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Sarong is established in 1972 with the aim to introduce the first fully automatic line for the production of suppositories in plastic containers. Over the years Sarong has been extending the range of its packaging suppository lines for different outputs in plastic and aluminium foils such as the range of packaging materials, produced in a brand new plant, obtaining ISO 9001 certification through the TUV. Since 2000, we have started also to supply machines to the cosmetic, chemical and food applications. The pharmaceutical applications still represent the major part of our business.

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    Product STICK PACK

    Stick pack is ideal for consumers who are always on the go: it is easy to carry and it can be consumed anywhere.
    This elongated, easy-opening and accurately dosed package, is extremely versatile and features 100% protection against moisture, oxygen and light.
    The stick pack can be filled with liquid,...

    Product SD15 PHARMA

    Sarong S.p.A. offers a wide range of machines which includes Sd15 pharma. Features: it is automatic vertical thermoform, fill and seal machine to produce unit-doses in plastic thermoformable materials for liquid and semi-liquid products. Packaging materials: Plastic film: pet/pe, pet/evoh/pe, ps/pe, ps/ev...
  • PVC/PE

    Product PVC/PE

    Sarong S.p.A. offers a wide range of films which includes pvc/pe. Features: it is laminated with ldpe (low density polyethylene) or lldpe ( linear low density polyethylene). Suppositories: thickness 130µm÷160µm. Packaging of suppository by thermoforming/filling/hot sealing machines, the pe layer is peelable (...
  • SAAS 2 AP

    Product SAAS 2 AP

    Sarong S.p.A. offers a wide range of machines which includes Saas 2 AP. Features: it is automatic machine for the production of suppositories in cavities made of aluminium or thermoforming plastic. Packaging materials: aluminium:- duplex aluminium foil (alu/pe); triplex aluminium foil (pp/alu/pe). Plastic...
  • ALU/PE

    Product ALU/PE

    Sarong S.p.A. offers a wide range of films which includes alu/pe. Features: it is made by tempered aluminium foil laminated with ldpe (low density polyethylene). Suppositories: thickness 70µm÷85µm. Packaging of suppository by cold-forming/filling/hot sealing machines, the pe layer can be peelable (peel-off op...

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  • Brochure Company profile

    SARONG Spa is the market leader in UNIT DOSE solutions.

    Sarong’s mission is to serve the UNIT DOSE market delivering high value propositions to preserve quality and increase shelf life in a sustainable way through its own unique business model based on 3 activities: production and sale of thermoforming machines for suppository/ovule and liquid single serve packaging, converting and sale of suitable packaging materials, contract-packing services.
    Sarong has been growing thanks to its reputation of best-in-class provider of tailor-made solutions.