DYNAMICA - Continuous motion cartoner

DYNAMICA -  Continuous motion cartoner
Product Description

Flexibility as key feature: this Series offers the widest range of products to be packed, carton dimension range and applications. Moreover, DYNAMICA S version is able to combine both the continuous and the intermittent motion depending on the product fed.

The ergonomics, in terms of carton magazine, product flow and leaflet folding unit heights, is maximum. Last but not least, DYNAMICA is also compact but at the same time easy to manage and intuitive to set up.

IMA S.p.A Unipersonale

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IMA S.p.A Unipersonale

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  • Xtrema

    Product Xtrema

    XTREMA, High Speed Filling and Stoppering Machines for Aseptic Environments

    XTREMA fundamental characteristics respond to the industry’s stringent technical requirements of vial filling, and with its flexible and ergonomic design it assures the most complete possibility to integrate modular equipment, and, why not, even to install multiple filling systems (liquids & powders) to be used alternatively within the same machine frame. Processing all vial sizes in the SVP and LVP range and changing from continuous to alternate vial transport motion by HMI, Xtrema is your filler for output loss minimization at high speed up to 600 vpm with 100% IPC. And, with the “Quick Fit” feature of the filling pumps -CIP/SIP ready-, no tools are needed nor to get in touch with product contact parts. Ideal for exposure to H2O2, Xtrema is suitable for integration with isolation technology or other containment solutions.

  • Sensitive AP400 CW

    Product Sensitive AP400 CW


    Carton labelling machine with 100% check weighing system

    The SENSITIVE AP400 CW is one of the latest developments in the field of carton labelling. Integrated with a 100% check-weighing system, it is conceived to apply labels onto three of the carton’s sides while complying with the latest Track & Trace and serialisation statutory requirements.

    The machine features one further major advantage: determining the weight of every single carton throughout the production process while occupying a footprint of 2400 mm.

    A highly precise positive transport system is the key to achieving rigorous production quality control, accurate product coding and verification processes.

  • Vega

    Product Vega

    VEGA: Rotary washing machine

    Vega is a washing machine for bottles, vials, ampoules and unstable cylinder-shaped containers. Born to satisfy the most stringent market requirements, it is available in four different models featuring a continuous rotary motion to reach very high speeds while ensuring accurate decontamination.

    Able to handle a wide range vial diameters, it features positive transport and mounts up to eight washing stations with independent connection to avoid cross contamination among the washing media. The innovative washing needles are designed for a plug and play manifold connection and the full brushless technology allows moving the entire needle carrier with the maximum precision.

    The design of the grippers prevents sliding of the containers and maintain them at the same height to avoid any risk of breakage or contact with the washing needles.

    Washing circuit, recycle tank and washing skid are housed in the machine frame with great accessibility. Although this Vega features a very small footprint ensuring easy handling and installation. The absence of mechanical cams guarantees fast maintenance and improves production time.

    An intuitive HMI completes the machine allowing visualisation of machine status, operation mode and production reports, additionally it guides the operator through troubleshooting issues, change of recipes and adjustment of parameters.

    Vega can be installed in-line with other machines by means of the necessary connecting units.

  • Lyomax

    Product Lyomax

    LYOMAX, Industrial Freeze Dryer

    The freeze-drying process of today demands increased process control, with reduced processing time augmented with upgrades in equipment to remain compliant with a changing regulatory landscape. To accommodate such growth, IMA LIFE uses its in-depth process knowledge to make freeze drying faster, safer, cheaper, and compatible with all industry requirements and challenges. LYOMAX configurable options and custom designs provide the optimal solution for each application.
    LYOMAX meets the highest possible technical requirements, the strictest standards of the global licensing authorities, and comply with all the current guidelines such as GAMP, cGMP, FDA etc.

  • Injecta

    Product Injecta

    INJECTA, Fill-finish Machine for Ready-To-Use Components

    INJECTA is the latest solution from IMA Life, at the forefront of processing Ready-To-Use syringes, vials and cartridges. The machine’s design exploits advanced robotic technologies to assure smooth processing of the components with minimal operator access to the working area. INJECTA’s ground-breaking innovation is performing 100% in-line quality control from the nest or with de-nesting. Advanced robotically driven manipulations and state-of-the-art innovative design make INJECTA a real step towards perfection. 
    INJECTA’s latest improvement consists of a gloveless robotic module for the automatic pick-up and assembly of size parts required to adjust stoppering and filling parameters.

  • C80HS - Blister packaging machine with integrated cartoner

    Product C80HS - Blister packaging machine with integrated cartoner

    The line’s innovative design, in terms of both structure and functional detail, has been developed keeping in mind the market request. C80HS Series, double-lane blister machine, not only has high production but also has the advantage of being extremely efficient: even if the downstream machine stops the rejection is minimum thanks to the blister recovery magazine.

    Last but not least, a complete accessibility in the connection area is guaranteed.

  • ADAPTA 50

    Product ADAPTA 50

    ADAPTA 50 – Capsule filler

    The new ADAPTA 50 synthesizes all the best of our competence in capsule filling. While designing this machine, we scouted for new technical solutions, improved the handling of difficult products, tested innovative algorithms and feedback loops to enhance the in-line control of critical quality and performance attributes. The result is a machine unique on the market that further underscores the hallmarks of our acknowledged ADAPTA 100 and 200 capsule fillers.
    1.       Central capsule infeed.
    2.       Adjustable dosing system.
    3.       Built-in upside down scale.
    4.       Removable dosing unit.
    5.       Corporate HMI.

    Discover more https://ima.it/pharma/adapta50/


    ADAPTA AND HERMETICA – Complete line for capsule filling and banding

    Deep knowledge has allowed the IMA capsule fillers to evolve and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the market. ADAPTA is extremely innovative and able to dose powder, pellets, tablets, minitablets and liquids into hard gelatine capsules.

    ADAPTA capsule filling machine can be installed inline with HERMETICA banding machine.

    HERMETICA fits the purpose of sealing capsules filled with liquid, powder or other products. Banding is achieved through the application of a liquid gelatine ring on the external surface of the capsule. Suitable for tamper-evident capsule sealing, HERMETICA has an ergonomic layout guaranteeing maximum visibility and best accessibility to each phase of the process.

    Discover more on ADAPTA: https://ima.it/pharma/machine/adapta/

    Discover more on HERMETICA: https://ima.it/pharma/machine/hermetica/
  • AF60

    Product AF60

    Ideal for pharma products, this overwrapping machine is equipped with a high-speed stacking unit capable of stacking up to 225 layers/min.. The AF60 can also be set up with a carton tilting unit (AF60AM) capable of standing on edge as many as 400 cartons/min.
    Production speeds reaching 60 cycles/min. make it an ideal partner for any high-speed packaging line for cartons. Maximum accessibility to all components is possible due to the balcony design, so that cleaning and maintenance are facilitated.

    The machine’s main standard features include a scissor knife, film transport by pincers, transversal edge-sealing, driven movement of bottom and lateral film folders, and reciprocating lateral sealing plates.

  • ARIA

    Product ARIA

    ARIA – Fluid bed processor

    ARIA allows drying, granulation, pellet coating with maximum reliability and ample flexibility. Simplified processing concepts based on smart design together with GMP-compliance for maximum efficiency and to fully respond to current industry requirements. Designed for through-the-wall installation, ARIA is easy to integrate with other granulation equipment into fully contained processing lines.

    Discover more: https://ima.it/pharma/machine/aria/


    Product ATLANTIS

    ATLANTIS – Washing station

    ATLANTIS is designed to wash and dry, in a completely automatic mode, containers, IBCs and other components used within the pharmaceutical industry. Designed for through-the-wall installation, ATLANTIS can be supplied in the high-efficiency configuration, increasing machine throughput up to 3 IBCs/hour.

    Available in three models, ATLANTIS ensures optimal performance with maximum flexibility in terms of machine configurations and washing cycles.

    Discover more: https://ima.it/pharma/machine/atlantis/

  • BETA

    Product BETA

    BETA Series vertical sachet packaging machines for 4-seal sachets can handle all types of product from paste products to fluid products, powders, free and non free flowing products, objects and accessories such as wipes. Multiple dosing systems can be installed for alternative productions and, in case of powder packaging, it is also possible to have a double auger to dose different powders into the same sachet.

    High quality and aesthetically first-class sachets are produced as the seals are made during the stationary phase.

    BETA machines guarantee extremely easy size changeovers in terms of both sachet width and length.

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