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CANAAN , a top pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer in China. All our machines have CE certificates and our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system.  

CANAAN has 8 factories in China, our product exported to more than 90 countries. Our business scope involves:

-Solid dosage production line: Pre-treatment, High shear mixer, Roller compactor, FBD, Blender, Tablet press machine, Coater, Capsule filling machine, Counting line, Washing machine, etc;

-OEB4/5 Containment:Isolator, Granulation line, Tablet press machine, Coater, Capsule filling machine, Packing line, etc.

-Packing line: Blister packing machine, Cartoning machine, etc.

-API system: fil...

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Products from Zhejiang Canaan Technology Limited (5)

  • Integrated solution for  solid dosage/water system/API

    Product Integrated solution for solid dosage/water system/API

    We provide:
    - Turnkey project  
    - Integral production line solutions           
    - Conceptual&detailed design
    - Pharma process/formula development  &nbs...
  • High Containment Granulation Line

    Product High Containment Granulation Line

    Canaan High Containment Granlation Line can meet OEB4/5 requirement.APPLICATION Production of medicine with highly active ingredients cardiovascular and cerebrovascular medicine/cytotoxic medicine/ anticancer medicine.Widely applied in Medical/ Nuclear/Electronics/Chemical fields
    FEATUREAccord with GM...
  • STEP T420 Tablet press machine (High Containment)

    Product STEP T420 Tablet press machine (High Containment)

    Double thickness door

    Application of two sealing structures

    Completely closed discharging port

    Seven glove boxes on four sides can handle every inch of space

  • CAP700-I Series High Containment Capsule Filling Machine

    Product CAP700-I Series High Containment Capsule Filling Machine

    CAP700i High Containment Capsule Filling Machine. The containment level of the machine reaches to OEB4or OEB5 according to customer’s requirement.FEATURE
    ● Capsuling filling machine + Isolator + Washer

    ● Installation type adjustable

    ● Waste capsule collector

    ● OEB4/5 q...
  • OEB5 High Containment Isolator

    Product OEB5 High Containment Isolator

    Integrated type

    ● Powder pretreatment OEB5 isolator

    ● Independent AHU

    ● Safe replaceable bucket filter PUSH-PUSH

    ● Inflatable sealing of opeartion door, and can real-time inspect air sealing status

    ● Ab valve discharge

    ● Fillet design, no ...

Zhejiang Canaan Technology Limited Resources (3)

  • News Canaan Unveils A New Generation of High Containment Capsule Filling Machine

    With the increasing demand for new drugs with high activity, high sensitization and high toxicity, pharmaceutical industries attach great importance to the personal safety protection of production personnel, as well as put forward strict requirements for the high containment of pharmaceutical equipment.    At present, the development for high containment capsule filling machine in China is still at exploratory stage, due to its complex structure and numerous moving parts, which are not good for in-place cleaning and dynamic sealing, thus the protection level is low. In order to better meet market demand, the project team of Canaan steeping themselves into the research and finally developed the CAPC high containment capsule filling machine.
  • Video CAP700-I Series High Containment Capsule Filling Machine Viedo

    CAP700-I Series High Containment Capsule Filling Machine