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  • Product Reglass/Glass-lined Equipment

    Part of the IPP Group of Companies is Universal Glasteel (UGE), supplying rebuilt & used Glass-Lined Equipment, Parts and Service.
    UGE are experts in Reglassing, Rebuilding, Reconfiguring and Repairing customer-owned equipment, UGE supplies both re-glassed and good-used equipment from its inventory...
  • Product Reactors/Bioreactors/Fermenters - for Pharmaceutical/API Production

    IPP Hundreds of equipment pieces | previously used in the pharmaceutical industry

    With over thousands of Reactors in stock ready to ship and hundreds of Reactors including Bioreactors and sanitary/polished Fermenters from recent API/Pharmaceutical site acquisitions across the globe. From batch, loo...
  • Product novoclave

    The novoclave is our new high pressure and high temperature autoclave novoclave. This high pressure reactor system is designed for processes involving high pressures and temperatures. Safety features guarantee safe reactions under highest pressure. Designed, manufactured, and tested according to PED, AD2000. ...
  • Product uniclave - lab pressure reactor

    This multipurpose pressure reactor system is designed for the use of interchangeable glass and steel pressure vessels. Safety features guarantee safe reactions under pressure. The polycarbonate door of the uniclave housing also allows glass pressure reactors up to 12 bar to be used safely and with u...
  • Product Laboratory Platform Options

    Corning’s laboratory platform options include our Lab Reactor System ad G1 package with downstream options. 

    Please contact us to learn more about all our laboratory offerings.

    These systems are suitable for early stage R&D up to process development.

  • Product Integrated Production System

    Corning ® Advanced-Flow™ Reactor (AFR) auxiliaries for the G4 and G5 reactors provide customers with complete turnkey solutions for chemical production.

    Our high-performance auxiliaries feature an optimized design specifically manufactured for industrial environments. Corning’s customized s...
  • Product G4/G5 SIC Reactor

    Our G4/G5  Silicon Carbide reactors are built with ceramic fluidic modules and enable very high flow throughput for large-scale production. 

    The G5 reactor, in particular is capable of delivering annual throughput over 10,000 metric tons per reactor unit. Both reactor models have  a s...

    • Operating volume of the glass-lined reactor: from 50 to 5000 l • Volume of glass measuring vessels with a jacket and an agitator from 15 to 100 l • Volume of glass measuring vessels without a jacket from 10 to 300 l • Mounting of glass components on a stainless-steel scaffolding. • Scaffolding: ...

    • Working volume: 15, 30, 50 and 100 l • Scope of supply: measuring vessel, reflux condenser, receiving vessel • Temperature range from -40 ° С to + 180 ° С • Pressure from -0.98 to +0.5 bar • Borosilicate glass 3.3 made in Europe (glass composition certificate for validation) • Partially detachabl...

    • Borosilicate glass 3.3 European production (certificate for glass composition for validation) • Scaffolding: 304L stainless steel • Scaffolding fasteners: 321 alloy steel • Working volume from 15 to 100 liters for vessels with a jacket and up to 300 liters for vessels without a jacket. • Any con...
  • Product Glass Lined Reactor Stainless Steel Cladded for Pharmacy and Foodstuff

    1. Application:
    Glass lined reactor stainless steel cladded For Pharmacy and Foodstuff is an ideal material for anti acid and alkali corrosion and its surface is very easy to Polish and no contamination to mediums. It's widely used in Petrochemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pestic...
  • Product Capacity 6000L Glass Lined Reactor with Motor, Agitator, Mechanical Seal etc.

    1. Application:
    Capacity 6000L Glass Lined Reactor With Motor,Agitator,Mechanical Seal Etc. is an ideal material for anti acid and alkali corrosion and its surface is very easy to Polish and no contamination to mediums. It's widely used in Petrochemicals, light 
    industry, pharmaceutica...
  • Product Glass Lined Reactor for Chemical Industry

    1. Application:
    Jacket Heating Glass Lined Reactor for Chemical Industry is an ideal material for anti acid and alkali corrosion and its surface is very easy to Polish and no contamination to mediums. It's widely used in Petrochemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, food...
  • Product Biazzi High Performance Reactor System (BHPRS)

    The BIAZZI's High Performance Reactor System is characterised by a high heat removal capacity, efficient mixing and a high internal gas recirculation rate. The benefits are higher productivity (smaller units), reduced consumptions, higher product yields and better product quality. Over all the operational as ...
  • Product The Competence circle of Biazzi

    BIAZZI supplies a complete know-how and engineering package as well as the related process equipment. BIAZZI offers tests in its test centre to upscale processes and make the basis for the design of the industrial plant. Biazzi is offering the delivery of the Key-Equipment/Basic Engineering or full SKID mount...
  • Product Scale-up Process Guarantees

    BIAZZI scales up laboratory hydrogenation results (1 liter)  directly to any size of industrial plants up to 60'000 ltr and gives performance guarantees covering capacity, product yield & quality, and catalyst consumption. Based on the tests results the industrial plant is designed and built in the...
  • Product Glass Lined Equipment

    Glass Lined Reactors /  Mixers, Storage Tanks / Vessels, Distillation Columns,  Heat Exchanger / Condenser,  Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer,  Agitated Nutsche Filter,  Valves,   Pipes, Fittings  Distillation / Reflux Systems and other paraphernalia.
  • Product Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

    A Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and other large chemical processes, and is suited for high-pressure applications. As its name implies, this type of heat exchanger consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. One fluid runs through the tube...
  • Product Heat Exchangers in Exotic Materials

    Kinam is a specialist when it comes to manufacturing heat exchangers in exotic metals. We offer a wide variety of MOC's like Titanium, Hastelloy, Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, Monel, Other Cupro-Nickel Alloys etc. Kinam has dedicated a special clean room at its production site which is managed by a qualified...
  • Product KICC - Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger

    KICC Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers - The Most Efficient Condensers are best suited for Pharmaceutical Industry as they offer the following benefits: • Higher Heat Transfer Coefficient • Reduced Heat Transfer Area (upto 60%) • Cost Reduction by 25 - 50% • Compact in Size (Smalle...

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