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allpack group ag - a leading service provider for pharma packaging. 

We are a GMP-compliant pharmaceutical contract packaging organization (CPO) in Switzerland that has the passion to create and produce well suitable and cost-efficient packaging solutions for you and your patients. We offer both inline and offline packaging to fulfil your specific package needs. 

Your project gets our full-time attention. Rely on us for fast product onboarding and rapid on-time product launches.

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Products from allpack group ag

  • Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Product Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Primary Pharmaceutical Packaging 

    Blister lines for solid dosage forms
    Tablets, sugar-coated tablets, capsules, oblongs, syringes, etc.
    Films/foils: PVC, PVC/ PVdC, PVC/PE/PVdC, PVC/ACLAR/PVC, COC-Laminates, PP, PET, Tyvec or alu/alu (with/without childproof seals)
    Small and very production runs are possible, with around 110 proprietary tool formats, online flexographic printing unit (2-colour), for cavity-specific printing of the lidding foil
    Performance Range: up to 25,000 blisters per hour, punch format: 190 x 136 mm

    Bottle-filling line for liquid solid forms
    Round glass and plastic bottles, diameter 20–74 mm x 22–180 mm high, also vials from 0.5 ml, with pick-and-place gear and hose squeeze-type pumps for press, screw and pilfer-proof closures
    Performance Range: up to 3,600 bottles / jars per hour

    Container-filling line for solid dosage forms
    Glass and plastic bottles, diameter 20–115 mm x 40–240 mm high, with automatic bottle righting, photocell dosing and induction sealing
    Performance Range: up to 1,500 bottles per hour
  • Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Product Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Secondary Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Cartoning Machines
    Clocked horizontal cartoning machines for folding boxes, also with 5th flap Solo or inline systems
    Leaflet folding for package inserts, max.: 210 x 600 mm
    Coding, code reader, data matrix code (with / without serial number)

    Performance Range: up to 6,000 folding boxes per hour (format max: 100 x 85 x 185 mm) 

    Flexographic Printing System
    Printing aluminium foils or thinner PVC films. 2-colour flexographic printing system for all UV-curable Pantone colours; print area 180 x 300 mm; printing unit: 850 x 980 x 565 mm; foil/film width: 310 mm 

    Performance Range: printing speed 110 cycles or 20 m per minute. 

    Manual Operations
    Clinical trial samples (IMP), handling of small series, special packaging, stability tests, repackaging, wallets, labelling, public samples, etc.

    Performance Range: provided upon request
  • Serialization and Aggregation

    Product Serialization and Aggregation

    On the basis of GMP-compliant processes – certified by the FDA and Swissmedic and in accordance with PMDA standards (Japan) – our packaging operations satisfy the highest standards of quality. 

    The packaging process - implemented by allpack group ag - with continuous serialization and aggregation across all packaging units, starting with primary packaging, offers full flexibility, transparency and counterfeit protection for our customers’ pharmaceutical supply chain.

    We are ready to apply special Russian requirements with the integration of a Crypto Code into the serialized and aggregated data matrix codes of all relevant sales and shipping units.

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  • News Russian Crypto Code

    We have extended our #pharmaceutical #packaging competence to include cryptographic coding for the Russian market.  
    Our lines as well as printing and camera control systems are equipped with the necessary add-ons, connection to external IT-systems has been successful.
    This job is done. New serialization and aggregation challenges based on individual country requirements are already in our pipeline. #healthcare #pharmaindustry #pharmaceuticalman...
  • Brochure allpack group ag - Factsheet

    Our company fact sheet provides an overview of important information about our company. It is a compact and concise summary of our business.

  • Brochure Let’s talk about serialization!

    Two years ago was the first day after the "point of no return" for prescription Rx and Gx medicines. The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) had been fully rolled out and serialisation had become mandatory. For most CPOs, CMOs and packaging departments of MAHs, the time prior to launch was relentless. Company systems, structures and culture had to integrate parallel computing as a new integral part of the physical packaging process. Early industry reports said there would be almost no long-term burden. Yes, that is true for big brands. But small brands and batch sizes struggle with the daily routine of additional serialisation sub-processes with aggregation as the icing on the cake. The lucky ones got an early start, like we did in 2014. When did your experience and learning curve start? Let's talk about it!
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    allpack – a leading service provider for pharmaceutical packaging

    We are a GMP-compliant pharmaceutical contract packaging organisation (CPO) that has the passion and drive to create and produce well suitable and cost-efficient packaging solutions for our customers. Join us on a journey of discovery in our world of pharmaceutical contract packaging. All you need is allpack.