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Zaiput Flow Technologies is dedicated to bringing innovative equipment for continuous and batch separations and extractions processes to the market. We specialize in modular, scalable liquid-liquid/gas-liquid separators with many advantages including quick separation of emulsions, small foot-print, negligible holdup volume. We have also designed the only available lab scale countercurrent liquid-liquid extraction platform with minimal volume per extractive stage allowing optimization in the lab before easily scaling up.

Whether you work in academia or industry, with flow chemistry or in batch, we believe that our products will help to streamline your work, enable new approaches and allow you to harvest the power of continuous flow processing.

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Products from Zaiput Flow Technologies (4)

  • Back Pressure Regulators

    Product Back Pressure Regulators

    Zaiput Flow Technologies' Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs) are specifically designed for the needs of flow chemists. Our devices feature a unique combination of high accuracy and precision, broad pressure ranges, and metal-free wetted parts with outstanding chemical compatibility in a compact format.
  • Liquid-Liquid Separators

    Product Liquid-Liquid Separators

    Whether working in batch or flow, most chemists encounter challenges when performing difficult liquid-liquid/gas extractions. Zaiput Flow Technologies’ patented liquid-liquid/gas-liquid separators solve the most difficult separation problems with ease, backed by solid, proven results.

    Zaiput F...
  • Multistage Extraction Platform

    Product Multistage Extraction Platform

    Zaiput’s multistage extraction platform is an innovative improvement on classical countercurrent extraction. Specifically engineered to provide the exact number of theoretical stages of extraction that the user needs, this compact scalable technology is the fastest way to bring counter-current extraction ...
  • Z-FOX Extraction Platform

    Product Z-FOX Extraction Platform

    Zaiput’s liquid-liquid extraction platform (Z-FOX) integrates instantaneous phase separation with engineered mass transfer to provide a complete extraction solution. Z-FOX is a turnkey platform that allows users to quickly tune their extractions, speed up the separation of slow to settle systems and open ...

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