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  • Product Parenteral nutrition, high quality polypropylene films - Peelfilms

    PolyCine Peelable Multilayer Film for infusion bag production
    Packaging for Antibiotics, Anti-Viral Drugs, Haemodialysis Solutions, CAPD Solutions, Standard Infusion Solutions, Plasma-Volume Expander, Anti-Infective Drugs, Analgesics etc.Customized widths, roll lenghts etc.Lowest Extractables &...
  • Product NEW! Fillchoice® LUNG - CSTD

    NEW! A filter-free Ready-to-Transfer CSTD with Smart Pressure Equalisation system for hazardous drug reconstitution and safe handling.


    The toxic effects of antineoplastic drugs used for cancer treatment, beyond the patient safety concerns, bring the occupational ris...
  • Product Pouches

    We produce a range of high quality pouches suitable for your product. Stand-up pouches with aluminium, printed stand-up pouches, overwraps, peel pouches 
  • Product See-through pouches "White Line"

    - innovative bottom web 90 g/m2 polyolefin based material combines properties of nonwovens and polymer films
    - meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11607 and EN 868

    - sterile barriere properties testet according to ASTM F1608 and F2638 - printing including indicators accordin...
  • Product Pharmalene EVA

    Versalis, as a global producer of PE resins, provides knowledge and expertise to the pharmaceutical and medical market since decades. This wealth of experience allows Versalis to provide complete and complex solutions to a highly demanding and evolving market. Versalis recognises the key requirements in...
  • Product SoKlean

    100% No Touch Holder
  • Product Medical and biotechnology pouches

    • Manufacturing in clean rooms ISO 8• Complete traceability from the welding until the assembly stage
    • Waterproofness Control on leak test machine
    • Logotype printing , text or any lot number
    • Medical, food or pharmaceutical films grade (Class VI USP)
    • High frequency welded EVA, TPU or PVC p...
  • Product Tyvek Clean Steam Bag

    In order to meet the requirements of aseptic and non-particle pollution in medical environment, we bring in clean steam bags for medical packaging. It is made of uncoated Tyvek® and HDPE film approved by FDA. The bags are used for packing and sterilizing the medical equipment ...
  • Product BOP Reel & Pouch

    Kitten Enterprises Pvt Ltd conducting business of marketing filtration, clean room and medical packaging products which includes equipment cover/bowl cover (reusable). It belongs to medical packaging category. It is an economic, high performance package resistant to tearing for steam and eo sterilisation a...
  • Product MAGIFLEX BAG

    MAGIFLEX®BAG is a PVC-FREE flexible container (bag) particularly indicated for the conservation of Large Volume Parenterals (LVPs) and injectables in general. Fully autoclavable at 121°C, sizes range from 50 ml up to 5,0L and can be supplied with or without pri...
  • Product Pouches

    We offer a broad range of shapes, sizes and materials, using variety of printing techniques and tailor-made features, such as zippers, spouts, special bottoms etc., suitable for pharmaceutical products.
  • Product Pouches

    We offer a broad range of shapes, sizes and materials, using a variety of printing techniques and tailor-made features, such as zippers, spouts, special bottoms etc., suitable for pharmaceutical products.

    Vertical packaging machines with form the sachets/pouches, fill them and close them in automatically cycles. These machines are ideal for small series, like R&D departments, promotional, samples, etc. with a production of around 3.000 sachets per hour (depending on the product and size) or even 6.000 s...
  • Product DataCollector - High performance IT Infrastructure for Manufacturing

    The plus10 DataCollector provides a high-performance data infrastructure for the acquisition and pre-processing of machine data from any source such as sensors, machine or robot controllers. Its simple configuration and implementation transforms machine data into Big Data and creates value through high-fre...
  • Product Thermal Management Solutions

    We manufacture a wide variety of thermal management solutions including phase change material (PCM) blends in temperatures from -30°C to 65°C, microencapsulated PCMs in temperatures from -10°C to 43°C, as well pouches, panels, gels, and other forms. Through partnerships, we developed customized solutions t...
  • Product Jones Healthcare Group

    Contract Packaging Services and Packaging Materials
  • Product Bossar High Speed Series _ Quattro_B 2800/4, 3200/4, 3800/4, 3800/3

    Bossar produces the machine range based on Triplex and Quadruplex horizontal technology, specializing in filling powder or liquids depending on the dosing system.Only the Triplex and Quadruplex technology offers three models that have been specifically designed to guarantee a high degree of reliability, ef...
  • Product Bossar Sachet Packing Machine_ B1400

    Bossar B1400 - can manufacture sachets with small and medium doses to fill liquid and solid products or towelettes in flat sachets. The versatility of this model allows you to make individual or twin sachets with 3 or 4 side seals.

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