designed to prevent extractables and leachables (E&L) from packaging material, these soft bags are the ideal option for more sensitive drug solutions.
    The most important thing to consider in primary packaging is "interaction factor." By using Cyclic Olefin Polymer, an extremely inert materi...
  • Packaging development service

    Product Packaging development service

    From design to proof of concept, to small-scale manufacturing, to mass production, ZACROS has extensive experience in co-developing dedicated packaging for pharmaceutical applications.
    Through our experience, rest assured that we will develop a highly functional, scalable product for your application.
  • Release liner for transdermal drugs FILMBYNA®

    Product Release liner for transdermal drugs FILMBYNA®

    FILMBYNA® is a release liner made with a PET base film, which preserves the drug agent while offering excellent release properties for transdermal drug delivery systems.
    Designed to provide optimal peel strength and extended shelf-life for a wide variety of adhesives, it protects the surfa...