Kiefel develops, designs, manufactures and supplies machines and plant systems for the processing of plastics, and provides a range of directly-related services.

Kiefel offers fully-automatic and semi-automatic  welding lines based on HF and TC technology, along with high-performance filling and sealling systems. 

Whether you produce IV or nutrition bags, biomedical bags or containers, CAPD bags, blood bags, blood filters, urine catheter products, drainage or urine bags, ostomy pouches, or special application units - Kiefel has the highest quality and most reliable production systems for your area of application. 

Our Technology Center provides the ideal environment for materials testing, product and process development. Equipped with state of the art prototyping and testing equipment we can demonstrate product performance at each phase of development to provide the most reliable solutions available on the market.

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Products from KIEFEL GmbH

  • Filling machines

    Product Filling machines

    Kiefel filling and sealing units are equipped with high quality mass flow-meters and can also be operated as stand-alone devices, whether as fully automated unit, or Table Top Filling module. They stand out due to their compact design, high reliability and efficiency, and high-precision filling technology. The compact table top filling module KMS is based on a high degree of standardization, which leads to short delivery times and low investment costs. Accordingly, the table top filling unit is also ideal for short production runs.

    • Semi or fully automatic filling
    • Automatic or manual component feed
    • Headspace control
    • Drop control
    • Control of residual oxygen
    • Automatic cap sealing
    • CIP/SIP
    • Audit trail
    • Further options available

  • Form-Fill-Seal sytems

    Product Form-Fill-Seal sytems

    The Kiefel Form Fill Seal (FFS) systems unite bag making, bag filling & bag sealing perfectly in a single system.

    Whether PVC or non-PVC, tube or port connection, single-, double-, or multi-chamber bags - depending on the film material used, we combine thermo-contact or high-frequency welding, component feeding and absolute precision filling technology.

    Our FFS systems excel through their maximum output, compact design, best bag and machine quality.

  • Biomedical bag machines

    Product Biomedical bag machines

    Whether you opt for non-PVC (PE, PP) or EVA as the bag / container material in the bioprocess sector, single-use solutions for stem cell storage, cell culture, mixing or separation, in 2D or 3D design, with a tube or port connection component - Kiefel has the right welding and production technology for your needs.

    Your Kiefel Benefits:
    • Highest bag quality through special welding steps and film and component treatment (thermo-contact welding)
    • Most accurate welding process, the highest welding precision and welding quality through smart welding force control
    • Reduced particulate matter generation
    • Quick & easy welding tool change mechanism for rapid change-over and less downtime
    • Control systems for quality assurance and reject part management
    • Optimized footprint with highest output per m² of cleanroom space
  • Blood bag machines

    Product Blood bag machines

    Kiefel is the market leader in the construction of machines used to manufacture blood bags. Special attention is paid to fulfilling and monitoring the highest quality criteria when manufacturing blood bags. Our innovative solutions let us offer our customers just the right level of automation to meet their needs, and thus optimize their efficiency.

    Your benefits:

    • Particle limiting technology and film edge adjustment
    •  Automatic or manual component feed
    •  Servomotor technology
    • Barcode based tool detection
    • Intelligent control system
    • Various printing techniques (hot stamp, laser, thermos transfer, flexo printing)
    • Innovative crossfield-welding technology

  • Urine catheter products & drainage bag machines

    Product Urine catheter products & drainage bag machines

    We offer a wide range of solutions for the manufacturing of various urine catheter products; from processing the pre-fabricated catheter, welding the urine receiving bag, to manufacturing and integrating in-bag fluid dispensers into the receptacle, or applying lubricant along the catheter. 

    Depending on the film material and components used, our specialists recommend either thermo-contact or high frequency welding technology for the production of urine bags, urine catheter bags or drainage bags. In accordance with the bag design requirements, various components and valves can be welded between the layers of material.

  • Ostomy bag machines

    Product Ostomy bag machines

    Kiefel’s know-how covers all areas of ostomy bag production: closed or open bags, with e.g. inspection windows, activated charcoal filters for venting and odor prevention, soft adhesive adapters or hard plastic flanges, different materials and film layers. Our semi-automatic machines with manual component feeding and our fully automated machines are customized to your requirements. Integrated closed-loop process monitoring of welding parameters ensures the quality of the ostomy bags produced on our systems.

    Your benefits:
    • High production rates and optimal product quality 
    • Film edge adjustment Automatic or manual component loading 
    • Fast product and simple tool change 
    • Servo Press Technology for optimal welding quality 
    • Process monitoring and closed-loop control 
    • Control systems for quality assurance and reject part management 

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