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  • Product Centrifugal Spray Dryer

    Centrifugal Spray Dryer is tailored for the pharmaceutical sector, transforming liquid solutions into powders or granules via atomization and drying.
    Features:    • Efficiency: Centrifugal atomization ensures rapid drying and uniform particle size. • Flexibility: Adaptable for heat-sensit...
  • Product Blow Fill Seal Machines

     HealthStar buys, sells and rebuild blow/fill/seal machinery.


    Ointment Manufacturing plant used for Manufacturing of Ointment Cream, Gel, Lotion.

    Mfg top Lid Hydraulically Lifting
    Inbuilt Bottom Homogenizer with Mechanical Seal
    Top Semi Contra Anchor with Mechanical Seal
    Dual anchor with fix anchor for main mfg vessel
    Hemispherical Shap...
  • Product Oinment Cream Mfg. Plant

    •The ointment units are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the production of ointment, creams, tooth paste, lotions and other emulsions and homoginizations.
    Particular attention has been paid to ease cleaning, efficiency of agitators, ease of maintenance.
  • Product AURUS Colloid Mill

    A processing machine known world over for its proven track record of homogenizing, emulsifying, mixing and comminuting a variety of raw materials to highly viscous end products.

    Primary Features • Precise control via an adjustable gap between rotor and stator • 3-way valve with re-circulating p...
  • Product Pressure Spray Dryer

    Pharmaceutical-grade Excellence:Our Pressure Spray Dryer is crafted for the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring drug stability and efficacy with unmatched moisture control.

    Key Features:    • Optimized Drying: Rapid, consistent drying via pressurized conditions. • Particle Precision: Supe...
  • Product Closed Loop Spray Dryer

    The Closed Circuit Spray Dryer by RETCL Process is engineered for the pharmaceutical sector, designed for drying special solvents and materials. Unlike conventional spray dryers using air, this utilizes a nitrogen loop, enhancing purity and safety.
    Operating Principle:Nitrogen is heated and circulated t...
  • Product AURUS Double Cone Blender

    A unique processing machine known for its outstanding performance in producing a homogenous solid mixture by thoroughly rotating & tumbling a variety of raw materials. The AURUS Double-Cone Blender has certainly proven to be an essential tool in blending free-flowing granules and powders uniformly acro...
  • Product herbal medicine pill extruding machine

    YUJ Series pill extruding  machine can make pills range from 3mm-25mm,the machine model can be selected as requirements.It exported to india local herbal medicine factory 5years ago,till now.And the machine can use for Aryuvedic medicine pill,traditional medcine processing pill,food pellet,chemical pe...

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