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  • Product Coledan-D3 (Oral Drops)

    Cholecalciferol/Vitamin D3, 10.000, 15.000, 20.000, or 25.000 IU/ml.

    Available in 2; 2,5; 5; 10; 11,2 ml./Bottle.
  • Product Apfecto

    Nepafenac, 1 or 3 mg/ml. 

    Available in 1,7 or 5 ml/Bottle.
  • Product Cannula Cap

    Our products are manufactured in Class D Clean Rooms without human touch. They can be produced in custom colors. Our advanced production technology ensures great sealing performance. They contain no additives other than raw materials and dye. The protective lubricants used to clean molds, raw materials and...
  • Product Electronic Tablet / Capsule Counter, DMC-120

    24 channels with twin filling heads and it is suitable for counting large number at fast speed Up/down dive-in nozzles with adjustable stroke frequency ensure to escaping tablets and no block-age of large tablets. 
  • Product Measuring spoons

    • Wide range of shapes (semi-spherical, double-dose, ovral or cylindrical) • Various standard colors (cristal, white or ivory) • Compliance with international regulations, including but not limited to FDA and CE marking • From 0.05 to 55ml 
  • Product Child Resistant Bottle

    HDPE bottles for pharmaceutical for vitamin tablets, pills, capsules, nutritional supplement, sizes range between 45ml to 150ml. 
    A.Advantage of our caps of hdpe medicine bottle:

    1. Excelling Sealing 2.Child Proof Cap  3.HDPE bottle 4.High Standard Quality Inspection 5.Meet I...
  • Product spray oral bottle

    oral spray bottle
  • Product Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials

    • Wide Mouth HDPE Bottles ranging from 20cc to 2500cc, having 28mm to 100mm neck finish - best suited to pack pills, capsules and tablets. • White PE Round narrow neck bottles ranging from 15cc-125cc, with 18mm to 24mm neck-finish - for Nasal / Topical Application. • PP Screw Caps from 20mm to ...
  • Product HDPE Round Packer Bottles

    •  Highly repetitive manufacturing process delivering superior neck quality and consistency

    •  Improved CRC features and improved sealing performance

    •  Manufactured with US DMF approved raw materials

    •  Higher consistency and repeatabil...
  • Product Eslotin (Syrup)

    Desloratadine, 2.5 mg/5 ml.

    Available in 60, 100, or 120 ml./Bottle.
  • Product Bravex

    Ibuprofen, 100 mg./5 ml.

    Available in 100 ml./Bottle.
  • Product Beclomil (Nasal Spray)

    Beclometasone, 50 µG or 100 µG.

    Available in 200 Dose/Bottle.
  • Product Beclomil (Aerosol Inhaler)

    Beclomethasone, 50 µg, 100 µg, 200 µg, or 250 µg. 

    Available in 200 Dose/Bottle.
  • Product Bottle With Stopper Cap

    Our products are manufactured in Class D Clean Rooms without human touch. The injection molding process used in production makes bottles cleaner and eliminates the need for joints. Our bottles include a strong seal. They are lightweight and easy to use, carry or store. They can be produced in custom colors...
  • Product Table Top Counter, DMC-4

    4 channels with twin filling head and require manual bottle loading and uploading for filling. By the movement of damper cylinder it fills tablet from A site to B side turn by turn. 
  • Product Electronic Tablet / Capsule Counter, DMC-60T

    12 channels with twin filling heads and it is adjustable for counting small number. Advanced functions including tablet shutter time check, dark & light time control, self-compensating vibrator control and sequential shutter closing movement are provide for ease of operation. 
  • Product Eye Drop BOttle

    LDPE eye dropper bottles are primarily used as squeeze or dropper bottles because they can be squeezed without creasing and will return to their original shape. In addition to being flexible and tough, LDPE bottles offer excellent resistance to acids, bases, alcohols, esters, ketones, and vegetab...
  • Product Tooling Design and Development Service

    Our comprehensive service and delivery of quality, primary pharmaceutical packaging continues with our agility in tooling design.

    We are committed to a program of continuous refinement and investment in tool design and material research. Origin embrace all the core moulding processes in our ...
  • Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-fre...

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