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Cambrex to expand generic API R&D capabilities at Milan, Italy site

Company to increase the number of generic APIs in the company's development pipeline.

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Process innovation needs to be undertaken in early R&D phase

Much needed more efficient manufacturing processes for ADCs aren't being completed by pharma.

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Amneal to close it Hayward, California-based facilities and operations

Company to streamline operations and capture cost synergies.

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Latest news

Solvent removal for kilo-scale preparative chromatography

Solvent removal for kilo-scale preparative chromatography 

21 Jun 2018
CellGenix completes first step of facility expansion

CellGenix completes first step of facility expansion 

21 Jun 2018
Patch-in-a-Can technology to delivery pain management product

Patch-in-a-Can technology to delivery pain management product 

21 Jun 2018

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Latest products

XJT pharmaceutical mist packaging

Xinjitai Pte. Ltd

ISO 15378, FDA standard.  No POM nor Rubber used. Leakage proof.  Nasal sprayer, throat / oral sprayer, fine mist sprayer (topical sprayer), spray bottles.  Metered dosage from 0.05ml to 0.14ml.  Screw on, Snap on, and Crimp on available.

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Ecobliss Pharmaceutical Wallets

Ecobliss Holding BV

In the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, blister wallets are commonly used for clinical trials, drugs promotion and commercial packaging. Blister wallets are used in combination with blisters that contain tablets or any other pharmaceutical product. The advantage of using wallets in combination wit...

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Cartridge cap

Hebei Jinhuan Packaging Co., Ltd

Size: 7mm to 12mm customizable

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Trigger Sprayer Sl-01series

Ningbo Sender Sprayer Technology Co.,Ltd

Ningbo Sender Sprayer Technology Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes trigger sprayer sl-01series. Contact us for more information.

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Ongrovil® S-5258

BorsodChem MCHZ sro

BorsodChem MCHZ, s.r.o. Offers a wide range of products which includes ongrovil® s-5258. Features: it is used in medical devices. Appearance: white powder. Contact us for more information.

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PET Bottles RP 28, RP 18 and RP 20 vials with their closures and Droppers


We have a variety of PET bottles with different mouth measures and different sizes

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Peal seal over pouch

Renolit Medical

RENOLIT MEDICAL manufactures high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications which includes peal seal over pouch. Features: convenience using by peelable opening, no fibre and particle contamination when opening, autoclave: up to 121 ºc, 30min (steam or hot water).

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Color Label Printer


These industry leading printers provide fast, high quality labels made easy and affordable for a myriad of versatile applications shipping case marks, address stickers,  barcode, cosmetic, health care product labels, prescription medicine package, gourmet foods and bottle labels and MORE! Choose dye base...

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Screw Cap 1.1a Throat Diameter Ø 20 Mm

Farmmash Ltd

Farmmash Ltd offers a wide range of products which includes screw cap 1.1a throat diameter ø 20 mm. Feature: it is a cork-screwed and has a sealing ring. Contact us for more information.

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RHD (Ressorts Huon Dubois)

French leader with qualified team of skilled expert ISO 9001 & ISO 13485, RHD is your reliable partner regarding safe, functional Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices with precision springs such as compression, torsion, stamping parts, flat springs and wave springs.  We support and assist you from the ...

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Darbox 114L QuadPack UN/4H2

Darbox Ltd.

Based on the proven SquarePack line of UN containers, the 114L QuadPack is designed to maximize efficiency and optimize logistics and warehouse space. Convenient press-on lid with integral tamper evidence (TE). Eco-friendly, 100% plastic materials. Strong, stable, secure stacking. Integral handgrips for easy ...

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Extruded Profiles - (Silicone/Viton®/EPDM)

Ami Polymer Pvt Ltd

APPL offers a wide range of silicone extruded door gaskets in more than 1000 different shapes and designs. (In round and square types). APPL’s extruded door gaskets (Autoclavable) are made from Food-Pharma grade pure silicone rubber which can easily withstands a temperature range of -80°C to +25...

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Wasdell Technical

Wasdell Group

Our dedicated Technical team design and manufacture commercial tooling for packaging equipment including blister packing, feeding systems and secondary packing applications.  We work with customers to take new products and packaging formats from concept to commercial application and can provide proto...

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For more than 40 years Honeywell Aclar barrier films have been the trusted choice for secure pharmaceutical packaging. Our films can help pharmaceutical companies to lower cost, improve operational flexibility and increase overall profitability.  Aclar films protect drugs across all climates – even Z...

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Molded Components

CSP Technologies

CSP Technologies offers a wide range of products which includes molded components. Features: it is used in a variety of applications from inhalers and transdermal drug delivery devices to point-of-care diagnostic devices, powder dispensers, industrial sensors, and various electronics. Contact us for more info...

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West Pharmaceutical Services Inc

West stoppers protect drugs from environmental impact and help maintain quality and safety. 

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Extractables and leachables

Intertek Pharmaceutical Services

Intertek offers wide range of pharmaceutical services which includes extractables and leachables. It belongs to pharmaceutical analysis services category. It is applied to a wide variety of compounds and materials, including both organic and inorganic elements. It inculdes, extractables & leachables for p...

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Rigid boxes

P.R. Packagings Ltd

The rigid box, also known as the "set-up" box, is an outer packaging container that undergoes production and delivery in the three-dimensional form. The beauty of this box lies in its sturdiness, it does not collapse like a folding carton, and the board used is four times thicker than mono cartons; it is most...

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Printing Plates for flexo blister printing

Carl Ostermann Erben GmbH

- In-depth experience with pharmaceuticals industry
- Outstanding data security
- Data workflows tailored to your demands
- Perfect die-cutting quality for immeadiate use in printing stations
- Three redundant production lines at two sites
- Express overnight delivery
- ISO 9001 certificatio...

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Stericlin - Sterilization Reel

June Enterprises Pvt Ltd

Stericlin is one of the leading European packaging manufacturers. 

Stericlin Sterilizable Reel & Pouch - 70gsm heavy duty paper  compare  to 60gsm  used by all other  manufacturer  better strength and protection. It is suitable for Stem, EtO & LTFS

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VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)

Palladio Group SpA

Thanks to an advanced B2B system and a secure EDIplatform, we manage the customer’s planning and restore its stock level.

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HDPE Containers and Child Resistant Closures

Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd

HDPE Containers  and Child resistant closures for OSDs

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Livcer SAS

Livcer is specialised in flexo-printing of aluminium foils, laminated papers and polyester films for primary packaging for pharmaceutical industry purpose. Livcer is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP and Green Label. Inks used are water-inks.Quality, short delivery times as well as tailored service are Livce...

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Dab-o-Matic applicator systems

Zelinka GmbH

Different fluids have to work directly at a point. The specially developed Dab-o-matic applicators have been used for this purpose all over the world for decades. Their special spring and the sponge-tipped dabber guarantee that fluids are applied in a controlled manner exactly where they are needed.


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PP and Childproof caps

Capsulit S.P.A.

Capsulit S.P.A offers wide range of products which includes pp & childproof caps. Features: caps for pilfer proof mouths both in aluminium and in plastic, the aluminium range (UT) can be printed in a variety of colours. Contact us for more information.

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Atlantic Zeiser GmbH

Track & Trace: Serialize with an optimized workflow Serializing, control weighing, and tamper-evident labeling – the new track & trace system MEDILINE T&T from Atlantic Zeiser optimizes the workflow in extremely small shopfloors and ensures process reliability. This allows optimal use of cos...

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3-part droppers, with squeezable bottles produced in LDPE polimer using injection blow moulding for a superior visual quality and dimensional accuracy.
Currently we have 3 capacities available: 5ml, 10ml, and 15ml.
Produced and sealed in our ISO Class 7 cleanroom compliant to ISO 14644 standards...

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Seamless anodised aluminium Primary Packaging for sterile APIs

Metalco-Alupack Italy

Aluminium canisters produced by Metalco-Alupack ensure perfect chemical stability, complete protection and efficient tightness. They are easy to sterilise and depyrogenise. Our complete range of aluminium canisters with various closing systems holds a DMF type III at the USFDA. We also provide samplling bottl...

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Cleanroom packaging materials - plastic bags / film / tubes - Reinraumverpackungen aus Kunststoff - Beutel, Säcke, Folien, Schlauch

Strubl GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffverpackung

Primary / Secondary packaging materials for Pharmaceuticals / API / Medical Devices / Implants / Components

Primär / Sekundärverpackung für Pharmazie / Medizintechnik / Implantate / Komponenten

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Omag Packaging Machine mod.CS

Omag srl

Intermittent motion packaging machine to pack products into tubolar stick-pack.

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