Product description

Substantial improvement of your profitability :
  • We can define together your Kanban order without over cost except transport  
  • (change over in our complete process with a real SMED) :
For example :

Yearly Quantity  (24 millions units)
Monthly Price Quantity ( 2 millions units)
You are able to split your monthly quantity following your weekly references orders (without over cost) except transport.
  • Stop your obsolete references
  • Stop your over delivery quantities
  • Eliminate your No Good Quality Cost
  • Delivery Time less than 15 days in Europe (also in Switzerland and UK, easy access to shuttle).
  • Zero miss market references Target

Working capital :
  • Our Supply chain will help you to define how you can reduce your packaging stocks
  • We can define together an appropriate WIP (Work in Progress) to work together on pull system
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