About IGB S.R.L.

IGB is Green and Lean Packaging:

  • IGB s.r.l. is a leading printing and packaging company specialized in pharmaceutical carboard folding boxes.
  • IGB’s products include Tamper Evident and Child Resistant folding boxes that successfully address the needs of pharmaceutical companies worldwide.
  • 100% quality control, ISO9001, ISO14001, iSO45001, FSC, ISO22301 certifications, GMP guidelines: they all guarantee quality and sustainability.
  • The continuous innovation and R&D activity allow IGB to deliver smart packaging with a strong

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Products from IGB S.R.L. (3)

  • Tamper Evident Solution

    Product Tamper Evident Solution

    The Energy Saving Tamper Evident carton: without stickers and gluing.
    SAVE MONEY: switch off sticker and gluing machines, run at the highest speed.
    RESPECT THE PLANET: monomaterial, recyclable.
    PROTECT PATIENT: the IGB seal is part of the box and needs to be ripped-off to open the box: it is IRREV...
  • Ampoule Tray floding boxes

    Product Ampoule Tray floding boxes

    IGB Ampoule Trays are entirely madeof cardboardThey are safe, eco-friendly and easyto us
    They are made by a state-of-the-artmachine, designed by IGB: unique inItaly and most advanced in Europe.
    The trays are ideal for the packagingof pharmaceutical and cosmetic vialsand ampoules
  • Child Resistant folding box

    Product Child Resistant folding box

    Young children are curious by nature and always up todiscovering new things. Children often get poisonedbecause they find dangerous products at their reachand they simply do not know they are harmful. Childresistant packaging is a key prevention device.The IGB CR cartons are made of a tear-resistant,100% p...

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