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  • Product Glass Vials and Ampules

    Glass Vials and Ampules made from USP Type I Glass.
  • Product SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    The continuing desire to reduce needlestick injuries led us to develop the SG EZ-fill Integrated Safety System. This groundbreaking, fully passive needle shield comes ready to fill and requires no additional assembly steps. SG ISS is both easy to use and intuitive to handle. Activating the automatic shie...
  • Product Injectable vials in molded glass - Clareo

    Clareo, the highest quality Type II premium injection vials Clareo, the highest quality Type II premium injection vials Clareo vials are made of Type II glass and offer a combination of homogeneous wall thickness with superior cosmetic qualities suitable for high value products. Available from 1...
  • Product Liquid Pharmaceuticals

    Lomapharm GmbH provides wide range of services which includes liquid pharmaceuticals. It produces solutions and sophisticated suspensions in batches with 2.9 t – optionally under nitrogen depending on the specific product. Modern filling lines ensure perfect filling. The final packaging and labeling take ...

    • Material Of Construction :- USP Type 1 glass tubing of SCHOTT AG. • Types Of Ampoules Manufactured :- Snap Break / Scoring / One Point Cut Ampoules / Printed Ampoules . • Sizes :- 1-30Ml  • Color :- Flint & Dark Amber . • Manufacturing Site :- Baddi , Himachal Pradesh ...
  • Product Quartz Screw Neck Vial for Autosampler

    Quartz Screw Neck Vial for Autosampler
  • Product Prefillable Glass Syringes

    Nipro offers three distinct Quality Levels to meet specific drug product requirements:
    • eNable (small molecule)
    Optimized processability for reduced TCO | Standard data package for fast acceptance of goods | Designed for reliable and safer manual administration
    • eNhance (la...
  • Product Glass tubing vials


    manufacturing of glass vials type 1 A - type 1 B.

    from 2 to 100 ml.

    Internal and external chemical and mechanical treatments (Siliconization, Ammonium Sulphate).

    Silk screen printi...
  • Product Primary Packaging Glass

    Our moulded glass product lines cover all the pharmaceutically relevant glass categories using borosilicate glass of type I and soda-silica glass of types II and III. In addition to our products made of amber and clear glass, we also produce coloured pharma glass and opaque opal glass. Our product ran...
  • Product Vials

    Our vials range is very wide and can be used in various application areas. The production is running with proven moulding systems and well-engineered equipment. The flexible machinery as well as the use of most different synergies of Lutz Holding, eg. in moulding engineering, guarantee quick reactions and hig...
  • Product Ampoules

    Kapoor Glass provides wide range of pharmaceutical products which includes Ampoules. All Ampoules are produced with "Hot End" and "Cold End" Camera Vision systems for inspection and dimension control to produce tolerances tighter than ISO standards as well as Print/Serigraphy Inspection. Ampoules are packed i...
  • Product Filling And Packaging

    The filling of non-sterile liquid and semi-solid products is realised with efficient and flexible lines, for a wide range of packaging systems and filling volumes. A variety of filling formats caps and closures as well as dosing aids can be handled. For customized packaging we have our own packaging depar...
  • Product Flip off seals


    We supply a comprehensive range of sizes and types of Flip off caps and seals to suit the customer’s requirements.

    These flip off caps come pre-assembled, ready to crimp on serum vials.

    The plastic flip top vial caps are easily “flippe...

  • Product Extractables and Leachables Testing Services

    Testing for extractables and leachables: Our scientists perform extractables and leachables testing based on regionally specific guidelines (EU, US, China), nationally and internationally recognized standards (USP, ISO), GMP, PQRI recommendations, USP requirements (chapters <665>, <1663>, <1...
  • Product Preservative-Free Eye Dropper

    We provide an unmatched combination of product offerings & packages, design & innovation capabilities to leverage new technology & patient insights, & manufacturing expertise in pharmaceutical packaging

    To make Berry a part of your Healthcare manufacturing process, please contact us...
  • Product Glass Ampoules

    Glass Ampoules: We manufacture a wide variety of glass ampoules such as : Form B ampoules, Form C ampoules, Form D ampoules, Double point ampoules, Cryo Ampoules, Conventional ampoules, Color break ampoules  and OPC ampoules. These ampoules can be manufactured in th...
  • Product SG Nexa 3x Cartridges

    Stevanato Group has launched SG Nexa 3x Cartridges, a full range of products that offer up to 3 times the mechanical resistance when compared to a standard glass container. Thanks to an external anti-friction and anti-scratches silicone coating, SG Nexa 3x better withstands the stresses of fill/fini...
  • Product SG EZ-fill ITC - Integrated Tip Cap

    The Integrated Tip Cap has been developed to be the ideal match for SG EZ-fill® luer lock cone syringes with its twist-off closure system. The Integrated Tip Cap comprises of a rubber component inserted in a rigid plastic cap, screwed onto a luer lock adaptor and then pre-assembled on the SG EZ-fill...
  • Product SG EZ-fill Platform

    Many Pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to lower their footprint and reduce total costs by relying on experienced external partners for non-core activities. When it comes to containment solutions for biopharmaceutical products, no solution matches SG EZ-fill®, whose proven advantag...

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