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Acquisition taps into the unknown treasures of the sea

Screening for new marine-derived functional ingredients and bringing new patented products to the market.

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A powerful new tool for the separation of charged species

A new analytical tool, Electrical Asymmetrical Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (EAF4) is showing much promise in biopharmaceutical and nanoparticle applications.

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Spanish CDMO invests €200k to protect clients' products

Investment will enable Idifarma to both serialise commercial batches manufactured by them for clients and offer standalone serialisation services.

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Featured suppliers

  • Berry Global, Inc
  • Origin Pharma Packaging
  • Aero Pump GmbH
  • Heinlein Plastik-Technik GmbH
  • Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l.
  • Sanner GmbH
  • Aptar Pharma
  • Technoflex
  • Rommelag CMO
  • Curtec Nederland B.V
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Latest products

Medical devices and cosmetics

Rommelag CMO

Rommelag CMO provides a wide range of services which includes medical devices and cosmetics. It provides a comprehensive range of services - from research in its own laboratories to consulting in design and material issues. We offer solutions which are developed individually for each product and always guaran...

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Machines To Wash Containers For Aspetic Processing

ROTA Verpackungstechnik

Rota Verpackungstechnik offers a wide range of products which includes machines to wash containers for aspetic processing. Contact us for more information

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Dropper Assembly

Archana Ampoules Pvt Ltd

Our Dropper Assemblies are in different sizes and colours with different volume marking. These droppers are individually sealed in FFs Pouches or in Bulk Packing. Our precise engineered products are developed under hygienic conditions and thus safe to use. Cap Size, Rubber Teat, Dropper Size, Volume Mark and ...

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Kahan International

We offer motorized operated fully automatic volumetric liquid filling machine. We have models starting from four head followed by six head, eight head, ten head and twelve head. In automatic machines, the bottles are loaded on conveyor manually at entry and all other processes of filling will be done automati...

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Digital Pharmaceutical Packaging

Origin Pharma Packaging

Several of our packaging products can be supplied with micro data technology fitted. This can be programmed to gather, store or transmit data to you or to the consumer. From simple product information tags to intelligent data capture (IDC), we invite you to join in our race to apply digital technology in the ...

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To administer

Heinlein Plastik-Technik GmbH

Heinlein Plastik-Technik GmbH is a manufacturer and systems supplier of closures, containers, dosing systems and applicators. We supply primary packaging materials made of plastic, glass and elastomers to approximately 60 countries on five continents. Heinlein Plastik-Technik GmbH provides various possi...

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Ophthalmic Multidose Systems

Aero Pump GmbH

Aero Pump provides ophthalmic multidose systems. It is a patented system and has easy application due to reduced required operating force. Application: For different target groups, convenient application, low actuation force, suitable for existing glass and plastic containers, filling on standard pump process...

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Ophthalmic packaging

Berry Global, Inc

We provide an unmatched combination of product offerings & packages, design & innovation capabilities to leverage new technology & patient insights, & manufacturing expertise in pharmaceutical packaging

To make Berry a part of your Healthcare manufacturing process, please contact us...

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Foil Pouch Packaging

Neolpharma Group

Neolpharma Group offers a wide range of packaging services which includes foil pouch packaging. Contact us for more information.

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Solid Dosage Bottle Packaging

NeolSyM, S.A. DE C.V. / Grupo Neolpharma

NeolSyM, S.A. DE C.V. / Grupo Neolpharma offers a wide range of packaging services which includes solid dosage bottle packaging. Contact us for more information.

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Rubber Accelerator Tbbs

Shenyang Comeboard Technology Co Ltd

Shenyang Comeboard Technology Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes rubber accelerator tbbs. Contact us for more information.

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PE-Film liner, bags, tubes


Rhein-Plast GmbH offers pe-film liner, bags, tubes. Features: it ranges from simple bags and sacks to sophisticated primary packaging materials for pharmaceutical compounds. Contact us for more information.

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Spring-Driven Nasal Delivery Device

Consort Medical plc

Consort Medical plc offers a wide range of products which includes spring-driven nasal delivery device. Features: it is patented needle free seal technology. It is simple. It gives single unit dose delivery with no priming required. Contact us for more information.

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Blood and blood components systems

Renolit Medical

The storage of blood and blood components is known as one of the most critical applications, the developments are frequent and the requirements are increasing every day.

RENOLIT MEDICAL is known as the world wide market leader for the basic materials for the manufacturing of blood bag systems. The ...

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Plastic Tubes

JagoPRO sp zoo

JagoPRO sp zoo offers a wide range of products which includes plastic tubes. Features: it has capacities from 30 ml to 250 ml. Contact us for more information.

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Balloons /Vials Of Sprays

LLC "Pharmaceutical company «Zdorovye»"

LLC "Pharmaceutical company «Zdorovye»" offers a wide range of products which includes balloons /vials of sprays. Contact us for more information.

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Washers For Bottle Pack Caps


Lonstroff offers a wide range of products which includes washers for bottle pack caps. Contact us for more information.

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Spring-Driven Nasal Delivery Device

Bespak Europe Ltd.

Bespak Europe Ltd. offers a wide range of products which includes spring-driven nasal delivery device. Features: it is patented needle free seal technology. It is simple. It gives single unit dose delivery with no priming required. Contact us for more information.

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Darbox Complete Service - Flexible Packaging, Liners, Bags

Darbox Ltd

Darbox offers a complete service to assist companies who require flexible packaging such as liners and bags made to exact dimensions and requirements, including multi-layer laminated side-gusset or flat bags.brhrbrDarbox Complete Service - Supply of Flexible Packaging: In-Liners, Bags.
Liners are made of F...

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Fillchoice room

Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l.

Fillchoice® room is the first medical device that provides a compounding pharmacy incorporated in a bag and it has been shortlisted as “best innovation” for the Packaging Category of the CPhI Pharma Awards in 2014.
It is a new concept of compounding pharmacy: you can manipulate and reconstitute the drug ...

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Specialized in dry forms packaging


galien+  Sens unit has a great know-how and expertise in dry forms packaging. 

6 dedicated medium speed lines, in closed, humidity and temperature controlled rooms allow packaging different solid forms. 
Different kinds of tablets, hard and soft capsules are thus packaged...

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The pipette

Farmmash Ltd

The pipette is used for dosing liquids.

The pipette consists of three components:
1. Holed closure
2. Pipette
3. Tamper evident cap

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Ready pack® system

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc

The West Ready Pack® system is comprised of high-quality primary and secondary packaging components. The Ready Pack system consists of sterilized NovaPure® stoppers, Flip-Off® seals, vials and vial adapters.

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Twist’n’Brush tube - a perfect match

Neopac The Tube

Neopac and Geka Healthcare launched a combination of a Polyfoil® Twist’n’use tube and a microbristle applicator – the Twist’n’brush tube.

Our partner Geka Healthcare is a leading company for injection moulding. They have long-lasting experience in the production of cosmetic and pharma applicators....

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Tubular glass vials

Remy & Geiser GmbH

Remy & Geiser GmbH provides a range of 1 to 100 ml tubular vials with various necks such as, injection vials, crimp-top, stopper and thread vials for the pharmaceutical industry, chromatography, for chemistry and cosmetic needs. Color: amber and clear; hydrological glass types I , II and III.
Contact u...

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PLÜMAT Maschinenbau Vertriebs GmbH

Manufacturing. Filling. Sealing. All in one process.Form Fill Seal means that the production processes Manufacture-Fill-Seal are merged into one production line. Without further intermediate steps, the filled and sealed bags are produced in an automated process. This procedure permits easy process monitoring ...

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Metallized Folding Boxes

P.R. Packagings Ltd

Normally in offset printing, the ink drying is through absorption but while printing on metpet or plastics, none of the ink is absorbed. The key here is to dry the ink. For that we use UV curable inks and cure them with UV lamps. For the same, we have the best technology in the world from Heidelberg, Germany ...

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Lactulose Finished Dosage

Fresenius Kabi Austria GmbH

Lactulose liquid is supplied as finished product in various bottle sizes and sticks of 15 ml, filled and packed on-site. Our plant is cGMP- and ISO-certified.
With 40 years of expertise in Lactulose production, highest quality standards and a second Lactulose plant in Italy, we rank amo...

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Palladio Group SpA

A flexographic printing machine is available for the production of printed aluminium foils. Our state-of-the-art class 100,000 standard clean room offers multicolour capability.

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Commercial Pharmaceutical Packaging

PCI Pharma Services

With over four decades of commercial pharmaceutical packaging expertise and in excess of 50 successful product launches per year, PCI is a trusted leader and industry expert in the commercialization of new medicines.Our global capabilities include packaging for large-scale projects requiring sophisticated int...

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