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16 Jun 2020

Pharma packaging companies commit to supply for COVID-19 fight

Stevanato Group, SCHOTT, and Gerresheimer confirm their readiness to support future COVID-19 vaccine with pharmaceutical containers.

The CEOs of Gerresheimer, Stevanato Group, and SCHOTT have pledged to ensure the ample supply of pharmaceutical containers for any future COVID-19 vaccine and treatment, the pharmaceutical packaging firms said on Tuesday.

The companies have also stated that they will make every effort to support the pharma industry’s priorities for overall medication supply in addition to COVID-19 drugs.

Each of the three companies manufactures billions of type-1 borosilicate glass vials - the most proven and widely available material used to store and deliver vaccines around the world.

According to Dr Frank Heinricht, Chairman of SCHOTT’s Management Board, 50 billion borosilicate glass containers are already deployed each year for a wide variety of vaccines and treatments. That fact, coupled with the significant investments to expand capacity, makes SCHOTT "optimistic" that they can support pharma companies by providing high-quality containers.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Stevanato Group has implemented all safety measures to protect its employees and deployed all available assets to secure its supplies to pharma companies.

“To support the mass vaccination campaign and the ramp-up industrialization needs, we invested in increasing the manufacturing capacity of vials from borosilicate glass,” said Franco Stevanato, CEO of the Stevanato Group.

Gerresheimer said it is also investing more to deliver high-quality products with additional capacity. "We are fully prepared to support the global market demand for potential COVID-19 vaccines with our vials and syringes being produced in our large production facilities in the US, Mexico, Europe and Asia“, said Dietmar Siemssen, CEO Gerresheimer AG.

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