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Founded in 1949, Stevanato Group is a leading global provider of drug containment, drug delivery, and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries. The Group delivers an integrated, end-to-end portfolio of products, processes and services that address customer needs across the entire drug life cycle at each of the development, clinical and commercial stages. Stevanato Group’s core capabilities in scientific research and development, its commitment to technical innovation and its engineering excellence are central to its ability to offer value-added solutions to clients.

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Products from Stevanato Group S.p.A. (15)

  • Vertiva™ on-body delivery system platform

    Product Vertiva™ on-body delivery system platform

    Vertiva™ is an on-body delivery system platform composed of a single-use pod with pre-filled and pre-loaded cartridge and a multi-use, smart controller. The device is able to deliver micro-precision basal doses and full-content bolus injections, resulting in a highly flexible,...
  • Alba®: a breakthrough solution for biologics

    Product Alba®: a breakthrough solution for biologics

    Alba® represents a best-in-class solution to address the development of sensitive biologics, such as highly concentrated drugs prone to silicone aggression and ophthalmic drugs. Medicines are particularly sensitive to all the components of the primary packaging they are in contact with,...
  • EZ-fill® Platform

    Product EZ-fill® Platform

    Many Pharmaceutical companies are looking for ways to lower their footprint and reduce total costs by relying on experienced external partners for non-core activities. When it comes to containment solutions for biopharmaceutical products, no solution matches SG EZ-fill®, whose proven advan...
  • Aidaptus® auto-injector

    Product Aidaptus® auto-injector

    Owen Mumford's device expertise is joining forces with Stevanato Group's unique engineering and manufacturing experience. The collaboration brings the full value of the Aidaptus® auto-injector platform to the market, helping patients self-administer their therapy using a simple and easy-to-use device. ...
  • MAVIS Platform

    Product MAVIS Platform

    MAVIS Platform is our latest innovative suite for best-in-class inspection results.Developed to match every drug perfectly, MAVIS Platform guarantees easy and accessible operations for maintenance and control. It combines advanced inspection performances with a small footprint.

    Platform Highligh...
  • Nexa Flex™: Pre-sterilized Polymer Syringe

    Product Nexa Flex™: Pre-sterilized Polymer Syringe

    Extremely versatile, outstanding cosmetic quality, high degree of break resistance and glass-like transparency, Nexa FlexTM is the perfect answer when looking for polymer syringes.

    Available as 1mL long*, Nexa FlexTM is delivered in EZ-fill®...
  • Pen Injector Assembly Line

    Product Pen Injector Assembly Line

    Thanks to the modularity, we can provide tailor-made solutions designed to deliver high-quality standards even when scaling-up.Our Pen Injector Assembly Line is an example of a flexible mid-high speed pen injector line assembling different formats and integrating extensive in-process controls.
  • Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

    Product Vision Robot Unit (VRU)

    We present a modular, robotic, proof-of-concept system for inspecting parenterals. By employing artificial intelligence principles and applying the technology to the inspection task, we engineered the Vision Robot Unit (VRU).
    The VRU is a reliable, autonomous island machine, capable o...
  • Analytical  and Testing Services

    Product Analytical and Testing Services

    With our Technology Excellence Centers (TEC) we can offer analytical and device testing services to support you all the way, from early-stage to launched combination product.

    2 locations, 1 goal: assisting customers to anticipate challenges and help you navigate the regulatory landscape.
  • EZ-fill Smart™

    Product EZ-fill Smart™

    Leveraging our market-leading EZ-fill® technology, we developed EZ-fill Smart™: an enhanced version of our pre-sterilized platform aiming to make RTU vials a standard, ultimately increasing patient safety. With EZ-fill Smart™ we provide you with a highly standardized platform, featuring increased qual...
  • Alina® - Pen Injector

    Product Alina® - Pen Injector

    Alina® is a variable-dose pen injector developed by Stevanato Group based on Axis-D intellectual property and technology exclusively licensed from pen injector device expert Haselmeier, for the treatment of diabetes, obesity, and other therapeutic areas.
    Alina® features an appealing and functiona...
  • SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    Product SG EZ-fill ISS - Integrated Safety System

    The continuing desire to reduce needlestick injuries led us to develop the SG EZ-fill Integrated Safety System. This groundbreaking, fully passive needle shield comes ready to fill and requires no additional assembly steps. SG ISS is both easy to use and intuitive to handle. Activating the automatic shield...

Stevanato Group S.p.A. Resources (24)

  • News Pharmapack 2024 - From the Floor

    Paris once again welcomes Europe’s leading trade show in pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery innovation. Join our content team as Pharmapack 2024 opens its doors to leading experts and innovators in pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery. 
  • Whitepaper Meeting Quality Demands Through Integrated Products and Services

    Lars Keinicke Hansen, Chiara Mussoi, and Odra Pinato, all of Stevanato Group, describe how the streamlining of processes and harmonisation of products and services can better serve pharmaceutical companies. A case study highlights how a unique combination of expertise in automation and glass primary packaging benefited pharma giant Merck Serono in a recent project.
  • News Pharmapack 2024 – Stevanato Group talks sustainable solutions

    This January Pharmapack Europe is once again bringing the epicentre of all things pharmaceutical packaging to Paris, France. This year, to enhance our sustainability offering at the event, we are partnering with Stevanato Group. In the following interview Stevanato Group explains why sustainability is so important to them. 
  • Video Modular and flexible Assembly Equipment

    Assembly Equipment combining transport platforms and process modules: an offer of manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly lines customized to your device program.
  • News Exclusive Collaboration Agreement for the Innovative Aidaptus® Auto-Injector

    The Aidaptus® disposable auto-injector platform, designed by Owen Mumford, will be jointly offered to global biopharma companies to support their drug development programs with engineering and manufacturing support provided by Stevanato Group.
  • Video Pen Injector Assembly Line

    A flexible mid-high speed pen injector line assembling different formats and integrating extensive in-process controls.
  • News Stevanato Group and Gerresheimer AG present EZ-fill Smart, a new and innovative Ready-To-Use Vial Platform

    Leveraging the established EZ-fill® market leading technology, process, and product optimisation to improve quality, reduce total cost of ownership, and shorten lead times.
  • Brochure SG Alina : A user-friendly disposable pen injector platform for diabetes care

    SG Alina is a variable-dose and fixed-dose and pen injector offered by Stevanato Group in collaboration with Cambridge Design Partnership.
    It is based on Axis-D intellectual property and technology exclusively licensed from pen injector device expert Haselmeier, for the treatment of diabetes.
  • News Stevanato Group presents Vertiva™, a versatile on-body delivery system platform for a wide range of injectable therapies and for large delivery volumes (up to 10mL)

    The Company offers the platform as a readily customizable pre-filled and pre-loaded on-body solution for drug delivery. Device development is making significant progress, with samples expected to be available in 2023.
  • Brochure Innovative Needle Geometry Accommodating Viscous Biologics

    In this article, Stevanato Group discusses the challenges faced in administering highly viscous biologics to patients via subcutaneous injection and how its special thin-wall needles can tackle them.
  • News Growth opportunities abound for auto-injectors amid patient-centric healthcare transition, experts tell CPHI webinar

    Tremendous growth opportunities exist for auto-injectors as their value is increasingly being recognised across several therapy areas, experts have told a recent CPHI webinar, sponsored by Stevanato Group.
  • Whitepaper mRNA therapies on the rise

    Learn more from this White Paper providing insights on tests and solutions performed to overcome mRNA challenges.
  • News WEBINAR: Early stage considerations for the manufacture and delivery of vaccines: Watch Now!

    Watch this recent webinar exploring the challenges of distributing COVID-19 vaccines to a global population and the role the packaging sector is playing to ensure safe and speedy distribution of shots
  • Brochure A forensic approach for combination devices

    Discover how Stevanato Group helps pharma companies identify relevant testing to de-risk the product development lifecycle and quickly uncover the root causes of product failures.
  • News Streamlining biologics and biosimilars drug development process through a single source

    The increasing number of complex and sensitive biologics and the administration shift from hospitals to patients' homes are two of today’s main biopharmaceutical industry challenges. Complex drugs and self-administration require an appropriate primary packaging selection from the beginning of the bio drug development process. In this article, you will learn how Stevanato Group can support biopharma companies in the container closure system choice leveraging its 70-year expertise in glass primary packaging, up to the integration into drug delivery systems, backed up by solid characterization analysis.

    Stevanato Group

  • Brochure Vertiva™️, Next-generation On-Body Delivery System

    In this article, Stevanato Group, introduces Vertiva™️, the company’s next-generation on-body delivery system platform, and discusses how it meets the needs of pharma companies looking to deliver large-volume doses in a patient-centric manner.
  • News Stevanato Group and Bexson Biomedical announce collaboration to develop a customized wearable ketamine delivery device

    Patients suffering from chronic and acute pain disorders will benefit from a convenient, discreet, and easy-to-use device delivering a novel alternative to opioid-based pain management.
  • Video Early stage considerations for the manufacture and delivery of vaccines webinar

    The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a spotlight on the readiness and requirements of pharma packaging companies to support the distribution and delivery of a potential vaccine and selecting the most suitable primary packaging options for drug products is one of the most crucial considerations in the drug development process, according to industry experts speaking in this CPHI China Virtual Expo Connect Webinar, sponsored by Stevanato Group. Daniel Martinez, Product Manager, Stevanato Group pointed out that speed to market is a primary consideration for vaccine developers, particularly in the current pandemic environment, and keeping the same type of container is essential to reaching this target. “The advantage of using a vial is that it is a pretty versatile container – it’s good for liquids, it’s good for lyophilized products, powders and cryogenic,” he told the audience, noting that some of the COVID-19 vaccines being developed need to be stored at -70 degrees. Watch the webinar to hear more from Daniel and experts from NRL Enterprise Solutions & IQVIA.
  • News Stevanato Group to open US Technology Excellence Center in Boston

    Due to begin operations in late September, the US TEC will bring value-added laboratory services to the heart of the biotech community.
  • Video Crystal Clear - The Rise of Pharmaceutical Glass Packaging Solutions

    This webinar originally aired as part of CPHI Discover - 17-28 May 2021 Glass primary packaging solutions offer safety, stability, recyclability and protect drug integrity. The glass packaging market is predicted to grow exponentially in the next few years, driven in part by the huge demand for glass vials for COVID-19 vaccines. What are the emerging trends in this sector? Which ones are here to stay, or which will prove to be transitory? Unprecedented packaging demands: the impact of COVID19 on the glass packaging market Glass primary packaging to answer customers’ requirements Smart Containers: A new vision ahead for Pharmaceutical Packaging How can pharma manufacturers prepare for future trends?
  • News Stevanato Group Launches Robotic Human-like Inspection Unit with AI-based Machine Learning Capabilities

    The Vision Robot Unit will provide biopharma companies with a fully automatized, highly accurate and flexible inspection system equipped with artificial intelligence for a variety of drug products, for increased operational efficiency.
  • Webinar CPHI Webinar Series Optimising Pharma Visual Inspection - Unlocking the Potential of AI

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has triggered a fundamental shift within the innovation paradigm for the pharmaceutical industry and has been implemented in almost every aspect of the value chain, from drug discovery and development to manufacturing. One application of AI which offers particular value is the realm of visual inspections, which present a challenging step in the packaging process. This is particularly true for products with complex characteristics where manual inspections can sometimes fall short, leading to errors and inconsistencies. AI learning models can optimise the packaging process by detecting minute errors, resulting in fewer rejects, less intervention and a more efficient process overall. This webinar will tackle some of the key drivers and benefits to implementing AI for pharma visual inspections to enhance performance, improve accuracy, efficiency and overall quality. Why attend? Common challenges encountered with Pharma Visual Inspections Key Drivers and Benefits to Implementing AI for Pharma Visual Inspections Case Study: Enhancing Pharma Visual Inspection Processes with AI Validation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Systems WATCH FOR FREE
  • News Supporting global industrial scale-up at a pandemic speed with Type 1 pharma glass containers and timely solutions

    In a compressed timeframe, producing large quantities of pharmaceutical glass containers to deliver the coronavirus vaccine around the world is a critical factor for a successful global response. Type 1 glass is a proven and widely available solution for pharma glass containers that preserves the stability of vaccines. Players in the pharmaceutical supply chain are committed to supporting pharmaceutical companies and governments in the fight against the pandemic.
  • Webinar Collaborating to Simplify Device Development and Optimize Glass Solutions for Auto-Injectors

    Advances in auto-injector design now provide the option to use both 1ml and 2.25mL syringes plus employ technology to adapt to varying fill volumes and viscosities all whilst maintaining the same device form. This provides a solution for the formulation changes that take place during drug development, clinical trials, and life cycle management. When looking at the performance of any parenteral injection device, the drug containment systems play a crucial role. Auto-injector performance and functionality is strictly linked to key dimensional tolerances of glass syringes. We will illustrate the importance of syringe design to ensure these requirements and how monitoring dimensional parameters at an early stage of the development is key to ensure the intended use and ultimately work to preserve patients’ safety. Benefits of tight collaboration between device designer and manufacturer will also be discussed.