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  • Product Blister Packs

    Blister Packaging • Thermoform • Cold Form • Push-Through or Child Resistant • Online Foil Printing • Pre-printed foil • Color Vision Systems • Inserts & Coupons • Hospital Unit Dose • Compliance promoting Other Packaging • Pouches and Packets
  • Product BlisBa - PVDC

    PVDC coated films for blister applications
    • for low to middle barrier demands • Duplex (DX) and Triplex (TX) structures
  • Product Commercial Packaging

    We offer a wide range of commercial packaging solutions to meet your needs, from initial artwork and pack design, to commercial packaging and distribution.

    From our UK and US commercial packaging facilities, we are able to serve global markets. We are MHRA and FDA licensed an...
  • Product Tramadol HCl

    Grünenthal GmbH offers a selected range of products which includes Tramadol HCl, as API, bulk and/ or finished dosage form. Please contact us for more information.

  • Product Postponement Packaging

    Our postponement packaging solutions, also known as late-stage customisation, allow our clients to supply their products to markets in response to known demand as opposed to forecasted demand. This leads to improvement in supply chain efficiency and reduction of product wastage.
  • Product Pentapharm® alfoil® ET SG

    Pentapharm® alfoil® ET SG films complement kp’s existing ultra-high barrier alfoil® E S03 film series. alfoil® ET SG delivers outstanding value to performance ratio with a specially formulated color package to enhance brand perception. The product reduces stickiness while improving barrier performance and ...
  • Product Blister / Trays

    We produce precision-fit blisters/trays under clean room condition ISO class 7.
  • Product Turntable Machine KDT

    The Turntable Machine KDT packages small to medium quantities using the latest machine technology and impresses with its low acquisition cost, reasonably priced format components and low energy consumption.

    State-of-the-art machine technology for the packaging of small to mediumsized batches whi...

    Medium-high speed blister packaging machine with sealing plates.

    Blister packing machines BC series have been designed to form blisters in PVC/ALU (if properly equipped, they can process different forming/lidding materials like ALU/ALU, Polypropylene, PET, PVC + ACLAR, etc.).  qq...
  • Product SoBliss

    Innovative double blister packaging solution
  • Product Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging 

    Blister lines for solid dosage forms
    Tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, oblongs, syringes, etc.
    Films/foils: PVC, PVC/ PVdC, PVC/PE/PVdC, PVC/ACLAR/PVC, COC-Laminates, PP, PET, Tyvec or alu/alu (with/without childproof seals)
  • Product ACLAR ACCEL™


    Joining our flagship line of Aclar films, Honeywell Aclar Accel is a high moisture barrier thermoformable film product that delivers at the price and speed business demands while providing the quality and servic...
  • Product BRAINIL®

    BRAINIL combines carnitine (in the form of L-acetylcarnitine) and a titrated - standardized extract of Ginkgo biloba (leaves) complexed with soy phosphatidylcholine (Ginkgoselect® Fitosoma®). The Ginkgo biloba extract is useful to promote microcirculation and the memory and cognitive functions.
  • Product Blister no touch

    Our blister is a bending blister to display the medical device ready to use. Its main avantages : 

     - Medical device fully protected duringshipment with gentle handling :
    • Medical device is fixed by undercut in its cavity
    • Full protection against vibrations and shocks
    • Ca...
  • Product PET CAROCLEAR Medical films

    clear rigid medical blister foil for blister packaging of Medical Devices and innovative drug delivery  systems
  • Product BIS Smart (Blister Inspection System)

    BIS Smart is our Smart Blister Inspection System designed to meet requirements of pharmaceutical packaging lines
    • Suitable for all types of Blister Packing Machines.High Speed Inspection, up to 800 Blisters Per Minute. • Simple integration on existing area up to 300 mm * 225 mm • Optimized illumin...
  • Product PVC/PE

    Sarong S.p.A. offers a wide range of films which includes pvc/pe. Features: it is laminated with ldpe (low density polyethylene) or lldpe ( linear low density polyethylene). Suppositories: thickness 130µm÷160µm. Packaging of suppository by thermoforming/filling/hot sealing machines, the pe layer is peelabl...
  • Product Wasdell Technical

    Our dedicated Technical team design and manufacture commercial tooling for packaging equipment including blister packing, feeding systems and secondary packing applications.   We work with customers to take new products and packaging formats from concept to commercial application and can prov...
  • Product Activ-Blistertm Solutions

    CSP Technologies offers a wide range of products which includes activ-blistertm solutions. Features: it protects moisture- and oxygen-sensitive solid doses packaged on blister machines. Contact us for more information.

    Automatic blister machines for different production needs (from 100 up to 600 blisters/minute).Main stations driven by brushless motors, forming system made by plates (hot or cold), sealing performed by roll.Size change over very quick and simple, reduced overall dimensions.

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