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Comecer, an ATS company, is a developer and manufacturer of high-tech systems in the field of Aseptic Processing and Containment for Pharmaceutical Industries. It designs and manufactures customized isolation technology equipment for pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and food industry applications.
Its product portfolio covers various standard applications, but also high-quality customised solutions thanks to specific expertise acquired over the last 45 years. Continuous technological updating and the specific client requirements contribute to ensuring operator safety and product sterility.
Its containment solutions range from isolators that handle highly active principles or excipients to multi-stage isolators for chemical synthesis or laboratory operations. Its asepsis offerings include isolators designed for sterility tests and formulation of sterile drugs, isolators or RABs integrated into filling lines, and dedicated solutions for Regenerative Medicine applications, including the innovative FlexyCult incubation system for Advanced Therapy labs. Let Comecer show you how we are bringing down the cost of producing ATMPs.
Comecer products are known and used in hospitals, universities, research centres, pharmaceutical companies, cell factories and large industrial groups worldwide.

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Products from Comecer

  • Automatic Aseptic Filling Line for IV bags

    Product Automatic Aseptic Filling Line for IV bags

    Comecer’s automatic aseptic filling line for IV bags is a high-speed turnkey solution that can process a variety of IV bag formats in both small and large batches. It uses isolation technology from start to finish to guarantee asepsis and containment. It provides complete separation between the process and the operator while reducing human intervention to a minimum. The filling line comes complete with in-line integrity testing. The filling line can process bags from 50 ml to 1 liter bags without format part changes, at a rate of up to 2300 pieces per hour, with peristaltic or volumetric integration. It includes LAF isolation technology with a built-in VPHP decontamination system.
  • PAPI - Potent API Processing Isolator

    Product PAPI - Potent API Processing Isolator

    Comecer isolators for containment requirements are conceived for pharmaceutical companies who require high-level protection during potent API processing. Comecer PAPI isolators for potent API processing can be equipped with a variety of devices for any kind of process: reactors skid, vacuum ovens, scales, QC lab instruments and more.
  • Modular Sterility Testing Isolator

    Product Modular Sterility Testing Isolator

    MSTI is a Modular Sterility Testing Isolator System conceived for Lab professionals who require aseptic conditions for sterility testing of pharmaceutical products. Several modules are available. Desired configuration based on the specific customer need is reached combining the different modules. The MSTI can be equipped with customized racks, accessories and tools in order to answer any specific requirement. A dedicated load study is carried out to correctly host and position all the samples, such as vials, ampoules, bags, syringes as well as consumables like saline solution, culturing media, petri dishes. NO MATERIAL LOADING LIMITATION! An integrated VPHP generator assures the 6-log decontamination of all the internal volumes in the shortest time. Full cycle reporting is provided through the main isolator HMI. FAST DECONTAMINATION CYCLE !
  • SPEEDY GLOVE - Automatic portable Intergity Glove Tester

    Product SPEEDY GLOVE - Automatic portable Intergity Glove Tester

    Speedy Glove is a battery-powered glove tester that performs leak testing on gloves installed on isolators or RABS where a strict separation between the isolated area and the external environment is required. The system performs pressure decay integrity tests that comply with the requirements of ISO 14644-7 Annex E.5. Speedy Glove is suitable for all isolators equipped with glove flange such as those dedicated to aseptic processes, containment processes, the manipulation of API and HAPI and the manipulation of radiopharmaceuticals. Speedy Glove is compatible with all currently available glove flanges on the market. The system boasts a number of peculiar and patented characteristics which make the Speedy Glove unique on the market in terms of performance and flexibility.
  • Baby Phill Small Batch Vial Filling System

    Product Baby Phill Small Batch Vial Filling System

    Do you need to produce batches for clinical trials or for development of sterile, cytotoxic, liquid or lyophilized drugs, in a sterile, contained, grade A environment? Imagine a small aseptic filling machine integrated inside an isolator or RABS as part of a complete production line! The Baby Phill can be configured with different upstream and downstream ancillary systems to build the complete package. From the vial loading prechamber, the washing and depyrogenation systems, to vial outlet, the different solutions are implemented in order to fully address the specific applications.
  • Pharma Custom Automation Solution for filling and assembly of combination products

    Product Pharma Custom Automation Solution for filling and assembly of combination products

    Comecer is specialized in the design and construction of automatic systems for the filling and assembly of innovative drug delivery devices and single use disposables. Recent demands have increased the introduction of novel drug delivery devices and single-use disposables in the marketplace. Comecer strives to occupy this position in the automation marketplace and accepts the challenge of investigating with clients new and existing technologies to fill and assemble the latest generation of drug delivery devices and single-use disposables.
  • Cell Culture Isolator Isolator for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

    Product Cell Culture Isolator Isolator for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

    Cell Culture Isolator is an isolator designed for laboratory professionals who require aseptic conditions for handling sterile products.
    It is specially designed for handling cell cultures in a pharmaceutical context that complies with the GMP guidelines, with marketing authorisation.
    Inside the Cell Culture Isolator are the standard laboratory instruments for analysing and handling cell cultures.

  • Flexycult Incubation System for Advanced Therapy Labs

    Product Flexycult Incubation System for Advanced Therapy Labs

    The best solution to scale up your cell culturing procedures!
    FlexyCultTM is a multiple single-batch incubation system connected to a shared utilities docking station. Do you need to expand your production capacity but you are running out of space in your Grade B cleanroom?
    Do the long cleanroom turnover cleaning procedures cost you valuable time?
    Are you worried about the risks of keeping several incubators in the same area?
    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should consider the FLEXYCULTTM incubator system.
    In association with a COMECER cell culture isolator, opening happens only inside a Grade A environment, without any exposure of the products to the operator or the surrounding environment.

  • PHL Isolator - Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator

    Product PHL Isolator - Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator

    Thanks to its innovative characteristics and flexibility, the new Pharma Hospital Laboratory Isolator (PHL) is suitable for different applications, such as preparation of cytotoxic products, manipulation of hazardous ingredients and cellular labelling. The operator may operate completely isolated from the manipulated substance. The PHL isolator is equipped with safety characteristics not found in normal laminar flow manipulation hoods. Furthermore the installation of the isolator allows the adoption of a less strict classification area in the laboratory (class D sufficient), in this way the lab construction and operational costs will be reduced and personnel will be able to work with no special gowning.
  • Passive RABS

    Product Passive RABS

    The Passive RABS was realised within the revamping of a laboratory in order to obtain a higher grade of protection of the working area already fitted with a simple laminar flow surrounded by two portable straps. The implementation of this open RABS allowed a positive pressure level of 15 Pa to be reached, dramatically increasing aseptic condition of the critical area contained.
  • C-rabs for crimping machine

    Product C-rabs for crimping machine

    The C-RABS has the purpose to keep the crimping machine provided by others under Class A environment and laminar air flow the same time being treated a toxic product, it provides a significant level of containment in case of non-fully stoppered vial, an over-turned and broken vial. It can be classified as a passive RABS since ventilation is directly managed by the facility HVAC system.

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