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  • Product Nexa Flex™: Pre-sterilized Polymer Syringe

    Extremely versatile, outstanding cosmetic quality, high degree of break resistance and glass-like transparency, Nexa FlexTM is the perfect answer when looking for polymer syringes.

    Available as 1mL long*, Nexa FlexTM is delivered in EZ-fill®...
  • Product Solutions Aptar CSP Technologies

    Aptar CSP Technologies is a leading expert in active material science solutions, specializing in delivering cutting-edge active packaging solutions designed to safeguard delicate products.

  • Product DURACON POM PM Series

    Polyplastics has commercialized DURACON® POM (Polyoxymethylene / Acetal) PM Series for medical applications.In the medical device marketplace, manufacturers and end users demand high quality materials from reliable suppliers. As the world’s leading manufacturer of POM, Polyplastics now adds DURACON®&n...
  • Product HC grades supplied by Ultrapolymers

    We supply a number of polymers of well known brandowners like LyondlelBasell, IneosStyrolution or Marfran for the Healthcare and Pharma industry
  • Product Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers

    Versaflex™ HC Thermoplastic Elastomers are a range of of TPE and TPU formulations that can be used in various applications such as medical and biopharma tubing, gaskets and stoppers, bags, bottles and films. They can deliver high clarity, bond to a variety of substrates and can be customized for color,...
  • Product Advanced Medical Grade Polymers for Medical Devices

    Medical devices have unlimited potential to improve patients’ lives, but there are also immense complexities involved in bringing precision products to the highly regulated healthcare market.
    Our advanced portfolio of medical-grade polymers provides the high-quality foundation for a range of optimized...
  • Product Cawiton® MT series (TPE from 10 to 90 shore A)

    The Cawiton® MT series was developed with a focus on biocompatibility. When used in medical devices, undesired reactions such as inflammation, irritation, coagulation and calcification are minimised. The Cawiton® MT series has been tested according to ISO 10993 with regard to cytotoxicity, irritation and s...
  • Product S.O.E.™ Thermoplastic Elastomer - SEBS

    S.O.E.™ is a hydrogenated styrene butadiene block copolymer (SEBS) with special polymer structure. It is characterized by excellent damping property, low resilience, anti abrasion property, anti scratch resistance. It is also characterized by good compatibility to polar resins.
  • Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-fre...
  • Product Zeonex® 5000

    Low Tg grade with high ductility. EOG, Gamma, EB, peroxide sterilisation.
  • Product Repsol Healthcare® PP for pipette tips & labware

    Repsol offers a range of Polypropylene grades for pipette tips and other labware equipment. This range of products includes specially formulated grades suitable for gamma, E beam, and X-ray radiation. These Repsol Healthcare® grades provide high transparency, outstanding processability, and excellent flow ...
  • Product TOPAS® COC Elastomer (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer)

    TOPAS COC Elastomer is a variant of COC that offer a unique set of properties because it’s a pure polymer
    • Ultra low level of extractables • Good mechanical properties (as a static gasket) • Excellent static leakage performance • Good moisture ingress barrier
  • Product TOPAS® COC Grades (Cyclic Olefin Copolymer)

    Cyclic olefin copolymers are a class of polymeric materials with property profiles which can be varied over a wide range during polymerization. 

    Performance benefits are:
    • Low density  • High transparency  • Low birefringence  • Extremely low water absorption  • E...
  • Product Mevopur™ Healthcare Functional Additives

    Mevopur™ Healthcare Functional Additives help protect or enhance the performance of polymers used in medical devices, diagnostic equipment, and pharmaceutical packaging. They are available as additive concentrates (a.k.a. masterbatches) for dilution into a polymer or as ready-to-use formulations. Mevo...
  • Product Mevopur™ Healthcare Colorants and Formulations

    Mevopur™ Healthcare Colorants and Formulations help manufacturers of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic devices, and pharmaceutical packaging meet the growing challenges of product consistency, compliance, and reliability. The colorants are provided in the form of concentrates (a.k.a. masterbatc...
  • Product Remafin™ EP White Colorants for Pharmaceutical Packaging

    The Remafin™ EP White Colorants portfolio is focused on polyolefin standard whites in compatible resins used for pharmaceutical packaging. This range of white concentrates (a.k.a. masterbatches) is targeted for use in the production of pharma containers for parenteral, ocular, and nasal drugs. They are...
  • Product Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics

    Some healthcare applications, such as housings of medical equipment, need to undergo regular disinfection, which can cause cracking. Trilliant™ HC Healthcare Thermoplastics show excellent chemical resistance to common disinfectants and help thereby extend the service life of medical and in vitro d...
  • Product PVDC Latex for coating on PVC for PTP application

    By packaging with PVDC-coated PVC, capsules and tablets of pharmaceutical products can be protected by gases and water vapors. PVDC plays an important role to preserve the efficacy of drugs.
  • Product Cawiton SM and SF series of sustainable TPE compounds

    Wittenburgs standard range of sustainable TPE grades are the Cawiton® SM, SF and ST series which are offered in different hardness’s ranging from 40 to 80 Shore A. These new Cawiton series of biobased TPE compounds contribute to the replacement of virgin fossil resources by recycled circular and/or bi...

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