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Aluminium laminated pouch

VP Medical Packaging

Aluminium laminated pouch

Features • Reliable aluminium composite foils for manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products • Secure packaging with an integrated...


Palladio Group SpA

Printed Aluminium Foils

Through flexo printing lines we produce printed aluminium foils for blister packs. This process takes place in a cleanroom, as required for the pri...


Acino International AG

Primary packaging

PVC // AluPVC/PVDC // AuPVC/PE/PVDC // AluAlu // Alucontrolled substances packagingpackaging of potent OSDsbottles (glass, plastic, aluminium) with...


Carcano Antonio S.p.A

Aluminium foil

A truly efficient and effective material which guarantees the safetyand durability of the product thanks to its specific barrier propertiesalways c...


Plus Creations Pvt. Ltd.

Metalized Cartons,U.V,Embossed Cartons,Corrugated Cartons,Folding Box,Lamitubes,Plastic tubes,Inserts,Visual Aids,Adhesive Tapes,Pharma Foil,Aluminium Foil,Roll to Roll Stickers,Labels,Alu Alu,Promotionals,P.V.C,Shrink,Holograms,Braille Cartons,Child Res.

Plus Creations is a Packaging Industry which is serving the Pharma, Food, FMCG, Automobiles & Cosmetics Industries since 1992, manufacturing ...


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