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  • Product COATING PAN

    Coating Pan are made of stainless steel all contact parts of S.S 304, S.S 316, S.S 316L
    The unit is Equipped With suitable hot air Blower with thermostatic Control. No foundation requirement.
    Models available from 12” –24”-36”-48” - 60”
    Adaptability for lower size of coating pan &...
  • Product White room packaging technology - Medicinal Cannabis

    Dried cannabis flowers are available as fully trimmed flowers / buds or as a ground blend. The product is delicate and require a packaging that allows the contents room.

    To preserve the integrity of the dried bud, a special packaging process and packaging materials are required. In doing so we prov...

    •Unique structure with the advance technique imported for abroad, be made of SUS304/316L; inner surface polished, outer surface frosted; meets the GMP standard. Be widely used in the field of producing foods, beverage, and medicine for cooling, heating, and mixing.•Be made of SUS304/316L, polished inside a...

    cGMP construction with AISI 316Q contact parts.Hemispherical bowl with either steam, electrical or oil heating options.Options available for with / without agitator.Tilting provided for ease in unloading of final products.Higher capacity models available without tilting but with bottom outlet.Capacities avail...

    Ointment Manufacturing plant used for Manufacturing of Ointment Cream, Gel, Lotion.

    Mfg top Lid Hydraulically Lifting
    Inbuilt Bottom Homogenizer with Mechanical Seal
    Top Semi Contra Anchor with Mechanical Seal
    Dual anchor with fix anchor for main mfg vessel
    Hemispherical Shape M...
  • Product Burno Prec: Spray for instant healing of Burn & Wound

    Accuprec has developed Ayurvedic formulation for primary burn & wound.

    Why Burnoprec?

    ü To help prevent infection with minor burn, Cuts and wounds.

    ü  Providing instant relief with cooling from burning sensation.

    Salient Features:
  • Product Oinment Cream Mfg. Plant

    •The ointment units are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the production of ointment, creams, tooth paste, lotions and other emulsions and homoginizations.
    Particular attention has been paid to ease cleaning, efficiency of agitators, ease of maintenance.
  • Product herbal medicine pill extruding machine

    YUJ Series pill extruding  machine can make pills range from 3mm-25mm,the machine model can be selected as requirements.It exported to india local herbal medicine factory 5years ago,till now.And the machine can use for Aryuvedic medicine pill,traditional medcine processing pill,food pellet,chemical pelle...
  • Product Blow Fill Seal Machines

     HealthStar buys, sells and rebuild blow/fill/seal machinery.

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