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9 Sep 2020

Sympfiny® showcase in OnDrugDelivery: The advantages of multiparticulate drug formulations in paediatric medicine

Multiparticulates, an emerging technology with many advantages over traditional dosage forms are particularly suited for use in paediatric medicine. The Sympfiny® system is specifically tailored to administering multiparticulate drug formulations, thus opening up the way for more widesprad use of this novel dosage form in paediatrics.

Commonly, drugs for paediatric patients are administered orally as liquids, rapid-dissolve tablets or chewable tablets. The problem:

  • Children do not like the taste – a major cause of incomplete dosing in children
  • Masking bitter tastes requires large amounts of sugar and flavourings 
  • There are significant inaccuracies in dosing with liquid syringes

Read more about how multiparticulate drug formulations adminstered with a suitable delivery device can solve these problems in ONDrug Delivery‘ special issue on „Novel Oral Drug Delivery Systems“ here:

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