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Push the boundaries of what’s possible with the VitalDose® system for sustained drug delivery. This enabling technology platform provides long-acting controlled release of therapeutics through implant and insert dosage forms. VitalDose® drug delivery technology can deliver small molecules, biologics, and RNA for applications in Ophthalmology, Oncology, Women's Health, Rare Diseases and the Central Nervous System. Work with the Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab for services and support tailored to your application and desired release profile.

Delivering cutting-edge advances in medical devices is challenging. We know because we’ve been helping medical device companies succeed for decades, with high-performance polymers and thermoplastics that can help turn your design vision into reality. Throughout your project, Celanese scientists and engineers are here to provide services and support aligned to your program goals, including sustainability targets. Proceed with confidence knowing that Celanese is committed to the highest levels of quality assurance, supply security and manufacturing controls.

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Products from Celanese Services Germany GmbH (15)

  • Sustained Release Drug Delivery

    Product Sustained Release Drug Delivery

    The release of active ingredients from VitalDose® Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA) is controlled by the process of diffusion. A wide range of molecules, both large and small, are capable of diffusing through EVA and releasing over relevant timescales.

    Device design allows additional pos...


    VitalDose® EVA copolymer is a technology platform for reliable sustained release performance in indications requiring long-acting drug delivery. Common applications of this ethylene vinyl acetate pharmaceutical grade copolymer include subcutaneous and ophthalmic implants and intravaginal inserts. Ther...
  • Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab Services

    Product Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab Services

    When you work with Celanese you have access to the right mix of services, support, and proven materials to accelerate your drug delivery program through technical feasibility. The Celanese Development & Feasibility Lab offers formulation development, drug release testing, form factor development, mater...
  • Sustainable Materials for Medical Devices

    Product Sustainable Materials for Medical Devices

    Hostaform® MT® POM ECO-B, Celanex® MT® PBT ECO-B, and Hytrel® TPC ECO-B are sustainable drop-in solutions for the reduction of CO2 footprint of your medical device. Chemically identical to their respective conventional materials, they incorporate bio-based feedstock to lower the CO2 footprint via a mass-b...
  • Celanex® MT® PBT reinforced grades product introduction

    Product Celanex® MT® PBT reinforced grades product introduction

    Celanex® MT® PBT reinforced grades for high strength and stiffness can solve multiple medical device design challenges with just one solution. 

    Introducing Celanex® MT® PBT 2406MT GF20, a tribologically modified PBT+PET grade reinforced with 20% glass fiber. Ideal for both single-us...
  • Santoprene® thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV)

    Product Santoprene® thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV)

    Santoprene® TPV is new to the Celanese portfolio, offering reliable TPV component solutions for medical and drug delivery devices and packaging.  Whether it is peace-of-mind ranging from supply security to regulatory requirements; durability that elevates a patient’s experience; or resistance to harsh...
  • OmniTech® HCT® ABS with Color Services

    Product OmniTech® HCT® ABS with Color Services

    Introducing OmniTech® HCT® ABS, an addition to the Celanese lineup that offers an outstanding opportunity for medical device manufacturers to reduce risk in molded colored parts. Produced at our facility in Evansville, Indiana (USA), our fully color compounded OmniTech® HCT® ABS offers:• Custom-made colors...
  • SOLUTIONS for Connected Health Devices

    Product SOLUTIONS for Connected Health Devices

    Connected drug delivery devices provide visibility and convenience to patients and healthcare providers, ultimately helping to produce more consistent dosing and better patient outcomes.   
    The Celanese portfolio of medical-grade material solutions provides options for connected device...


    Celanese EVA Performance Polymers provides wide range of products which includes ateva® g medical grade. It is use in medical plastic applications such as tubing, devices, medical bags, and packaging. Contact us for more information.
  • Fortron® MT® PPS

    Product Fortron® MT® PPS

    Celanese provides wide range of products which includesfortron® pps. It belongs to medical filtration category. Properties: service temperatures up to 240°c; very good resistance to chemicals and solvents; suitable for lead-free soldering; excellent creep resistance even at elevated temperatures; inherent ...

    Product GUR® UHMW-PE

    Few materials can meet the high standards for biocompatibility and flexibility of part design required for orthopedic implants. Celanese works with major orthopedic implant and stock shape manufacturers to ensure optimized material properties and performance of GUR® UHMW-PE premium grades.
    GUR® UH...
  • Hostaform® MT® POM

    Product Hostaform® MT® POM

    Celanese provides wide range of products which includes hostaform® mt® pom. It belongs to medical filtration category. Properties: very tough (to -40°c); very hard and rigid; easy colorization; good heat distortion temperature (to 100°c); very good slip/wear properties; excellent chemical resistance to fue...

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